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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Fated by Sarah Fine. Aislin Ferry and Jason Moros have only days until they will be called to account before the Keepers of the Afterlife. Yet as they race to restore order and make their case, their worlds fall into total disarray. Meanwhile, the fearsome Lord of the Kere has family trouble of his own Aislin Ferry and Jason Moros have only days until they will be called to account before the Keepers of the Afterlife.

Meanwhile, the fearsome Lord of the Kere has family trouble of his own. Someone is unraveling the fabric of fate, and Moros suspects one of his supernatural siblings is behind the terrible bid to unleash Chaos. Now unlikely allies, Aislin and Moros each need the other to escape the wrath of the Keepers. As the stakes rise, it becomes clear that protecting their respective empires is not the endgame. With the fate of all humanity dangling by a thread, Aislin and Moros must surrender completely to one another if they are to fight their common enemy.

And as time runs out, someone must make the ultimate sacrifice. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Servants of Fate 3.

Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Fated , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 05, Alyssa rated it it was amazing Shelves: releases , pili-pushed.

Hands down. Nine of ten published although technically this book is not yet published. I haven't read Burn, but I've read all of her other published novels. Sarah Fine has yet to let me down! Aislinn Ferry has quite the mess to clean up - and figure out. As the new Charon, she is struggling to hold her power and keep the other Ferrys from overthrowing her. She and Jason Moros will be meeting with the Keepers of the Afterlife about the current situation.

Rogue Kere, creatures they've never encountered, the reappearance of Rylan Ferry Moros and Aislinn fight protect the Ferrys, the Kere, and the world, from a fate worse than death, Best. Quite possibly Sarah's best book. Of Dreams and Rust was really, really good, and it's probably my favorite YA book of hers. Fated is my favorite adult one of Sarah's. That seems fair. This book broke my heart several times, but in the best, most painful, but best way! Not like Firewalker by Josephine Angelini which I recently reviewed, hence the comparison.

I'll start with Aislinn. I have to be honest, I wasn't her biggest fan in Marked or Claimed. I didn't hate her, but I didn't immediately like her. However, getting to read her perspective of things was so helpful. She can be seen as cold, but it makes sense, given the pressure of being Charon, saving the world, etc. I really like Aislinn! She can compartmentalize like a pro, and she is intelligent and prepared for everything, even when she's not. If that makes sense. Jason Moros! Thousands of years old, yet his Kere and the world are slipping through his fingertips, and everyone wants to blame him.

I love this guy! He is a bit flirtatious, condescending, hilarious, determined, brave, and fair. Everyone wants to misjudge him and throw the blame on him, but he is a good guy, trapped in a scheme like everyone else. Aislinn and Moros tentatively decide to work together, and it is a good thing that they do. Aislinn finds herself in incredible danger, in the hands of people that Moros knows well. Moros finds that he cannot help but try to protect Aislinn - something in him needs her to be okay.

The two of them are drawn to each other without realizing it, and when realizing. They have good instincts for sensing things, which includes each other. Which leads me to the romance. While I thought Eli and Cacy would be my favorite pair I don't know. I think Moros and Aislinn are my favorite pair!

I LOVE their interactions, alone or otherwise. They have chemistry from the start, and it's not long before it seems to have turned into something deeper, a deeper connection. Keep in mind, Moros and Aislinn have known each other for years, and have been Maybe not intimately, but they've always intrigued each other. Very different from Eli and Cacy, who meet each other in the beginning of Marked. The romance is slow-burn and carefully developed, yet red-hot and sizzling at times. The romance and chemistry delivers, as readers will find it easy to fall in love with Aislinn and Moros especially Moros , and root for them until the end.

The plot is quite the roller-coaster! Moros and Aislinn never, ever catch a break. There was one point in the book when I had to put the book down, because there was something sad happening. Sarah Fine knows exactly how to break my heart yet keep me coming back.

No matter how heartbreaking one scene was, the next one would have my heart racing. Seriously though, if you ever reach a point in the book where you're like no, this is too much - keep going! The plot is very fast-paced, but not overwhelmingly so. More so in a way in which you can't stop reading, the pages won't flip fast enough! Speaking of overwhelming It totally came at me like a ton of bricks. Or a ton of cake. Cake is nicer than bricks. I totally saw one part of the end coming!

The ending is soooo not what I expected specifically, but I couldn't see it any other way. Sarah Fine totally blindsided me with who was behind the corruption of the Kere and Rylan Ferry and whatnot! Great job! The ending was overwhelming in a book hangover kind of way - a very satisfying ending, not bittersweet!

