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Watch the video, it's good in explaining etc.

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Better then me lol. In simple means I say, it's two forces that wants different things, and it always results in conflict. Bloodborne Wiki. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. So Numb by Sannhet. Proggy, epic stoner metal with more than a touch of the fantastical in its winding melodies. Explore music.

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Matthew Arnold go to album. On Bandcamp Radio. Those who took the yharnam old blood and held off the beast, became beast hunters. Those who swore the vileblood oath and recieved blood fom queen analise became vilebloods. I mean, that much I understand. But I feel like it's a bigger deal that the old blood can be altered in such a way that isn't sort of relevant to the ongoing story. A lot of it is just kinda speculation. Personally, i believe that you never find the source of the 'vile blood' in the chalice dungeon because it was destroyed by the tomb prospectors, although, not entirely.

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They did bring a vial to the surface for furthur experimentation at byrgenworth. It was at this point that a cainhurst noble, preparing to be a scholar at byrgenworth saw an oppurtunity to rival yharnams blood ministration by means of ascertaining his own portion of old blood.

He left byrgenworth in secret, and returned to castle cainhurst with a present for his queen. The old blood was transfused into queen analise wherin she became the first vileblood, giving transfusions to her knights, and her bloody crows. But the 'vile blood' inside her gave her visions of ascension.

Cainhurst Vilebloods Details

She would need to birth a child. A child of blood. This desire to birth what i can only assume tl be a great one or kin of the cosmos led to the vilebloods outings to kill citizens of yharnam and returning blood dregs togheir queen. I always assume the "he" because the Japanese translation is non gendered was either the Crow of Cainhurst or Lady Maria. We know that this "stealing" of tainted blood was done before the church came into power.

Queen of the Vilebloods Info Guide

Maria is described as one of the first hunters under Gehrman, who started the "program" before Laurence left to found the church. Her hunter clothes even say they were made in Cainhurst. To me that implies they were made for her.

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  • I think she was assigned to go to Yharnam as part of a infiltration mission on behalf of the queen.