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Everywhere you go you see vanity plates. The best of them are those that make you think and then reward you with a good laugh.

The Way Cool License Plate Book by Leonard Wise (2002, Paperback)

Now there is a book that captures all the fun and excitement of vanity plates from across North America. Inside The Way Cool License Plate Book you'll find plates that show how their owners feel about the cars they drive or wish they drove! This book is the perfect companion for any vacation or road trip. Parents will be happy knowing that the games in this book strengthen math and reading skills as well as provide hours of fun.

Kids will enjoy spotting plates from across the country and reading the hundreds of vanity plates inside.

How a Vanity License Plate Can Boost Your Business, Not Just Your Ego

Categories of vanity plates include:. He has also been a columnist for the Toronto Star where he wrote about food specialty items. Industry Reviews The Way Cool License Plate Book is a quick, fun read, and along the way youngsters and adults will pick up bits of information too The Gollywhopper Games Gollywhopper Games. The Seventh Level. More True Lies True Lies. Read the Rhyme Story Time. View Wishlist. Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Are you sure you would like to remove these items from your wishlist?

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Remove From Wishlist Cancel. Most people know that the word vain means to be conceited. The word vanity means being vain -- having too much pride in your appearance. These days, that word is connected not just to people. A personalized license plate -- the kind that people pay extra money for-is called a "vanity plate. Next time you're out for a drive or walking through a parking lot, check out the vehicles around you. Many of them have vanity plates.

While most people still settle for ordinary, everyday plates, there are lots of folks who like to get personal with their cars. For many people, a vanity plate is an extension of their personality. Quieter types may have a plate that shows only their name, nickname or initials. People who are less shy could have plates that express their love for their car, profession, partner, pet or favorite hobby or sport. A vanity plate can show a person's playful side, mood or favorite saying, or it may be a friendly greeting.

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Car License Plate

Outspoken types prefer to say something funny, trendy or cool, or to use their plates as a chance to brag. Then again, there are some people who put on messages that are just plain crazy.

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When someone commented to the owner that the car wasn't an MG, the man replied, "I'm not Bob. The possibilities are limited only by a person's imagination and creativity. By dropping vowels or consonants, and using numbers in place of whole words or parts of them, people can get their point across with very few letters. Get the idea?

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You can put most words on a plate, as long as you follow the government's rules. The pages of this book are filled with a fun and fascinating look at some of the endless possibilities for vanity plates.

The Way Cool License Plate Book

Have a good time decoding them. But this isn't just a book of license plate pictures.

The Way Cool License Plate Book

There's also a brief history of the use of license plates -- plus lots of way cool facts. Need something to do on your next long car trip? Try out the great license plate games in this book. You'll be at your destination before you have a chance to ask, "Are we there yet? See All Customer Reviews.