Trust me, you will love the ending, regardless of what type of ending you prefer! Perhaps I should mention that one rough spot I hit and had to put the book down for about twenty minutes - but then I picked it right back up. It was about a third in, so just be warned that while you might struggle with this part, like I did, keep going! It got better, and quickly.

Not that I don't recommend Marked or Claimed. Adult romance readers, urban fantasy readers, Sarah Fine readers, anyone looking for a fun, heart-pounding, sexy read Rating: 5 stars. A rare five stars from me! Though I think I've rated two romance novels with a five-star rating in the past month or so! That's a lot for me. Sarah Fine never lets me down. When is her next adult romance novel scheduled to be published?!

I need more! Jul 31, Mlpmom Book Reviewer rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-book-read , kindle-books. Even though I have loved this series from the very first book, it is this book, this last chapter, that I have been eagerly awaiting the most. After all, how could I resist finally getting to look inside the very mind of the infamous Moros? Quite simply put, I couldn't. Fine has always been known for her amazing writing abilities. For the unique, and often times dark, worlds that she creates but she truly came up with something so original, unworldly, and fascinating with this series.

Somethi Even though I have loved this series from the very first book, it is this book, this last chapter, that I have been eagerly awaiting the most. Something that stands out in a genre where the same is common place. I can say without a doubt, that this was my favorite of the series. She has never been my favorite character but once again, Ms.

Fine showed how incredible her writing skills by completely making me change my opinion of someone I never thought I would care about and making me completely invested in her happily ever after. This is such an amazing fantasy series woven with mythology, romance, danger, and so much more. I truly have had an amazing time with it and I'm so sad that it is over but I couldn't be happier with the way it all came together and ended.

I look forward to whatever Fine comes out with next because I know it will be something spectacular and fun and something I won't want to miss. I had this arc for a while, but to be honest I kept delaying reading it, because in this installment we finally get the story of the most intriguing Servants of Fate character- the infamous Lord of the Kere a.

Now, after I had finished reading it, I'm happy to say that the author delivered an engaging, action-packed, dark, suspenseful, emotional and hot story for the most part. In fact, I would dare to say that this is the best installment of the series fo far, especially the 2nd half of the book. I did have some "issues" as always when it comes to the series, but all in all I was pleased with the out-come.

Unlike Dec and Galena from the previous book who seemed to me as quite one-dimensional characters, Moros was just the opposite- witty, intimidating and a provocative bad-ass hero who kept me entertained as usual, even though in this book we get to see more the man behind the cold and calculating front he puts up for everyone. He had definitely found a worthy match in Aislin The Charon. The up-tight, diplomatic and serious Charon turned out to be more than meets the eye- caring, more open-minded and showing some serious bad-ass fighting skills. Their chemistry was scorching and there's this one shower scene I wouldn't mind reading all over again.

This is a genre that allows that freedom the most imo and that's why I love it. All in all, I would give the 1st half of the story 3 stars, but the 2nd half 4 unputdownable stars, so I'll settle for 3. I wonder whose book is next? Hm, maybe Trevor's? I guess, we'll find out soon enough. Watch out people! Chaos is coming View all 3 comments.

Feb 18, nick rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc. I've loved these characters so much, so the fact that Fated is the final book in the Servants of Fate trilogy is hard on me. With this series, Sarah Fine has created characters that touch your heart, a world that is scary but rich and complex, and romances that will leave you envious but at the same time leave you believing that love really is a powerful force.

I've loved all the couples in the series, but shh! Don't tell an 4. Don't tell anyone, but Aislin and Moros are my favorites. Reading about them through the POVs of the other characters and reading through their POVs were vastly different experiences for me. Both of them always had this tough, no bullshit vibe to them, which made them really hard to gauge, but at the same time made them all the more alluring.

In Fated, they were both still smart, strong and tough as nails characters , but we also got to peek at their more vulnerable sides. I didn't think it was possible to love them more, but Sarah Fine made that happen.

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Aislin, especially, was wonderful. Fated shed light to her more caring, loving and loyal side. I felt for her as she struggled to fight for her family and their safety. Everything she did was to protect them and it was hard not to admire and root for her. Even as Aislin learned about her bleak future, she continued to do everything she possibly could in order to make the world a better place for her siblings, even when the stakes could have led to her demise.

Moros too was a fascinating character and watching what a great guy he was on the inside made me fall even harder for him. Despite seeming like this rough and badass guy on the outside who didn't care for anything or anyone, he was a loving and devoted man, especially to Aislin and to his Keres. Moros came face to face with his siblings in this book and had to make some painful decisions. I was glad that he had Aislin as his equal to help him through it all. Their romance was my favorite romance in this series. It's slow, sensuous, filled with tenderness and jammed with hot chemistry that threatened to set the pages on fire whenever they were together.

