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No Matter Who is President, Jesus is King

With the 7 zone pocket spring, the whole mattress is firm and provide many support to your back. Also the latex will disperse the heat after you lie down to rest. Sign up for price alert. Ultricies sociis ut vel parturient! I was having a hard time figuring out what to write about, because while I wanted to write about the election and the outcome of it, I really had no desire to talk about both parties or their candidates.

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I wasn't really a huge fan of either of them, so writing a full-out support article for Trump or Hillary wasn't something I could personally do. But after watching the election, and seeing the results congrats, President Trump , my heart is burdened.

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I see hatred, name-calling, and news of new protests whenever I scroll through my social media pages. I see people getting in heated arguments, blaming one another for opinions, and even shunning friends and family due to political sides. This doesn't bring me joy or peace in any sense. It doesn't make me proud of my country or the people who live in it.

No matter who is president GOD is my KING! | d# | Bible quotes, Quotes, Life quotes

I'm brokenhearted to see so much hate. And while the president-elect may not be everybody's favorite man, he's not the sole authority. We worship someone far Greater and much Higher. The One who leads our country has planned out who will lead it since before the beginning of time.

There is a lawsuit right now that is trying to force the U. One of the leading medical journals recently published a statement by ethicists. This is where America is heading. How do we live and love, work and create? How do we raise our families, educate our children and carry out our Christian mission? So this is the first sign of the times — the growing secularization and hostility toward Christianity in American society.

The second sign of our times is what I would call a crisis of the human person that is rooted in the denial of God. As I have said, our society is trying to live without God.

This is something the Church has always understood. When we forget our Creator, then we forget what creation means and we lose the sense of our own meaning as his creatures. Without God, we lose the meaning of creation and we lose the reason for human solidarity and community. We are confronting in our society a false humanism —a wrong and dangerous set of beliefs about the meaning life and what makes for human happiness and flourishing. And that false humanism is false, precisely because we no longer know who we are and where we came from.

We no longer know the mystery of human life and what it means to be a human person. And this crisis cuts across society. And this is the reason we are becoming a society where people are unable to empathize or sympathize with the humanity of other people. We see this reflected in the cruel treatment of refugees and undocumented migrants, in deportations that break up families and place women and children in detention.

We see it also in the debates over social programs for the poor and homeless, in the increasingly severe punishments for criminals and our indifference to the deplorable conditions in some of our prisons. We are becoming a society with no mercy — and again, it is because we know longer see the sanctity and the great dignity of the human person. So if these are the signs of the times — if this is the reality we are living in — then what should we do?

My King The President

How should we live? I want to offer a couple of observations and suggestions. We are not living anymore in a society that reflects Christian or Judeo-Christian values. We are not living in a society that understands the great dignity and the transcendent destiny of the human person. If we want America to be greater, then we need men and women like you and me who are committed to serving God and living their faith in every aspect of their lives.

Yesterday was All Saints Day. And that is a reminder about our vocation, our destiny. We are created and called to be saints. This the reason we are here — to follow Jesus Christ and to become more and more like him, through the grace of sacraments and through our desire for holiness.

This is the beautiful truth about who we are as children of God.

See a Problem?

It means just the opposite! God wants saints in every area of life. He needs mothers and fathers who are saints. He needs saints in corporations and law firms, in courts and legislatures; God wants saints in hospitals and schools and in the media; he even needs saints on Wall Street and in the Oval Office.

The point is: God wants saints everywhere! God wants saints everywhere!

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We all know that famous story about G. Chesterton, the great writer. My friends, if we want to live in a society that promotes virtue and justice and human dignity — if we want leaders who reflect these values — then we need to become leaders and role models in our society. As Catholics, as citizens.

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  6. No matter who is President, we are called to be who we are — and who God made us to be. That means we are Catholics first. Christians first. This is our identity.

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    We are not Republicans or Democrats or liberals or conservatives. Before everything else, we are followers of Jesus Christ, children of God, made in his image, called to be saints and to work for his Kingdom, the family of God on earth. We cannot have political renewal in our country without first having a renewal that is moral, spiritual and cultural. This kind of renewal takes a longer time.