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The Reluctant Saint The Life of St. Joseph of Cupertino Part 4 of 4

This title might make some of us uncomfortable. After all, we consider saints perfect people or almost perfect people who have lived lives of unselfish servanthood marked by unwavering faith.

The Unlikely Holiness of the White-Collar Saint

When we think of saints, we typically think of people—like Mother Theresa or St. But sainthood is also present in everyday, ordinary actions. Even though you may not like to think of yourself as a saint, did you know Jesus thinks of you that way? Saints are ordinary folks like you and me. Certainly, sainthood is evident in huge, grand gestures.

Actions and Detail Panel

I could go on—the list is practically endless. Luther tells us these saints are the church—ordinary people called by Jesus Christ, who live out that calling today. She opposed World War II, dodged a bullet while advocating integration in the South, and was arrested several times for her social activism. Day would come to later deeply regret her abortion and ultimately converted to Catholicism as a result of her second pregnancy. McCarrick, according to the CNA report.

Oscar Arnulfo Romero: A Most Unlikely Saint

Click here and here to read the full reports from the Catholic News Agency. Tagged as: catholicism , Dorothy Day , saints.

Ruth: an Unlikely Saint

Stephen Beale is a freelance writer based in Providence, Rhode Island. Raised as an evangelical Protestant, he is a convert to Catholicism. He is a former news editor at GoLocalProv. A native of Topsfield, Massachusetts, he graduated from Brown University in with a degree in classics and history.

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New Releases. An Unlikely Saint. Description Willis Cameron needs a fresh start.

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Estranged from his overly-controlling father and heart-broken over the loss of his first love, Willis decides to take a job in Ghana West Africa as an education specialist for a Canadian government project. Once in Ghana, Willis meets Esther Ferguson and finds himself strangely attracted to this missionary nurse, who challenges his agnosticism and reawakens his interest in romance. Sparks fly between them as Esther's faith conflicts with the scientific rationalism of Willis.

9. Saint Mary of Egypt

But Esther is engaged to be married to a doctor back in Canada. As Willis struggles to find purpose and meaning in his life, Esther grows confused by her increasing regard for Willis. Is her commitment to her fianc faltering?