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A feverish and intense 4-hour walk on the dark side, which above all deals with beauty and survival. Accompanied by fragments from her work, she discusses with producer and former IFFR director Simon Field her striking film career — in which she keeps finding new paths — her characteristic style and her latest feature High Life. Programme Signatures Familiar faces from the world of film: new work from established filmmakers, auteurs and festival Read more about this programme.

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Shawn : I don't know. The only time I've ever seen a look like that was just before Bambi's mother caught that bullet. Cory : What a movie they'd make. A nnouncer voice It's Minkus in love!

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  • Watch what happens when 48 pounds of near-sighted geek meets 10 pounds of hair from a parallel universe. Shawn : Cory, it all has to start some where. See, Minkus gets squishy about Topanga. Topanga gets squishy about you. One day you're solid as a rock, the next day, squish. - Loves Me Not

    Cory : Topanga does not have a squish on me. Shawn : She brought you brownies, dude. Ipso facto , love-o you-o. Minkus : All these years pretending to be my close friend Cory : Close? As in Philadelphia is close to Minkus : All so you could get to her. Cory : Her, Topanga? I don't think so.

    Minkus : Oh please. The whole school is talking about you two.

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    Cory : What? I ate a couple brownies. I said I'd watch a video. Minkus : Aren't you forgetting the trip to Acapulco?! Eric : You know what, it sounds like you're jealous. Cory : Oh yeah. I'm jealous. That's just what I want, to be Topanga's boyfriend. And then we can name our children Chewbacca and Plankton.

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    Eric : 'Godzilla goes to College'? The workshop component of Loves-Me-Not is delivered by up to three facilitators trained by Police. The facilitators comprise a teacher, a police officer and can include a representative of a non-governmental organisation working in the field of family violence prevention. The workshop is linked to the NZ Curriculum so that schools and students are still achieving educational outcomes, whilst looking at an important social issue.

    The workshop is incorporated into a whole school approach that enables a culture of respectful relationships in the school community. Loves-Me-Not provides opportunities for students to plan and take action themselves to influence their school and wider community to prevent abuse. The Sophie Elliott Foundation has provided a range of resources for Loves-Me-Not, including videos and short vignettes that are used during the workshop, for example to explore qualities of a good relationship, and the factors that could erode it.

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    Also included is a film designed for parents that explains how Loves-Me-Not works. The book is supplied free of charge to students undertaking Loves-Me-Not, and can be used in future years to give young people sound advice. Please see below for more information about the Loves-Me-Not book. In , the horrific murder of Sophie Elliott by her former boyfriend and university tutor, Clayton Weatherston, shocked the nation. International research suggested education was the key; Lesley set up the Sophie Elliott Foundation to raise awareness among all young people, their friends and families to the signs of partner abuse.