Manual Without A Blindfold

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  • Murder: Social and Historical Approaches to Understanding Murder and Murderers (Crime and Society Series);
  • Justice, without the blindfold.

With collaborators Mateik and media historian Amy Herzog in attendance, our backyard will be open for drinks and conversation during this special evening. In his videos, performances, and assemblage, Mateik cast himself as myriad theoretical and cultural transvestites from media culture, competitive sport, and weird science. This practice includes regular participation in a collaborative process that fosters transfeminism, an inclusive feminism that integrates the lived experience of genderqueer people and extends important feminist concerns beyond the limits of rigidly defined gender.

Ruth Aldine (Earth-616)

His videos are distributed by the Video Data Bank. Support UnionDocs! Make a tax-deductible donation or become a member today. Free access to public events, plus discounts on guest tickets, workshops, the UNDO Shop, and space rentals!

On a cliff's edge, blindfolded

An immersive performance based on an unforgettable amateur audio recording made over 60 years ago. Skip to content.

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  6. The question is ambiguous. Does it mean the country that cons us the most, or the country that most cons itself? If the question deludes us, then surely the answer must elude us.

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    5. Andrew Lacey, Mold, UK. Certainly not, that is why there are so many self-storage units in my town.


      Johannes Kolnes, Tysvaer, Norway. What is worse: being old or never getting old? Simon Matoori, Zurich, Switzerland.

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      Why is it that sneezers get blessed so much? Send answers to weekly.

      'My sleepless nights over Sandra Bullock's blindfold' - BBC News

      Where can one find blind justice? Jennifer Rathbone, Toronto, Canada Be sure to use earth tones Is there such a thing as an eco-friendly labour-saving device? A walk in the park. A bicycle. Which of the major world powers is the most delusional?