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The report was authored by scientists and draws upon more than 6, peer-reviewed scientific articles on climate change. For those of us who specialize in climate change, it comes as no surprise that the report predicts dire consequences for coastal regions and the agricultural economies of Asia and Africa.

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What is critically important to us is that, for the first time, the report unequivocally states that limiting global warming to 1. As an expert in land-based climate solutions, two things stand out to me about this report: First, it acknowledges the critical importance of nature-based climate solutions and clearly states that enhancing carbon sinks in natural ecosystems is key to limiting warming to 1. In fact, all emissions reduction pathways that limit global warming to 1.

While conventional thinking around the 1. Second, the report puts a heavy emphasis on working together, collective efforts, participatory action, and creating enabling environments. It concludes that a mix of climate adaptation and mitigation options to limit global warming to 1.

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These are most effective when aligned with economic and sustainable development frameworks, and when local and regional decision-makers are supported by national governments. The merciless six-year civil war in Syria has destroyed cities, killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions more.

The Syria of a decade ago is but a memory. The causes have been detailed exhaustively — social, economic, religious, geopolitical.

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But one woman, an architect who [ … ]. Tags for this story:. The TED film festival: Conference shorts. Apply to be a TED Fellow.

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  • Access one of our most popular reports from Mr. X to gain a new perspective. What does all this mean? If authorities let this situation persist for too long without weakening the USD, the global economy will likely head towards recession.

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    Understanding your financial future is within reach. You, too, can see the Forest for the Trees.