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Their master plan is in motion. Pray for the light. Minds are clouded. I repeat: it is a ruse. Wake up America or you will suffer much. Russia reality check: Only 10 years after the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 45 of the 89 regions of the Russian federation are now in the hands of Communist Party governors. With shrugs of their shoulders, Russians in the streets have increasingly come to accept communist governors as the wave of the future, just one more reflection of the economic hard times besetting the Motherland.

You run to and fro, crying peace, or love, or brotherhood! There shall be no peace, or love, or brotherhood without Faith and Tradition and truth! And you seek to separate Faith from Tradition. And what have you but lukewarm souls and apostates! In the country on the waters of England there will be a plague. Far worse plague that AIDS: "You have your chance now, as My Mother pleads for your cause, to stop what you are doing now, that displeases the Eternal Father; or you shall be sent, within the next year, a far worse plague upon mankind, if the great Chastisement hasn't already overcome you.

Can I not say that you were not warned of this, My children? I tell you this now, there will come within a short time a greater plague. He said that people should stop eating beef and that the newspapers should start warning people of the possibility of infection. In , BSE infected cows were reported in Britain. By the summer of , the number had climbed to 7, By late , the figure had risen to 36, In June , the British government ordered the compulsory slaughter and destruction of the carcasses of all affected cattle. But it was already too late. BSE infection had already flooded into the meat supply and infected many unsuspecting British citizens.

Mad cow disease: 'Proud UK' can't admit it is poisoning the world: John Collinge of St Mary's Hospital in London says that although the number of cases of the new form of the disease believed to be caused by infected beef has not risen as quickly as some people feared, a major epidemic could still occur. Has mad cow disease already spread throughout the world? New fears have emerged that mad cow disease and its human form, New Variant CJD, could have spread across the world. False idols and gods: "There are secret societies now upon earth.

They are all under the direction of satan. I command you as the Eternal Father commands you, and the Spirit of Light, I command you as your God that you shall not worship false idols and gods, such as gods of nature. I command you as your God to rid those who create the evil and the destruction of souls, to rid them from My House, My Church.

All that is rotten will fall.

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Parish allows nature worship in church: A religious workshop led to a confrontation this week at a [San Antonio] West Side parish when members reacted to symbolic icons placed at the front of their sanctuary. At one point, the five-day workshop at St. Dominic's Catholic Church, called "Nurturing and Creativity," was described as promoting nature worship. They will do this without heart or conscience. This has not been done, My children. Russia tests new missile: Russia has conducted a test of a long-range missile with a new jet-powered last stage designed to defeat U.

Three Secrets of Fátima

And I see Israel, and countries about it; they're all aflame When he left the Eternal Father he turned to satan, and this is his reward. Iraq military units have been infiltrating neighboring Jordan for the past 10 days, according to the report. The old machinery is still there, operating on more advanced principles, using new and improved disinformation.

And who are the false prophets but those who deny the Divinity of My Son. And who are the false prophets but those who promote the worship of false idols. Astrology is a creation of satan. Astrology is a false science. No man shall accept astrology and be classified as a believer. These same teenagers are now adults starting families, businesses, entering politics, making financial and economic decisions. Richard W. This ban on donating blood is for the duration of their life!

Seeking to create life: "You wander about now in your earth, man of science, seeking to reach the gates of the eternal Kingdom. Man of science, in his arrogance, seeking to create life. I say unto you: no man shall take the power of creation into his hands, for he will destroy himself. The Israeli army said yesterday July 20 that it plans to open overseas recruiting stations, an announcement bound to encourage predictions of an all-out war with the Palestinians.

The CIA believes Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has decided to launch a retaliatory full-scale attack on Palestinian-controlled territory if there is another suicide bombing attack, several former Agency and other U. Some intelligence sources said they expected the Israeli attack probably within a matter of days According to these sources, Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat was already engaged in talks with Syria about relocating Palestinian leaders to that country.

You permit untold evil to ravage My House.

How long do you think I will permit you to mislead and destroy the souls entrusted to you? I want an end to the experimentation in My House. I want an end to novelty. And he's reaching up now. The candle has a light on it; it looks like he's about to touch the wick on the bomb.

