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Anthem is Half Off Less Than Three Months After Launch

With each iteration, the piece evolves, but it never loses the profound emotional power of its source material. The story of how a small fragment of unwanted audio came to be one of the most celebrated musical works of recent times is a complex one. Bryars had been working with Power, not on the original shoot — he never met the old man on the recording — but as a mixer and editor. By way of thanks, Power gave him some of the tape reels, which were expensive in Bryars made a loop of 13 bars and, recognising that his piano was in tune with the singer, began to work on harmonisation.

He made a simple chordal arrangement, which in later versions has developed into a rich ensemble sound with strings and brass, weighted to the low end of the harmonic scale. Bryars was by that time teaching at Leicester Polytechnic and was able to make use of a small sound studio there. To preserve the delicate original, he recorded it on to a second machine, leaving the loop running while he went to fetch a coffee.

Nicole Sabouné's "Bleeding Faster" is an Anthem for the Bleeding Heart - VICE

Someone was weeping in a corner. It's not looking good initially here.

Blood For Blood - White Trash Anthem

BioWare is somehow consistently putting out major Anthem patches ahead of schedule, and this latest one is no exception. It contains a whole host of fixes for the ailing game, ones I already talked about a few days ago that should hopefully see less crashes and more powerful javelins.

But the biggest change is one that is not listed in the patch notes at all. Players are reporting that the drop rate of Masterworks and Legendaries has gone up dramatically in the wake of this patch.

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While this may have something to do with BioWare eliminating whites and greens from the loot pool after level 30, it does seem like a more general bump was implemented here. I am currently stuck out of town unable to test out this early patch for myself you said it was Tuesday BioWare!!

Since that happened, fans have been complaining that they wanted drop rates to go back to that level, and that appears to be what BioWare has done. I have previously said that too much loot may actually be a bad thing for Anthem because if you give players too much too quickly, that might turn them off and make loot trivial. Anthem has been in such a bad state the past few weeks frankly, it needs something like this.

However, it does mean end-game players are left with little to do outside of grinding Strongholds on higher and higher difficulties and trying to master every Javelin. Because Act 1 of live content is starting soon, so naturally we need to have questions still at the end of the game.

Which is an odd narrative choice. The story itself is a bit opaque at the start and almost insultingly lazy. The initial story setup might as well leave you on the Citadel ranting about how the Reapers are coming for the sheer lack of innovation. From all the bugs, connection issues, frame-rate difficulties, and plodding loading times, booting up the game just feels like an exorcise in Sisyphean masochism. Because the story will evolve over time, so it can get better.

End game content will start rolling out on a frequent basis in the coming weeks.

But until then, the game remains a steaming hot mess. Madeline Ricchiuto is a gamer, comics enthusiast, bad horror movie connoisseur, writer and generally sarcastic human.

Anthem for the homeless: mystery at the heart of a contemporary classic

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