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In addition, One Truth, Many Paths honors indigenous traditions as well as the Sacred Feminine and its myriad of manifestations across cultures. These are examples of widespread stereotypes and misconceptions that One Truth, Many Paths challenges. On the other hand, what do the different notions of the Divine that have evolved over time reveal to us? And, why are there so many different perceptions of Jesus Christ by people who all call themselves Christians? One Truth, Many Paths also addresses such questions.

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One Truth, Many Paths weaves all this and much more into a cross-cultural tapestry of the human quest for Spirit. It was in this spirit that the 19th-century American pragmatist philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce said:. The opinion which is fated to be ultimately agreed to by all who investigate, is what we mean by the truth, and the object represented in this opinion is the real.

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Although this approach may seem appealingly hard-headed, it has prompted worries about how a society, or humanity as a whole, could know at a given moment whether it is following the path toward such an ideal. In practice it has opened the door to varying degrees of skepticism about the notion of truth. In the late 20th century philosophers such as Richard Rorty advocated retiring the notion of truth in favour of a more open-minded and open-ended process of indefinite adjustment of beliefs.

Such a process, it was felt, would have its own utility, even though it lacked any final or absolute endpoint. The rise of formal logic the abstract study of assertions and deductive arguments and the growth of interest in formal systems formal or mathematical languages among many Anglo-American philosophers in the early 20th century led to new attempts to define truth in logically or scientifically acceptable terms. It also led to a renewed respect for the ancient liar paradox attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Epimenides , in which a sentence says of itself that it is false, thereby apparently being true if it is false and false if it is true.

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Logicians set themselves the task of developing systems of mathematical reasoning that would be free of the kinds of self-reference that give rise to paradoxes such as that of the liar. However, this proved difficult to do without at the same time making some legitimate proof procedures impossible.

"Many Paths, One Truth"

These efforts culminated in the work of the Polish-born logician Alfred Tarski , who in the s showed how to construct a definition of truth for a formal or mathematical language by means of a theory that would assign truth conditions the conditions in which a given sentence is true to each sentence in the language without making use of any semantic terms, notably including truth, in that language.

A T-sentence says of some sentence S in the object language the language for which truth is being defined that S is true if and only if…, where the ellipsis is replaced by a translation of S into the language used to construct the theory the metalanguage.

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But the weight of philosophical opinion gradually shifted, and eventually this platitudinous appearance was regarded as a virtue and indeed as indicative of the whole truth about truth. Truth philosophy and logic. Written By: Simon W. See Article History. Read More on This Topic. The previous discussion concentrated on only one of the controversies that surround scientific realism, the debate about whether talk of….

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