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Chryses is threatened and sent away belittled by Agamemnon. Learning of this insult to one of his priest, Apollo showered the Achaean troops with arrows for three days. Apollo only stopped the plague after Agamemnon made the proper sacrifice of one hundred sacred bulls and returned Chrysies to her father. During the course of the battles between the Trojans and the Achaeans, Apollo entered on several occasions to aid, assist, and give glory to the great Trojan warrior Hector.

Helenus echoed her prophecy, but his warnings were ignored.

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Cassandra furiously snatched away Helen's golden veil and tore at her hair, for she had foreseen that Helen's arrival would bring the calamities of the Trojan War and the destruction of Troy. The Trojan people, however, welcomed Helen into their city. Cassandra foresaw the destruction of Troy.

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However, she was unable to do anything to forestall these tragedies since no one believed her. They disbelieved her, calling her names and degrading her with insults.

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She grabbed an axe in one hand and a burning torch in her other, and ran towards the Trojan Horse, intent on destroying it herself to stop the Greeks from destroying Troy. The Trojan people stopped her before she could do so. The Greeks hiding inside the Horse were relieved that the Trojans had stopped Cassandra from destroying it, but they were surprised by how clearly she had seen their plan to defeat Troy.

She was clinging so tightly to the statue of the goddess that Ajax knocked it from its stand as he dragged her away. One account claimed that even Athena, who had worked hard to help the Greeks destroy Troy, was not able to restrain her tears and her cheeks burned with anger. In one account, this caused her image to give forth a sound that shook the floor of the temple at the sight of Cassandra's rape, and her image turned its eyes away as Cassandra was violated, although others found this account too bold.

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Ajax's actions were a sacrilege because Cassandra was a supplicant of Athena and supplicants were untouchable in the sanctuary of a god, being under the protection of that god. Furthermore, he committed another sacrilege by raping her inside the temple of Athena, despite it being strictly forbidden for people to have sexual intercourse in a temple.

Odysseus insisted to the other Greek leaders that Ajax should be stoned to death for his crimes, which had enraged Athena and the other gods. If you have purchased a print title that contains an access token, please see the token for information about how to register your code. For questions on access or troubleshooting, please check our FAQs , and if you can't find the answer there, please contact us.

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