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Or they are not stories at all, but rather anecdotes. Then, a problem arises or an event occurs that forces the hero to leave home or depart from the status quo in order to seek some goal or right some terrible wrong and reestablish the social order. Even if the journey is long, the hero hangs in there because of the importance of reaching the goal.

The heroes meet obstacles and suffer reversals, but eventually overcome them all to reach the goal. If we set off on some quest, the harder we try and the worse the journey, the more we deserve the reward in the end.

Ludia’s ‘What’s Your Story?’ turns shows like Project Runway into interactive stories

We believe that, because we want to believe in the ultimate fairness of the universe. These stories are our way of handling things when everything changes—the economy, the paper mill, the rules, the demands of a global society. In a strange-land story, the heroes suddenly find themselves in a new landscape, one that offers unknown terrain, language, or rules. What we used to do to succeed no longer makes sense any more.

We need to learn to navigate this strange new place.


Along comes a leader to show us the way. Two people meet, fall in love, fall out of love, learn a little more about each other, decide to stick together, and live happily ever after.

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You know the drill. Is it the difficulties of marriage and property?

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Or is it the problem of men never growing up, staying immature, and behaving badly in a society that permits them this license? We crave love stories because our future is tied up in them in the obvious ways, but also in not so obvious ways. How will we take care of each other? What does society owe its people and vice versa? These are the deeper questions love stories investigate.

What's Your Story?

For people who are trying to promote economic justice, they are good stories to tell. Finally, we live in a chaotic world. But we always have. Most people—throughout history—have believed that the world is the most chaotic it has ever been, right now, unlike the golden age of X years ago. We need to be protected. To date, we have distributed over resources nationwide, trained leaders in personal storytelling, and conducted Bridge leadership engagements for hundreds of sector leaders.

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Even more exciting is that at least 7 cities have taken on the challenge to run it as a city-wide project! To find out more or to join the storytelling revolution, email us at whatsyourstory heartlines. Four Pillars of what's your story?

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The film, Beyond the River Inspired by true events, this is the nail-biting story of two men from different backgrounds whose quest to win gold connects them on and beyond the river. The film released in cinemas nationwide on 27 April and is currently available for order via our offices or on DVD. Email us to book a group or corporate screening of the film. They include docu-style DVD stories of inspiring individuals.

We also have resources to start conversations around Beyond the River, as an inroad to personal storytelling.

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Leadership engagements The Bridge leadership engagement is a 2-day, offsite initiative that uses personal storytelling and dialogue as tools to build bridges between key leaders of a system or sector. Watch a video on a Bridge leadership engagement. Email us to book. Online platform This online platform is a portal where you can read, listen to and watch the stories of ordinary people making an extraordinary impact in our nation.

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