For me, it wasn't the incendiary chemistry that they shared that was the best part -it was how they regarded each other as equals. I loved that Aislin and Moros trusted each other and at the same time, did not think that the other needed to be saved constantly. They let each other go into the face of danger, but were still willing to help out should anything ever happen to either of them.

This is my favorite kind of romance. There's nothing more realistic and romantic than a couple working together as a team to take down the evil. The plot in Fated was exciting, nerve-wracking and culminated in a satisfying final battle. The events of the previous book, Claimed , clarified what was going on and in Fated , Aislin and Moros had to battle not to bring forth evil into the dystopian Boston. It wasn't the easiest task, with Aislin and Moros falling to their knees at times. The book kept me at the edge of my seat because I was nervous about how the plot would unravel. I thought it was executed well and the ending was rewarding in every way.

I could not have hoped for a better ending for these characters. Sarah Fine is an excellent author and every book she writes is better than the previous one, for me. The Servants of Fate trilogy is one of my favorite UF series of all-time. As a conclusion, Fated was brilliant and everyone who hasn't read this book yet should get on it as soon as possible. View all 20 comments. Sep 25, Abby rated it really liked it. Crazy killer zombie like creatures, explosions, kidnappings, betrayal, sneak attacks, street brawls, battles, epic face-offs, and explosions yes, I know I said that twice!

This story is nonstop action. And if it was going to be rushed. I should have had more confidence. The ending was spectacular. I was torn between needing to pause to process the emot "And now. I was torn between needing to pause to process the emotions while desperate to know what happens next.

There's no fate but what we make for ourselves. | Terminator Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Finally the Ferrys and the Keres unite to battle the true enemy of Fate, and prevent Chaos from waking. But would you fight to protect Fate, if Fate determined you would die in the process? For Aislen Ferry there is only one choice, save the world for her family. She knows you can't fight a war without trust. And the only way Jason Moros will ever trust her is if he can know without a doubt that she will never betray him.

But when he touches her to see her future, neither one expected the blankness. Aislen Ferry was fated to die. She was in the arms of death himself, and she'd never felt more alive. Aislen and Jason fight side by side to unite the Ferrys and Keres against the enemies of Fate. They seek the only weapon Jason can use to defeat Chaos. They, as the ambassadors of Death, defend Life while asking for supplies.

They battle wits against The Keepers. They each do everything within their power, or with their right to ask, to save the other and the world. You saved us all. I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. View 2 comments. This has been lingering on my to-read shelf for much too long. I really liked the first book of the series. As I didn't get the second book, I had this one here in a holding pattern.

Not a good choice as a stand-alone, and definitely not without having read the first book. The world building is not as good as in the first book, not many explanations are forthcoming. Moros sounds sexy and Ainslin like Barbie in a business suit. Soft, emotional woman and tall-dark-and-mysterious. Ainslin eventually becomes more kick-ass, although the action scenes felt a bit flat.

It had elevated the book above the ususal PNR fare. The characters as well could have done with more depth and development. The PNR elements felt fairly silly at times, but that might be more due to me not really being a fan of the genre. I did some eye-rolling. In the second half of the book I did some skimming, as the plot didn't really hold my interest. The development of our MCs' relationship was meandering along without much tension as well. So I was a little bored.

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Towards the ending the story picked up again. I did like how it all turned out and wouldn't mind reading more about Moros and Ainslin. Bottom line, some good ideas, some likeabel characters, stretches that bored me a little and I could have done with a more elaborate plot and more character development. I would have liked more complex world building. Many of the characters and their emotional state felt a bit one-dimensional. Not bad, not great, I would probably pick up another book or recommend it to fans of PNR. I am not rushing to the next bookstore just yet. Feb 18, Danielle Love at First Page rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , dystopia , favorites-adult-romance , own-kindle-book , crush-worthy-boys , extra-swoony , genre-uf-pnr-adult , fantasy-scifi-paranormal.

What a fun, refreshing, and sexy series! All three books had my heart racing I don't think I've read anything with such a seamless mixture of genres - from romance to Greek mythology to paranormal to dystopia. I was so eager to see how this series would play out, and Sarah Fine doesn't disappoint with her conclusion. I was especially pleased that she paired Aislin and Moros together; they make such an amazing team, and I was swooning hard for that man! I definitely recom What a fun, refreshing, and sexy series! I definitely recommend picking up this unique PNR series! This review can also be found at Love at First Page.