It looks like a bomb, but it looks like the world with a wick sticking out of it. Any time China decides to unleash the dogs of war they need only begin an attack on the anti-communist island fortress of Taiwan. As everyone knows, President Bush has promised to defend that island; and now the Russians have promised to make war on the United States in the event of that defense. Do we ever learn from history, or are we doomed to replay this broken record until the country hung out on a meat-hook is our own?

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They are traveling in transports. Do not be won over to a false theory of life beyond the heavens, other than the Kingdom of God. Know that it is satan who sends these vehicles before you. They are to confuse and confound you. These objects that take flight across your earth are from hell. They are only the false miracles of your times. They are present in your atmosphere, and they will become more dominant as the fight goes on for the souls. But Tarrant and other police officials are at a loss to explain just what it was hovering in their skies.

Anyone who does not understand this, who does not see the Russian-Chinese alliance for what it is, must be listed as a fool. It must be said, in this regard, that we are overrun with fools. July 16 - Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel: "I promise you all, when you wear My Brown Scapular, you shall not be condemned to hell. They said such countries as Iraq, Iran and Syria might launch chemical and biological weapons attacks in any confrontation with Israel. Where is it leading? Satanic human sacrifice - Grisly find in Braintree, MA: Police seize body parts and evidence of satanic worship in apartment.

More reported cures and conversions granted through Our Lady of the Roses: "Many miracles, cures, and conversions shall be given in the name of the Eternal Father for the promotion of the mission upon earth. To spread the news of Our Lady of the Roses Shrine: Want your cure, conversion or testimony of graces received to go worldwide for Our Lady of the Roses? Submit here! In an interview with the London-based Arabic daily Asharq al-Awsat published Wednesday, Omran was quoted as saying that Syria would choose the appropriate time and means to retaliate.

Such a standoff could dwarf the Israeli-Palestinian conflict waged since last September. Promote the First Saturdays devotion: "See, My daughter, My heart surrounded by thorns which ungrateful men pierce at every moment by their blasphemies and ingratitude The beads of prayer you will tell for three hours on the eve of all Feast Days.

Everyone has their bin Laden. It enrages me when I see my friends from the [Labor] party, including the young generation, going to Gaza to greet Yasser Arafat. After all, he is an arch-liar, an arch-murderer. The petition names 46 Democrats and five Republicans, including Sens. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. Gray Davis, D-Calif. Tom Ridge, R-Pa. This is a sacrilege of the most foulest manner in the eyes of the Eternal Father, and shall be punishable by death.

My children, more young souls sent upon earth by the Eternal Father have been destroyed in the past years - since the passing of lax laws by your government, more young souls have been destroyed than in many World Wars. The Queen of Heaven set Herself to warn you of the penance that would be given to you if you committed murder - the murder of the unborn in abortion. God-fearing leaders: "For that one reason among many, the United States will suffer unless there is placed into your government a group that fears the Lord if they cannot love the Lord.

They will fear Him and find measures to stop the slaughter of the unborn. An Israeli government statement said the air raid was in retaliation for a rocket attack by Hezbollah guerrillas two days ago in which two Israeli soldiers were wounded. Witnesses said the planes fired two missiles at a radar site south of Baalbek , in the strategic Bekaa Valley, where Syria has positioned a large concentration of the 30, troops it deploys in Lebanon. A cabinet statement released Sunday said that the attack was in response to ongoing Hezbollah actions against Israeli forces.

An IDF spokesman said the system identified the launch of a Syrian Scud missile in the Haled region and tracked its journey until its point of impact km to the south in the Syrian desert. They said some of the Israelis were recruited when they traveled to Syria over the last year. There will be no freedom nor independence for Lebanon until Syria packs its bags and goes. And there will be no withdrawal by Syria without far more pressure internationally on Bashar Assad.

They are the first step to freedom and eternal life. The Decalogue is like a compass in a stormy sea which enables us to keep on course and reach land. This is why today I wish to present the commandments of the Decalogue to you anew, young people of Ukraine, in a symbolic way, so that they will be your 'compass', the solid point of reference for building your present and your future. The Commandments of the Eternal Father will not be changed to suit the basic carnal nature of human mankind. I don't know if they're Moslems. They have a different-colored skin, but they're not exactly black.

