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From November if you need to start a new Housing Benefit claim you may have to claim Universal Credit. You must tell us about a change of circumstances within one calendar month of the change taking place or you could be losing out or have to pay back any benefits you have received and are not entitled to. Here are some examples of changes you need to tell us about.

Report a change in circumstances

If there are any other changes that you think could affect your benefits please tell us anyway and we can check for you. We will tell you if you need to send us any supporting evidence:. You must provide documentary proof of the changes you have told us about immediately. The information you need to provide will depend on what has changed. Please read the information below to identify what further information we require to process your change in circumstance:.

If you are reporting a change in earnings and are paid weekly you must send us your most recent 5 wage slips; if you are paid fortnightly you must send us your most recent 3 wage slips; if you are paid monthly you must send us your most recent 2 wage slips. All wage slips must be consecutive. If you are reporting a change in self-employed earnings then you must send us your latest set of self-employed accounts.

Revised Loan Estimates and Good Faith

If you are reporting a change in any other income, you will need to provide evidence of the income that you or your partner receives, such as Child Benefit award letters, pension slips from former employer, benefit award letters, student grant or loan award letters, proof of maintenance payments. For all other investments and capital, provide certificates or other documentation.

If you make a parental contribution to a student , please provide proof of the amount you have to pay. Lenders should also attempt to collect as much information as possible from the consumer during the application stage. Remember, lender errors and oversights in disclosing fees will not justify a revised loan.

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Only fees impacted by triggering event can be re-set. For good-faith purposes, only those fees impacted by the triggering event can be re-set. The triggering events are not a license to issue a completely revised loan estimate and address other changes not affected by the event being relied upon. Courtesy or informational revised loan estimates allowed.

Absent a change in circumstance or other triggering event, lenders may issue revised loan estimates for informational purposes.

Benefits change in circumstances

Remember record retention. The TRID rule recordkeeping provisions require that documentation be maintained to support the reason for issuing a revised loan estimate to reset tolerances.

Completing a Change of Circumstance (COC) Request

Presumably, examiners will look for this supporting documentation when reviewing loan files that contain revised loan estimates. Lenders should keep records documenting the reason for revision, the original loan estimate and the revised loan estimate. This evidence of compliance should be retained for three years.

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Manage multiple revised loan estimates. Report a change of circumstances You need to report a change of circumstances for you and anyone else in your house. How to report Report a change of circumstances to your council. Print entire guide. Explore the topic Heating and housing benefits Jobseeker's Allowance and low income benefits Council housing and housing association.

Report a change in circumstances

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