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Enjoy and I hope you read tons of good books on me! Mastering Maeve by Tara Finnagan — This. The hero was one I could easily fall in love with sorry, honey.

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A big, strong, rugged Texan with the attitude and mannerisms I love in a good, dominant man, plus those moments of weakness that made him feel so human. Becoming Clissine Bastia by Anastasia Vitsky — This is a little edgier, but now and then that can be a good thing. Very good. This story was excellent! I fell for Dak so hard. Before you start this book, carve out a good block of reading time, order in a pizza and hang a Do Not Disturb sign around your neck because once you get started, you will not want to put it aside for anything!

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  5. Becoming Clissine Choose your own adventure winner!?
  6. This is a twist on the taboos placed on same-sex relationships within some religious cultures, including detailed punishment and some violence. Once she becomes the Nur, or the submissive partner, to her betrothed she will have to submit all major decisions of her life to the beautiful Helaine, whom she has met once.

    She must marry a woman, according to the decrees of Bastian law. Shocked at the feelings the kiss awakens, Clissa begins to question everything she has been taught. Did Basti, their deity, condemn relationships between a man and a woman? Will her growing feelings for Destral cost her everything her parents have worked hard to give her? Her new parents are given one mandate: bring her back to rightness with Basti.

    Clissa, lost in a system threatened by her very identity, must make her choice.

    See a Problem?

    Will Bastian authority break her, or will she find a way to break free? Can true love overcome a harsh regime? Editor reviews 1 reviews. Exceeded my expectations. November 21, I wanted to read the new one set in this world, though, so I decided to finish the original first.

    As Natural As Breathing

    However, I was convinced going in that if anyone could take this on, it would be Ms. She exceeded my expectations and delivered an intense tale which digs underneath a surface examination of what might happen. First of all, readers should give up on any expectation that this will be a forbidden love story. Although the main character, Clissa, does discover her true nature through a romantic encounter, that is not the point of the story. This is an important distinction.

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    Second, the world-building here is as precise and in-depth as in any good science fiction or fantasy. It did take me a while before I understood everything, but it makes sense in context as it unfolds. Everything is the perfect mirror of the way fundamentalist Christianity views roles within the home in our real world.

    Despite the heavy tone, I did have to laugh at the scene, having come across similar religious-based books myself. Lazy Day Publishing. Pub Date 05 Dec This title was previously available on NetGalley and is now archived. Pub Date 26 Sep Moirai Ruth Silver.

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    Pub Date 20 Nov Pub Date 23 Oct No Flag Liz Borino. Pub Date 06 Nov First they love you, and then they leave you wondering what the hell happened Pub Date 22 Oct What if heterosexuality were a crime? Becoming Clissine Anastasia Vitsky. Pub Date 02 Oct Love failed the first time. Will a second chance be enough? Betrothed to Mr. Pub Date 18 Sep Darcy Violet Bedford.

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    Rings of Passage by Lazy Day Publishing. Pub Date 01 Jan Rings of Passage. Pub Date 25 Sep The Road to Forever Anna Kristell. Holding Back Mila Kerr. If you had the chance to step back in time, would you? What if you could live in a community built around the morals of yesterday? Aspen Meadows Mila Kerr.

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