Now they are walking through a building, and they're carrying with them, now, bags; but the bags are extra large, which makes it most suspicious. Jesus - "In those bags they are carrying all the implements of destruction.

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I can see now; they're pointing across the street, and I recognize the Empire State Building. Oh, no! Jesus - My child, they will choose the Empire State Building to bring more notoriety to the world. Major terrorist attack against U. I don't believe it's in the United States, because these people look like they're Egyptians, and Arabs, and dark-skinned people. I'm looking up, and the sky's becoming very lighted.

And I am seeing thousands and thousands of people marching.

5 Surprising revelations of the third secret of Fatima

But they look like Chinese, or Mongolian. They're marching across the land, and they're boarding some kind of transport. They're going onto the water. Oh, it's a great War. With newly acquired helicopters purchased from Russia and Chinese-made cluster bombs that kill and maim with thousands of tiny arrows, Khartoum in recent weeks has launched an all-out offensive against Christian strongholds. New evidence brought out of the Sudan by returning U.

It will last 13 days, ending June Algeria, Africa: June 14 Police and protestors have clashed in the Algerian capital during a march that drew hundreds of thousands of anti-government demonstrators onto the streets. Journalists estimated that up to one million people may have taken part.

More than , people have been killed since the start of the insurgency in The unrest has prompted the United States and the European Union to urge the North African country's military-dominated authorities to act quickly to end the two-month-old unrest. The righteous man shall be met with much scorn and persecution.

Many prayers, many acts of atonement will be needed or your new leader will be removed from among you. I told ya! I mean the Holy See cannot afford to make prophecies, because. Real Third Secret: scary it is! It is a simple explanation. It could not be fully revealed because of the drastic nature of My message.

How I warned and warned that satan would enter into the highest realms of the hierarchy in Rome. The Third Secret Explained. Our Lady told you several years ago that there would be great floods, and there were great floods; that there would be a great heat, and that will come soon; and after that there will be a great plague. Now Jesus is pointing over towards Cuba.

I see a whole map of the United States, and Jesus is pointing to Cuba. Jesus - "One offender! China shipping arms to Cuba: China is shipping arms and explosives to Cuba in a sign of increased military cooperation between Beijing and Havana, The Washington Times has learned.

Were it not for the prayers of many, many would fall fast into the abyss of eternal damnation. I tremor for what you are asking as a just punishment for your actions! The Father chastises those He loves. Your world will be bathed with blood. Shall you accept the Blood of the Lamb, or shall you receive the sword? The choice is yours.

Abortion: "Sorrowfully, the penance that is to come upon the world for the murders of the unborn shall be a chastisement far greater in severity than man has ever witnessed in the past nor ever shall pass through again. Your world is plunging into a deep chasm of suffering and destruction. Saudi Arabia lashes out at Israel: In one of his most powerful attacks on Israel, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah said Wednesday that Arabs would avenge every drop of Palestinian blood spilled in the uprising against occupation.

The Saudi ambassador in Damascus, Bakr Abdullah ibn Bakr, said that in talks with Assad, his country would strongly back the Arab cause against Israel. Abdullah told German magazine Der Spiegel that the region is "sitting on a powder keg" that could "explode at any time". He added that such a war "would not only affect Israelis and Arabs but many parts of the world" but did not elaborate any further.

Invasion of the U. Already there are plans afoot, and in the making, with missiles and all dire instruments of destruction. These plans are being formulated from Nicaragua, to go into Mexico, and thereupon into the United States. Syrians rally in thousands to continue conflict: Thousands of Syrians rallied in downtown Damascus on Tuesday to call for the Palestinian Intifada to continue as international pressure mounted on Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat to halt the uprising. Egyptian newspaper advertises call for more suicide bombers: Amru Nasif, a columnist for the Egyptian opposition weekly Al-Usbu', calls for martyrdom operations to defeat Israel and volunteers to join the ranks of martyrs.

