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And slavery made lots of people incredibly rich. People pursued profit relentlessly. Scholars have argued that there are more millionaires in the rich cotton districts of the Deep South there were in New York in 19th century America, and this kind of story shows how that kind of success can go along with have horrible violations of millions of people.

I think data always creates a certain amount of distance. In some ways that can be positive. We can see more because of what we can do with data. We can see trends, we can see even human costs. This is something that abolitionists were really well aware of. And he warned that apprentices who are employed in the writing of invoices and instructions would be, and this is a quote: accustomed to note in the ledger under the head of profit and loss, a number of men, women and children purchase in Africa, of whom so many were thrown overboard and so many were found unsaleable.

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And his warning is that through daily calculations like these people become inurd to the horrors of the system. And as he concludes: they might feel no more remorse in fitting out a ship for the purpose of trading in human flesh than they would have done in sending her to catch whales or seals. And I think people just get used to doing it and you get used to the numbers. And I think understanding these systems can help us to understand how that came to be.

Slavery still exists?

And if you take a look at these records, you can see that as plantation slavery was expanding throughout the cotton South, it was also modernizing. It was becoming a system that had surveillance, that had data. It was becoming a system that was much, much harder for enslaved people to break out of.

But also one that as it began to erode, began to collapse. And the answer is a lot.

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And if you ask that same question about enslaved people, the answer is even more. What were unsafe people up against? They were up against a system that mixed the brutality of slavery with the kind of sophistication of modern business. That is a lot. I get different reactions about my own work. But I would also add, you know, if you go back to arguments for secession, you can find calculations of enslaved property there. One of the places you find calculations of the value of that capital is in arguments for secession.

People say, you know, this is so millions of dollars in capital and emancipation would endanger that capital. Soon the entire society has adopted this new mode of slavery. The slaves have so much free time on their hands that some start moonlighting. But after a while they notice something quite unexpected. The slaves are not the stupid, backward people they thought they were.

Some used their spare time to get educated and now earn as much, if not more, off the plantation as on. A very sophisticated slave owner puts two and two together. After all, I still own them. If the slave owner is really sophisticated, he will notice that skills and aptitudes vary greatly among his slaves. The unskilled ones will not be able to survive on the small remuneration he pays for farm work. The original concept was to save on the costs of feeding, clothing, and sheltering his slaves by paying them and letting them fend for themselves.

He decides that he will not demand any tribute from slaves who can do little besides farm work. He decides to graduate the tribute demanded according to how much the slave earns. The more they earn, the greater the percentage they pay to the slave owner. He carefully crafts the rates of tribute so the slaves still have an incentive to better themselves and earn more.

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The Messy Link Between Slave Owners And Modern Management

Your health. Modern Day Slavery Statistics Slavery still exists? Facebook Twitter More. Profits generated by slaves US dollars worldwide, this year See more. There is an estimated 20 to 30 million slaves across the world today. It is hard to count the exact numbers of a hidden population. You are in greater risk of being hit by a bolt of lightning than you are of going to jail, if you enslave a person in South Asia.

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