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Boyd, Sherman G. Strong, A. Schoen, A. Sehoen and John Vincent. The building is of brick with Bedford stone trimmings. The auditorium, with its balcony, will seat about The church has a membership of The Rev. George W.

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McDonald, pastor of the church, is a graduate of the T Garrett Biblical institute. He is at pres- ent a senior in DePauw university and has been preaching at the Woodside church for two years and a half. Sopranos—Martha G. Miss Ellen Thompson, pianist and j accompanist; Howard J. Barnum, violinist; Robert G. McCutchan, con-1 doctor. Program for the Choir. Andante from Concerto in E minor Mr.

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Air for the G String Bach Mr. McCutchan and the Choir. Poatluda Selected Miss Thompson. Embroidery Club lo Meet. Kate Foster on Wednesday afternoon, January th. This will be the first Meeting for the new year and all are urged to be present. In two parts. Judge Ben S. He was well pleased with the class of fowls on exhibition and spoke of several of the displays of poultry in highly complimentary terms.

The specimens of the poultry bred and raised in this county are of a high class variety and it is easy to understand that the owners of the chickens have spent much time in breeding and raising the best blooded fowls. The fowls are owned by M. S Miller of this city and are of a species that is seldom seen in this vicinity. The fowls have large and gaudy plumage on the top of their heads and make a very attractive appearance. The plumage of the birds is black and white and the crest of the rooster is several inches in length.

The eyes of the bird are entirely covered by the plumage on the top of their. The poultry will not be removed from the room until Saturday night and the spectators will be able to see all the exhibits before the show room is closed. Many tickets have been sold and large crowds are expected to attend the show Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Interest has increased in the proinotion of the hound show and many fox dogs arc expected to he entered in the exhibit- Friday and Saturday.

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Fox hunters of this city and of practically all of the small towns of Putnam county have signified their intention of entering dogs in the show. Allen Parker will award the premiums at the hound show. He is an experienced fox hunter and is known as an excellent judge of dogs. The following awards were made by Judge Myers at he poultry exhibit: Barred Rocks. First hen, Albert Harlan; second hen, Albert Harlan.

First pullet, Albert Harlan; second. First pullet, J. Hunter; second pullet, J. White Wyandottes. First cock, C.

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Binkley; first cockeral, C. Binkley; second cockeral, Lawrence Athey; third cockeral, C. First hen, C. A, Binkley; second hen, C. Binkley; fourth hen, Lawrence Athey. First pullet, C. Binkley; second pullet, C. Binkley; third pullet, C. Binkley; fourth pullet, C. Binkley; second pen, C.

Uniontown Hill Climb Program 1915: Third Annual Summit Mountain Hill Climb

Binkley; third pen, Lawrence Athey. White Orpingtons. First cockeral. Will Shame ; first hen, Will Shamel; second hen. Will Samel; first pullet. Will Shamel; sec-. Binkley; first pullet, C. Binkley; seer. Buff Orpingtons. Altogether the prospects are such that even the most doubting Thomas cannot refrain from entertaining the most sanguine opinion as to the future of the auto racing game.

Announcement has been made of a change in the date for the series of revival services to he conducted here by the Kerr Brothers, famous evangelists of Detroit, Michigan. The meetings will be held under the auspices of the Locust Street Methodist church on February 28 to March 14 instead of from March 28 to April The Kerr Brothers began a series of. Rhode island Reds Single Comb.

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First cock, R. Brattain of New Ross; second cock, R. Brattain; third cock, R. Brattain; fourth cock,. First cockeral, R. Brattain; second cockeral, Herbert Smith of Greencastle; third cockeral, R. Brattain; j fourth cockeral, F. First Hen, R. Brattain; second hen, F. Breedlove; third hen, R. Brattnin;'fourth hen, R. Brattain; First pullet, R. Brattain; second pullet, F.

Breedlove; third pullet, F. Breedlove; fourth pullet, F. Peduzzi was instrumental in providing the team a location to build the car and would have provided a selection of equipment to machine and tool the parts necessary to build parts from scratch. And finally, Steve Ference, a friend and neighbor of the Mikan family.

Ference was living on Seventh Street in Trafford and would have been drawn to the activity of the Mikan garage. Ference himself was a skilled mechanic then employed by a Chrysler Plymouth dealership in Pittsburgh. The team started with an eight cylinder Studebaker motor, cubic inch displacement, front wheel drive that would sit on a Duesenberg axle. The body and equipment were constructed from products of the Allegheny Steel Company, and so they called their car the Allegheny Metal Special.

They worked through the winter constructing the various parts for the car. Three months before Cy Mikan would make his first attempt at qualifying for the Indianapolis race, his father Ivan Mikan Sr. In May , the men headed out to Indianapolis to enter the qualifying race. An average speed of at least MPH was needed in the 10 mile qualifier. Unfortunately, this was not going to be the year for the Allegheny Metal Special and the team returned to Pennsylvania. Undeterred, the team worked on their car in the off season and made another attempt using the Allegheny Metal Special in The entrants numbered 63, but unfortunately, in the qualifying race, Gardner wrecked the Special and the team failed to qualify.

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Gardner blamed it on the machine. Gardner would leave the Mikan-Carson team and would not make another attempt together. The Mikan-Carson team now needed a new plan. They would team with the Cresco Oil Company to build a new car and find a new driver. Mackenzie was a bit of a showman and at one time vowed that he would not shave his beard until he finished tenth or better in the Indianapolis This new team found success and managed to qualify to run in the 22 nd Annual Indianapolis On May 30, , the Cresco Special lined up in the ninth row 9 of The Mikan-Carson team placed 29 out of 33 that race day.

Mackenzie would not return to the team for the season. Instead, Mackenzie raced for a new team, and in place 9 th overall. Mackenzie would then take 3 rd place in the season at Indianapolis. Unfortunately, George "Doc" Mackenzie would lose his life at the age of 30 while running a race in Milwaukee later that year.

In , the Mikan-Carson team would put a new driver behind the wheel of the Cresco Special. Insinger gave the Mikan-Carson team their best showing to date, finishing the race in 14 th place overall.

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While the first 12 cars ran all laps, Insinger was able to complete at least laps. Unfortunately, this joy would be short lived. Harris Insinger was killed in a crash just four months later while competing in a race at the Oakland Speedway in California. In , Pittsburgh suffered the worst flood in its history when flood levels peaked at 46 feet. Reynold Peduzzi was one of the central figures in keeping KDKA on the air after the electric power failed.

The Westinghouse Company tasked him with connecting a gasoline engine to a generator to create current for the failing batteries. National Guardsmen escorted Peduzzi through the flood stricken areas of Pittsburgh to ensure he was able to complete his work. Is it possible that the devastating damage to the city, coupled with the loss of life to the drivers close to this group of men caused the racing team to change course?

The Mikan-Carson would not return a car to Indianapolis. Cy Mikan spent his remaining time in Trafford focused on raising his family and building a successful automobile business. He passed away in at the age of His young apprentice, Jack Carson, finished school and headed to work on the Panama Canal lock expansion project as an engineer. Jack Carson died in Huston, Texas in at the age of Click picture below to watch film of the Indy Website Sponsor.