Although we do have a complaint against him for his revenge on them was not enough. It is a prayer that as you pray you will be surrounded by an aura of peace and holiness. You will find yourself coming closer to the Eternal Father in spirit. It will be the banner for all children of God who remain in the light.

Morocco has ceased all contact with Israel: Morocco's minister of foreign affairs and cooperation, Mohamed Benaissa, said Saturday no Israeli official has visited Morocco since Rabat decided to close down the Israeli liaison office in the kingdom. A sculpture of a concrete pig's head atop the body of the Virgin Mary was beheaded by angry Christians. Communism dead? Send them this letter by WorldNetDaily columnist J. It was a champagne glass given to him by a now deceased member of the clergy and the Secretariat of the State [Cardinal Villot].

A Hizbollah guerrilla commander in new battle dress and steel helmet said all the urban centres in "Northern Palestine" were "sitting ducks".

Three Secrets of Fátima - Wikipedia

There are fears that Haifa, Israel's third largest city, will become a target. My Son ascended in full view. His loved ones were not asleep. The great Apostles of Jesus did not fall asleep. They were wide and fully awake when they watched Jesus ascend into Heaven. Your world cries peace, peace, love, when there is no peace; love, when the meaning of love is no longer known. From the moment he inked the Oslo Accord, he has proved he never intended to make peace with the Israelis. We give to each parent the trust of this fragile flower, the child.

Top generals in Israel said a war with Syria is possible. These visions contradict the disputed June 26, document. The resistance will continue The real Third Secret: "I say this evening, as your God, that on that date [] , as promised at Fatima, satan entered My Church upon earth. At Fatima, My Mother tried to warn of this coming event, but who cared to listen? Did he have pride when he brought this knowledge to you? He asked for help. And what did you do? You turned away and widened the door for satan to enter!

And there are many Judases about him who parade themselves as angels of light, but they have ravenous hearts of wolves. In disobedience they have used their rank to destroy from within. It was not in vain that Our Vicar cried out to you, 'There must be cracks within, for the smoke of satan has seeped in. Russia converted? You did not listen: "Yes, My words were given in the same vein many earth-years ago, and they, too, were not heeded. Did you act upon them? You hid it away from the world. Look, are you claiming that the prophecy of Fatima is about the apostasy of the Church of Rome?

That Fatima is a prediction of Rome's transformation into the throne of the Antichrist? Anyone can write books based on conspiracy theories, on biased interpretations. Anybody can take sentences out of context and present them as clues to some supposed plot to avoid divulging the truth and to transmit it in a code that only the initiates can understand.

No, the whole theory you allude to is a fabrication. And this supposedly factual account is actually the sort of device the Masons used to invent to discredit the Church. I'm surprised that journalists and writers who claim to be Catholic let themselves be taken in. At another point in the interview, De Carli mentions that Cardinal Ottaviani had once stated that the Third Secret was written on a single sheet of paper. Describing these observations as "feeble bits of evidence that neither prove nor disprove anything", De Carli asks Cardinal Bertone about the possibility of there being two texts, where the "first document" contains the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the other contains the description of the vision published by the Vatican.

Bertone answers in part "There is no first document. There never was any such text in the archives of the Holy Office. Later on in the interview, Bertone again addresses the question as to whether a text exists with words attributed to the Blessed Virgin that was censored: "The part of the text where the Virgin speaks in the first person wasn't censored, for the simple reason that it never existed. I'm basing my statement on Sister Lucia's own direct confirmation that the Third Secret is none other than the text that was published in the year In early September , archbishop Loris Francesco Capovilla , private secretary to Pope John XXIII, who witnessed Pope John open the envelope of the third secret, said there was no truth in the rumor that the Vatican was suppressing a vision of the end of the world.

The text which I read in is the same that was distributed by the Vatican. It just isn't true.

I read it, I presented it to the Pope and we resealed the envelope. They stated that they wished to participate in the question and answer part of the reception.