I have really enjoyed the Servant of Fate series, with romance set against the myth based foundation of a post apocalyptic world that has the Fates, the Kere who mark souls for death and the Ferrys who shuttle souls to the afterlife - the first book was good, the second pretty good, but this third book is the best.

I loved the leads Ais 4. I loved the leads Aislin, the ice queen leader of the Ferrys - and Moros - the mysterious leader of the Kere - both separately and together. They have had this 'pull' even in their supporting roles in the previous books and their story here capitalizes on all that build up. Fated wraps up the series in a great way with a climactic finish to the background arc and a good romance with love scenes that are steamy because of the emotions and not the mechanics. I am sorry to see it end, but I will be keeping an eye out for more by the author Sarah Fine.

Feb 23, Plamena rated it it was amazing. Review to follow. Oct 09, Aoi rated it did not like it Shelves: dystopian-scifi-post-apocalyptic , dnf , paranormal-fantasy. Tried and tried and tried.. Fated gets us up-close and personal with Jason Moros the incarnate of Death, as he tries to stop the very fabric of fate from unraveling. Eris, Apate and Nemesis who represent hate, lies and jealousy are conspiring to overthrow fate and raise Chaos.

Souls are being reaped without authorization causing the very fabric of life to unravel. Moros joins forces with Aislin Ferry, the leader of the Ferry clan. Fine lead us on an action packed, nail-biting tale as they try to stop his siblings. Throughou Fated gets us up-close and personal with Jason Moros the incarnate of Death, as he tries to stop the very fabric of fate from unraveling.

Throughout the trilogy, we learned about both Aislin and Moros making them favorites, but getting inside their heads and seeing them interact was a treat. Moros is confident and cocky on the outside. Aislin is strong, but worries about appearances and carries the burden of protecting her clan. Separately they are a strong but united they are a force to be reckoned with.

The romance was sensual and powerful making it my favorite of the series. The chemistry and banter were delightful but the high regard they held for each other is what made this romance so special. So many times the alpha tries to protect and save, but in this, they trusted each other, and admired each other knowing each could hold their own in the battle.

Tender moments, and danger had me tearing up, wringing my hands, and listening with bated breath. I appreciated how deeply Fine let us get to know these characters as she peeled back the layers of their careful honed facades giving me all the feels. The plot was intense and at times downright nerve-wracking as Fine moved towards the climatic ending. Fine had me on edge the entire time and constantly reaching for truffles.

Emily Foster narrated the series and I enjoyed her depiction of the characters. She captured their emotions and each voice felt unique. This review was originally posted on Caffeinated Book Reviewer Cliffhanger: No Will I read more from this Author? The action is non-stop and everything that I was confused about from the first two books really came together for me in this final book. She blew me away. Moros or Jason yeah, he has a first name was quite surprising too. He rescues them by jumping out of a window. He tells Sarah about his true identity. Sarah tells him that she loves him no matter what.

The next day, John is called into the principal's office while they are in Home Economics class. Later that day, Mogs come to the school and Sarah hides in the photography room. John finds her and they later hide in the Home Economics room when they encounter a Mog scout and Number Six.

They try to get out, but are confronted by Mogs. Henri arrives with Mark and BK and saves them. Sarah leads them to a door in the gymnasium that leads to the football field. They find out the football field is surrounded by Mogs. John makes her hide in the school with Mark. She later saves Four from a Mogadorian who tries to kill him by stabbing him with a butcher knife. With the help of Mark, she takes him to a motel and packs up his stuff at his house.

She is later seen with Four comforting him after the death of Henri. She attends the makeshift funeral of Henri. She admits that she doesn't want him to leave and that packing up was the hardest thing she ever did. After John leaves, her life in Paradise becomes difficult. She tries to defend John, but she end up losing friends because of it. She gets nicknamed 'Sarah Bleeding Heart' by her classmates. Some believe she is working with John.

Even the town people are unkind to her. Mark is her only friend and both of them travel to and from Paradise and Helena together. The FBI is in town investigating the destruction of the high school. Sarah misses John terribly and a part of her thinks it would be a good thing that FBI arrests him so he can clear things up and Sarah would know where he is and he is safe. A week after John leaves, Sarah is being followed by Agent Walker. When she goes to meet Mark, Walker sits on a seat behind her. She tells this to Mark. Mark says he has been contact with an alien conspiracy theorist and together they find out John was seen in Tennessee a day or two after John left, which makes Sarah happy.

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He also says that they believe there are members of Garde in Miami and India. Agent Walker and her partner Agent Noto join them and question them about John. Sarah says she barely knows John. Mark accidentally mentions Sam's name and quickly covers by saying Sam is probably hunting for Sasquatches by now. He makes it look like he and Sarah are dating.

