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So I "get back" at someone--big deal. It hasn't made me a better person, and it hasn't improved my relationship with the world; in fact, I've harmed the world by adding to the discord and anger of the world, rather than adding to the harmony and peace of the world. Every action we commit adds to one or the other, and I don't want to be adding any more harm or anger--there's enough of that as there is. If you really need to take revenge on someone, then by all means, do so--nobody's going to be able to convince you that it's wrong to do so.

But please consider the alternative that will help you to grow as a human being and will help you to have greater peace of mind and a stronger presence in the moment.

The Journey of Revenge (better than extended version)

Forgiveness is much stronger than revenge, in all possible ways. Sometimes it's for small things like being cut off for a parking space, sometimes for big things like losing a job or being rejected through divorce. It's okay to fantasize about throwing paint on people, running over them with a car, mailing them dog poop, or confronting them in public. But it's not okay to do it. There's a big gap between fantasizing, which feels good, and actually carrying out the revenge.

It's the difference between people who are in control of their lives and people who are not. The best revenge is, of course, a good life. Enjoy yourself, be happy, be successful. It'll drive them crazy--or you can imagine it does.

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Why You’ll Dig Two Graves If You Seek Revenge

Italian proverb. Revenge, at first thought sweet, bitter ere long back on itself recoils. Revenge is ever the pleasure of a paltry spirit. A man that studieth revenge keepeth his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal and do well. And how must he feel to have had his furious, expletive-laden texts to his father also made public? But to choose the kind of route Vicky Pryce took will ruin you as much as it will ruin the person you want to hurt. No matter how shabbily our clients have been treated by their partners, we always counsel against any kind of vengeful behaviour. That is because even the most amicable divorce is a traumatic process from which it can take a long while to recover emotionally.

Resolve to be stronger, more independent and more secure in your own skin. And that is the sweetest revenge. Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. Tuesday, March 12, Kenneth 10 books view quotes. Mar 27, AM. Lisa books view quotes. Mar 26, PM. Jimeet 34 books view quotes.

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Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves

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