Third Secret of Fatima and Corruption in the Catholic Church w Dr Taylor Marshall & Timothy Gordon

When told that the cardinal would not be taking questions, they then tried to confront Bertone, who is the Vatican Secretary of State. Security guards hustled them. In talking to reporters afterwards, Socci and Paolini produced a tape recording in which they claimed Archbishop Loris Francesco Capovilla , revealed that there were two texts of the Third Secret, [44] although Capovilla had stated otherwise less than two weeks before. Michael Cuneo notes "Secret messages, apocalyptic countdowns, cloak-and-dagger intrigue within the highest echelons of the Vatican: not even Hollywood could ask for better material than this".

Bennett takes note of how, starting in the s, the image of Our Lady of Fatima developed into a rallying point for anti-communism, an idea that spread far beyond the Iberian peninsula. Therefore, it is possible to conceive of a vibrant cultus where the strength of the devotion, shrine, or pilgrimage, can outweigh uncertainties regarding its origin. According to Maunder, Fatima demonstrates not only how seriously Catholics took "the revelations of an enclosed nun remembering visions she had experienced at the age of ten, but also show how difficult it is for the hierarchy to manage a movement of popular piety, despite critics claims of manipulation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. People by era or century. Desert Fathers. Contemporary papal views. Aspects of meditation Orationis Formas , See also: Pontevedra apparitions.

University of Virginia Press. Oxford University Press. Looking for a Miracle , pg. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Retrieved 14 January But some seven thousand kilometres to the east, the Second World War was already well under way. The New York Times. Archived from the original PDF on 31 January There is no doubt the prediction of a greater war was accurate. Was Mary wrong? In fact, a case can be made that the War was set in motion long before September 1, Hitler invaded the Saarland in , Austria in , Sudetenland in and the rest of Czechoslovakia in March Poland was carved up in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of In her city Elizabeth built hostels for the poor, a hospital, a house for repentant wayward women, a free school for girls, and a hospice for abandoned children.

She built bridges in dangerous places, visited and procured doctors for the ill, and endowed poor girls for the convent or for marriage. A great devotee of the Immaculate Conception of Mary Most Holy centuries before the dogma was declared; she obtained from the bishop of Coimbra the establishment of the feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, which was afterwards observed with great solemnity throughout the whole country.

A constant peacemaker, the holy queen ironed out many a conflict between bellicose rulers and nobles. Twice she reconciled her husband and son, on one occasion, even interposing her person between them in the battlefield. In the end, Dinis died a most repentant man. The saintly queen died at age sixty-five invoking Our Lady, and was canonized in by Pope Urban VIII who had vowed not to canonize anyone during his pontificate.

He made the exception for Elizabeth at being promptly healed of a serious illness after praying to her. In twelfth century England, a group of young men had gathered and were bragging of their various feats, as young men have done since the beginning of time. The lively conversation went from archery to sword fighting to horsemanship, each trying to outdo the accomplishments of the others. Finally, the young men began to boast of some foolish love affairs. Not to be outdone by his peers, a noble youth named Thomas declared that he, too, loved a great lady, and was beloved by her.

Thomas of Canterbury meant the most holy Virgin as the object of his affection, but afterwards, he felt some remorse at having made this boast. He did not want to offend his beloved Lady in any way. Seeing all from her throne in heaven, Mary appeared to him in his trouble, and with a gracious sweetness said to him: "Thomas, what do you fear? You had reason to say that you loved me, and that you are beloved by me.

Assure your companions of this, and as a pledge of the love I bear you, show them this gift that I make you. The gift was a small box, containing a chasuble, blood-red in color. Mary, for the love she bore him, had obtained for him the grace to be a priest and a martyr, which indeed happened, for he was first made priest and afterwards Bishop of Canterbury, in England.

Many years later, he would indeed be persecuted by the king, and Thomas fled to the Cistercian monastery at Pontignac, in France. Far from kith and kin, but never far from his Lady Love, he was attempting to mend his hair-cloth shirt that he usually wore and had ripped. Not being able to do it well, his beloved queen appeared to him, and, with special kindness, took the haircloth from his hand, and repaired it as it should be done. After this, at the age of 50, he returned to Canterbury and died a martyr, having been put to death on account of his zeal for the Church.

The young men began to boast of some foolish love affairs.

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