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We had no railroad then; we spent days on a trip that can now be made in as many hours. That was in , and I was twenty-one; that is a charming age! Although to be up in the sixties, that is also a wonderful age! In my young days it was a much rarer event than it is now to come to Copenhagen, which we considered the town of all towns! We had talked about that journey for years before, and now it was actually coming true; it seemed as though a new life were beginning for me, and really in a way a new life did begin for me.

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It was a long journey we had ahead of us. The weather was beautiful; the birds sang, and everything was joyful; we forgot what a long and tiresome road it was to Nyborg. Then we got on board, and as far as we could see the wide, smooth waters lay before us. We lay down and went to sleep in our clothes. When I awoke and came on deck next morning, I could see nothing at all; a heavy fog covered everything. It was good to get ashore, but it was dark; the lamps were weak, and it all seemed very strange to me, who had never been in any other town but Odense. And Birckner lived in that house!

And we were so glad to feel solid earth under our feet! There was no sleep for me that night, for I was so excited over all that I had seen and heard since I had left home the day before. Yes, but you must all admit that it still is. Madame Plambek was an industrious hostess, and everything in her house was as smoothly scoured as a larding board.

Jesus said: The Kingdom is like a man who had a treasure [hidden] in his field, without knowing it. And [after] he died, he left it to his [son. The] son did not know about it , he accepted that field, he sold [it]. And he who bought it, he went, while he was plowing [he found] the treasure. He began to lend money to whomever he wished.

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Guillaumont, 55]. Jesus said: The Kingdom of the Father is like a man, a merchant, who possessed merchandise and found a pearl. That merchant was prudent. He sold the merchandise, he bought the one pearl for himself.

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Guillaumont, ]. Davies-Allison, , The perfectly clear and deeply meaningful Gospel parable is completely distorted and the final outcome of the accidental find is that the discoverer becomes a greedy moneylender, an occupation forbidden by the Mosaic Law. According to the Tosefta such hidden treasures were attributed to the Amorites, who inhabited the land before the Israelites came t.

Katell Berhelot, Joseph E.

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The Jerusalem Talmud tells the story of a rich man in Antioch who was very liberal in giving, but who lost his wealth. Later, while plowing his field, he discovered a treasure that surpassed the value of the wealth he had lost y. Nolland Matt. Davies-Allison, Beare, ; Schweizer, Metzger, Blessedness of the Twelve , Comment to L6. Safrai also noted that according to rabbinic opinion pearls ought to be sold in cities, but unfortunately he did not cite a source for this opinion.

David A.

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Bivin and Joshua N. Pearls are among the commodities sold by the merchants described in Rev. On pearls in the ancient world, see F. Tristram, Natural History of the Bible 7th ed. BDB, Avot in the appendix added to printed editions of tractate Avot.

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Schechter, 67]; Gen. A cockerel on a dunghill, while looking for something to eat, found a pearl. If only someone who coveted your value had seen this sight you would long ago have been restored to your original splendour. This fable ironically illustrates the great value placed on pearls in the Greco-Roman world of the first century C. The point of the parables is not to emulate the unethical behavior, but to make a comparison between two situations.

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