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Singlefile Wines in the Great Southern, Western Australia approached Mastermind Consulting to assist with the launch of a premium wine club.

Doing More With Less

The club structure was strategically executed, ensuring the three different wine club tiers each had a uniq [ T'Gallant Wines commissioned Mastermind Consulting for assistance with establishing a presence on Instagram and Facebook. Mastermind implemented a social media strategy which began with identifying key audiences and establishing content pillars to [ Canada Bay Club approached Mastermind Consulting to assist with a digital marketing strategy. This taught me to remove the emotion from a business situation and observe it as puzzle with many pieces.

What makes you think you have the answers?

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The key value of a consultant and a great leader, he said, was not to have the right answers. You needed to have the right questions. Having this pounded into my head for three years forever changed the way I looked at business and leadership.

How Experts Write Case Studies That Convert, Not Bore

In a traditional consulting model, the client is a bystander. Drucker taught me that the client is the true expert and will have the answer, with my guidance. This was one of Dr. One value of being an outside consultant is being able to innocently question conventional wisdom. The scenario where I find this most valuable is when it comes to assumptions about customers and what they value.

5 tips for creating compelling case studies of consulting projects

Markets and customers are being profoundly impacted by technology. Marketing plans rarely last more than a year any more. Drucker taught me the power in ignorance. Ignorance is the most powerful element in helping a customer solve problems. One time I was helping a pharma company with a sales problem. They had done a tremendous amount of research to find out what would increase sales with doctors and had created a data-based strategy. But the more money they put into the execution of strategy, the more their sales declined!

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Campus events Seminars Business Courses Workshops. Consulting Industry. If you want to create a good case study that gets read and gets results, keep these five tips in mind: Create the right story : Ultimately a case study is a story about solving a problem. Detail the challenge that the client faced, the solution to that challenge and the benefits that were gained.

Your project approach here is your differentiator.

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Consider which success stories will be most appealing to the type of clients you are trying to attract, and which ones will ultimately support your business goals — such as breaking into new markets. Make it easy on the eye and easy to read : Format your case study with clear headlines, subheads, bullets and bold and italicised text.

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Think about incorporating strong and reinforcing infographics to demonstrate success, not just text. Consider different formats, such as video or podcasts in the bid to create ever more exciting stories.

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  4. Brevity is the soul of …clarity : Case studies should be concise and ideally under 1, words unless they are very technically specific. You can always link your case study to other supporting documents online, so you do not need to be salesy.