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Such goods could be dairy or other food products from New Zealand, cosmetics or skin care products from Japan, or leather goods from Europe. Upper-middle-class consumers in the region are willing to trade up and spend more only if they are convinced of the technical, functional, and emotional benefits of a product or service. In fact, they can be quick to complain and discredit a product or service provider if they encounter low quality, misrepresentation, or another indication of poor value.

If companies are to win over this valuable consumer segment, they should consider three actions. Taking Advantage of Digital Tools. Digital media and e-commerce are powerful ways to reach the upper middle class in Asia. These consumers tend to use social media to advocate for brands they like. They also use social media to figure out which products to buy next.

Burberry and Louis Vuitton are already active on the Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo; both also have official accounts on the popular mobile messaging service Weixin known outside China as WeChat. And, as is the case with affluent consumers in the West, upper-middle-class consumers in Asia often look at a product online as well as offline before deciding whether to buy it. E-commerce can also fill in gaps in supply availability. After all, a product not available through any retailer in a smaller city can often be ordered on a website and delivered directly to the customer.

Anecdotal evidence suggests there is already a lot of online commerce in tier 2, tier 3, and lower-tier Asian cities—much of it involving upper-middle-class consumers. The Economic Times recently quoted Amazon as saying that more than half its orders for luxury brands including Tumi, Versace, and Roberto Botticelli in India were coming from smaller cities such as Jaipur, Indore, and Coimbatore.

Thinking Globally as Well as Locally. Affluent Asian travelers bring their overseas experiences home, and their cultures shape their expectations when they travel abroad. Many makers of luxury brands have begun to cater to these consumers and have been hiring more retail personnel who speak Asian languages for their stores in locations popular with Asian tourists, such as Paris. Upper-middle-class travelers frequently return to their home markets with new interests. When Thai consumers find something they like while traveling abroad, they often write about it on Pantip, the widely used Thai-language discussion forum.

Local Thai companies then look for ways to offer similar products. Retailers and brands can take advantage of this phenomenon by staying on top of traveler trends and making sure their brand image and messaging are consistent across all channels. Some companies might even want to introduce changes in their organizations that make it easier for them to serve Asian upper-middle-class consumers, regardless of which countries the consumers happen to be in.

Targeting the Younger Generation. Article history. Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Abstract Travel abroad for healthcare has increased rapidly; interventions include organ transplant; cardiac surgery; reproductive care; and joint, cosmetic, and dental procedures.

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Table 1. View Large. Table 2. The movement of patients across borders: challenges and opportunities for public health. Search ADS. Risk and challenges in medical tourism. Understanding the global market for health services. Google Preview. Organisation for Economic Co-operative and Development. Improving estimates of exports and imports of health services and goods under the SHA framework. Available at www. Globalization of health care delivery in the United States through medical tourism. Quality in health care and globalization of health services: accreditation and regulatory oversight of medical tourism companies.

Health problems during and after travel among Boston-area international travelers. Burden of endemic health-care-associated infection in developing countries: systematic review and meta-analysis. Dengue viremia in blood donors identified by RNA and detection of dengue transfusion transmission during the dengue outbreak in Puerto Rico.

Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation. A call for government accountability to achieve national self-sufficiency in organ donation and transplantation. Transplants in foreign countries among patients removed from the US transplant waiting list. Commercialization of kidney transplants: a systematic review of outcomes in recipients and donors. Transplant tourism: the ethics and regulation of international markets for organs.

Transmission of tropical and geographically restricted infections during solid-organ transplantation. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Asian medicine and globalization / edited by Joseph S. Alter | National Library of Australia

Transmission of Strongyloides stercoralis through transplantation of solid organs—Pennsylvania, Long-term outcomes of kidney allografts obtained by transplant tourism: observations from a single center in Korea. Estimating the risks of acquiring a kidney abroad: a meta-analysis of complications following participation in transplant tourism. Nontuberculous mycobacterial infections after cosmetic surgery—Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, The global spread of healthcare associated multidrug-resistant bacteria: a perspective from Asia.

Leverstein-Van Hall. Emergence of resistant fecal Escherichia coli in travelers not taking prophylactic antimicrobial agents. Community-onset extended-spectrum beta-lactamase ESBL producing Escherichia coli : importance of international travel. Fecal carriage of CTXM type extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing organisms by children and their household contacts. Infection after transrectal ultrasonography-guided prostate biopsy: increased relative risks after recent international travel or antibiotic use.

Country-to-country transfer of patients and the risk of multi-resistant bacterial infection. Emergence of a new antibiotic resistance mechanism in India, Pakistan, and the UK: a molecular, biological, and epidemiological study. New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1-producing Enterobacteriaceae: emergence and response in Europe. The role of international travel in the worldwide spread of multiresistant Enterobacteriaceae. Characterization of a new metallo-beta-lactamase gene, bla NDM-1 , and a novel erythromycin esterase gene carried on a unique genetic structure in Klebsiella pneumoniae sequence type 14 from India.

Prevalence of faecal carriage of Enterobacteriaceae with NDM-1 carbapenemase at military hospitals in Pakistan, and evaluation of two chromogenic media. Dissemination of NDM-1 positive bacteria in the New Delhi environment and its implications for human health: an environmental point prevalence study. Hospital outbreak of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae producing New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase—Denver, Colorado, Emergence and global spread of epidemic healthcare-associated Clostridium difficile.

Managing a case of extensively drug-resistant XDR pulmonary tuberculosis in Singapore.

Asian Medicine and Globalization

The Chennai Declaration: a solution to the antimicrobial resistance problem in the Indian subcontinent. A call for action: the application of the International Health Regulations to the global threat of antimicrobial resistance. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please e-mail: journals. Issue Section:. Download all figures. Comments 0. Add comment Close comment form modal. I agree to the terms and conditions. You must accept the terms and conditions. Add comment Cancel.

Asian Medicine and Globalization

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    Asian medicine and globalization / edited by Joseph S. Alter.

    China-US trade talks resume, markets respond well. China and Europe speed ahead on rail. Scotland's nature to make big splash in China.