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Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal the rocky path to his successes as well as the skeletons in his closet. Though Ulrich is at the center of the film, its narrative structure reflects the journey of the public defenders obliged to represent him. In his first directorial effort, Waltz gave himself a role that plays to his strengths, allowing him to relish in a comical rascal who is as horrid as he is sickenly enticing.

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Then he cast two of legendary leading ladies to be his partners for scenes tense yet savagely funny. Georgetown is all about status: who has it, who wants it, and what will be done for it. As Ulrich, Waltz plays the clown with a broad grin and a playful patter.

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But his sycophantic attention to detail has a dark side. When the party guests are gone, the curtain has closed, and his demeanor shifts. Bening can do so much in stillness. And the earthy whisper of her warnings remind us of the danger in the charms of this mysterious man. Waltz, Redgrave and Annette Bening. Waltz brings flourishes of fittingly uneasy fun. And Redgrave is the prima ballerina, spinning from one to the other and back without ever missing a step.

The year-old stunner brings a might and spirit to this role that is absolutely breathtaking.

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She refuses to let audiences write Elsa off as foolish or frail, creating a rich portrait of an old, lonely woman who is as alive as she is complicated. Then she offers a girlish glee as Ulrich woos her with phone calls and promises. Her breezy joy and ladly-like elegance are shattered by righteous rage when betrayal is unveiled.

But beneath the thrills and fun, he delivers a clear warning about the dangers of buying into charm, using his own as perfect weapon and cleverly savage messenger. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. In , Waltz appeared in the action fantasy Alita: Battle Angel.

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He directed a production of the opera Falstaff , again at the Vlaamse Opera , in Antwerp in late , and in Ghent early Waltz has three children with his former wife. Waltz's native language is German and he is fluent in English and French.

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Waltz was born in Vienna to a German father who applied for him to become a citizen of Germany after his birth. Asked whether he felt Viennese, he responded: "I was born in Vienna, grew up in Vienna, went to school in Vienna, graduated in Vienna, studied in Vienna, started acting in Vienna — and there would be a few further Viennese links. How much more Austrian do you want it? In , his image was used without permission as part of a deception by conservative hoaxster Jacob Wohl in an apparent attempt to derail the Special Counsel Investigation of Donald Trump by using his image for a fictitious financial investigator.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. German-Austrian actor. Waltz at the Vienna International Film Festival. Vienna , Austria.

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