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The Board of Directors and staff encourage all members to attend. The 29th is also the first day of musher sign-ups ….

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The …. Dogs should never be tethered …. Call They are the front cover and back cover of an incredibly interesting story book. The adventures recorded by all of the mushers of Iditarod XLVII that are the pages between the covers could not have been imagined or predicted. One of ….

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Three Bethel mushers finished the race this year, Peter Kaiser who won the race, Jessica Klejka who finished in 31st place, and Victoria Hardwick who finished in 39th place and won the red lantern award. Iditarod is drawing to a close in Nome.

Nome embraces the race in a big way. Back then, the Star Conqueror were merely predatory beasts who would roam the cosmos enslaving whole species for the purpose of building nests to nurture and ingratiate their next queen, giving birth to a whole new Mother Star as the old ones would eventually pass on from old age.

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They would work the Hatorie to death as the years rolled by but in doing so, they tainted the natural hive mind the native species used to maintain they're way of life. All of the collective bile, fear and resentment at their imprisonment would circulate around and between the last surviving members of the enslaved race.

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The last of whom being the younger brother of one whose final act of defiance would transfer their madness into the Starro's future master. Science City was the site of one of the first attacks by the alien menace known as Starro the Conqueror.

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Starro sent one of his transformed agents to secure the Hall of Science building, and absorb the scientific knowledge of its residents. In a possible future setting, a Starro took control of time traveler Rip Hunter and used him to send his spores backwards in time to Avignon, France in From there, he was able to retroactively take control of the entire world. The point is, every time a highly advanced alien race hits Earth looking to conquer it and make it a part of their empire-- you have this small group of so-called superheroes who fight them off.

But nobody ever stops to think how, in the big picture, they just chased away the next great wave of innovation and enterprise.

New Earth (IRE)

How that alien tech might have cured diseases and ended poverty for billions in the long run. Contents [ show ].

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