The next night, Sarah gets a text from John saying he is in town and wants to see her. They arrange a meeting in the park. She texts Mark saying that John is back in town. Unknown to her, Mark's father, Sheriff James, reads the text and comes to arrest John. John and Sarah talk about their relationship, and how she is struggling with the whole situation, and expresses her wish for John to turn himself in and tell the police he's not a terrorist.

She suspects that John is cheating on her with Six when he refuses to take her with him. She gets text messages from Mark warning that his father is coming for her and John. When John asks who is texting, Sarah says it is her friend Emily. Sam arrives and tells John that they should leave. FBI and the police descend on them and arrest John and Sam. Sarah is taken away and interrogated for three hours in the local police station.

Mark picks her up when she is finally freed. She tells that Agents Walker, Noto, and someone named Purdy interrogated her and took away her phone. She says that she is not supposed to leave town and she is on the No Fly list. She says that they arrested John and Sam and thinks it is her fault. Mark tells that his father read his text message from her and that is how the police knew that John was back in town. He apologizes to her. She says that the FBI were probably watching her and she should have warned John. Sarah wants to go there and explain herself but Mark refuses. He says they won't be able hold John for long and reassures her with the fact that Six is still free and will have to rescue John.

Mark drops her off at her house. She lies to her parents saying that she was out past her curfew and got mixed up in John Smith's arrest. That same evening she gets a message from Mark saying John and Sam escaped from Dumont. The following Monday she and Mark skip school to visit Sam's mother, figuring she might have seen something. No one is home and they see evidence of the fight in the backyard. She sees a car idling down the road.

She and Mark drive away while the car chases them. The car narrowly misses hitting the truck. Sarah thinks whoever was driving the car just wanted to scare them away. They drive back to school. That same evening Sarah goes missing. She doesn't return home from school. Sarah is taken captive by the FBI, who are working with the Mogadorians , who are supplying them with weapons in return for their help hunting the Garde.

Sarah is tortured for information and is forced to tell them everything she knows. Sarah tries to hit him, but Ra hits her first, injuring her. At one time, Sam is put in a cell with her before being taken away to another part of the base. Then, Six is thrown in the cell with her. Sarah says she had witnessed it before and asks whether John is safe. She says they parted ways and asks whether it was her who helped FBI capture John. She says it wasn't her.

Sarahs Fate (Maldito, #3)

Six comforts Sarah by telling her a story about John and her as kids in the ship. However, after seeing that John is with other Garde , she believes he is the real John and they embrace. They leave the cell and find Agent Walker. Later she enters the fight with Ella. However, Sarah and Ella are both hit with the fire-whip that encased Six and Nine in a rock tomb. They are also subjected to heavy Mogadorian cannon fire. It seems too late to save them, but Four holds their hands and manages to heal them both.

She helps Marina with the cooking and with the help of Six, she trains with firearms to the dismay of John. When they gets a message from Number Five to meet him in Arkansas, she decides to go with John. John reluctantly agrees to let her come. She senses the tension between John and Six, who also has joined them and tells him to patch things up with her. They laugh and talk on their way to Arkansas, but things start to get serious when they reach their destination. Six turns all three of them invisible and they go look for Five.

She first spots him sitting under a statue. She helps the Garde defeat the Mogadorians that also come looking for Five. They are later united with Sam and Malcolm Goode , Sam's father. Sarah comforts Sam when he has a hard time sleeping after his ordeal in Mog captivity. She continues to train with firearms with Six. She shares a room with John and during an intimate moment, they are interrupted by Six who says that something is wrong with Bernie Kosar. They are once again interrupted by Five, who had gone for a midnight flight. During the Capture the Flag game, Sarah is Nine's third pick.

Nine tells her that the reason he picked her is to distract John. During the game, both she and Ella managed to shoot an invisible Six after Ella locates Six's position with her telepathy. She is knocked to the ground by Six with a blast of air.

The same evening, John takes her out to the zoo where John coaxes lazy animals to perform for them with his Animal Telepathy Legacy. While on their way back, John's bracelet warns him of danger. Instead of returning to the penthouse, fearing they might lead the Mogadorians, they go towards them. Sarah is disappointed that she didn't bring a gun and tells John to kill them all. That night Ella falls into comatose state. She takes the towel out of Marina's shaking hand and wipes Ella's face.

Ella then clutches John's hand and puts him in a coma too. Sarah pries Ella's hand away without listening to others' warnings. She refuses to leave John's side until Malcolm forces her to eat and sleep. Sam tries to comfort her and tells John would wake up and would be mad at others who had gone to Everglades to retrieve Five's chest.