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Log in [0]. Burzum The Depths of Darkness. Boomkat Product Review: Everyone's favourite black metal sociopath Varg Vikernes is back, this time with 11 tracks from his first two albums 's Burzum and 's Det Som Engang Var re-recorded last year "the way he originally intended". View more.

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There's absolutely no point to listening to this rather than the original "Burzum" and "Det Som Engang Var". After hearing " Fallen", I was not disappointed at all with Varg keeping true to what he does; True Norwegian black metal in your face. With that being said I went to my local store a few months later and found another Burzum album thinking, I didn't know he was making another for this year.

So of course, without looking at the back for song titles, I definitely assumed I was in for another treat. A treat alright, more of a surprise to find out it was one of those danged re-recordings. Luckily it didn't turn out as bad as I thought. The instrument track recording was still the same raw power as before with original recordings.

So that right there was a huge plus in my book. Now towards the "not so kind" part per say, the overdubbed voice recording. I just feel that a lot of parts were not timed so well like the actual classic recordings. Some instances, I swore I heard key of the microphone in parts of songs, almost like those real primitive do it yourself black and death metal bands that record in their bedrooms.

And lastly, his dubbing smudged with the music, pretty much cutting the sharp edge to the assault he dealt with those songs twenty years ago. So there you have it, more or less a "greatest hits" album, versus an original album. Actually hear these songs in their truest form, not re-recorded. For the record, this is going to be a review written by a Burzum fan, for Burzum fans. Please kindly leave all complaints with the MetalReview. The very least that anyone can say about Varg Vikernes is that he's been a man of his word ever since his prison release.

Since last year, he's graced us with Belus and Fallen, which were far from disappointing to already-converted lovers of Vikernes' music. Thankfully, "War" was left out of the mix. To these ears, Varg chose to use the exact same instrumentation that exists in the original recordings, but changed the album's mixing drastically. What would a Burzumite want more than to hear the old tracks recorded with the same intensity of what is one of the most powerful and influential black metal albums of all time?

Varg Vikernes once said that the whole point of the musical rebellion that is black metal is not to care about brands of instruments, types of studios or the "in" music at the time.

The Depths of Darkness

To quote him: "A few mistakes make the music more alive and personal -- it simply gives the music some "soul" and originality, so I never bothered to correct anything. The music on the Burzum albums is simply an honest and sincere, unvarnished and clear representation of me. Certainly I am not flawless or without mistakes, so neither is my music. If there's one thing that's true about what most musicans consider traditional soul music, it's that the music is certainly not without mistakes. That's what gives the notes character. It wasn't the notes that were being played that attracted so many people to Burzum in the first place.

It was how they were being played. That's what was so revolutionary about black metal at the time, and that's what separates extreme metal from any other form of rock music today. Vikernes didn't exactly fail to live up to his standard of what is soulful music on these re-recordings, but two of the trademark sounds of the original recordings -- the wails of a soul in dire agony in the original "Spell of Destruction," for example; and the incessant pounding behind the drum kit featured in songs such as "Ea, Lord of The Depths," and "My Journey To The Stars" -- are completely missing in this supposed re-vamped re-recording.

Still, it's nearly a worthy sacrifice given the increased intensity of the sharp-as-hell riffage on all of the new album's songs. So if you're stuck trying to choose which song versions you prefer, you've missed the point of this release entirely. The most positive thing about From The Depths of Darkness is that we now have both recordings.

If Hvis Lyset Tar Oss was too short for you, you now have an additional seven songs you can enjoy. If you think it's blasphemous and too profitable to be trve, nobody is forcing you to listen to this. On top of that, if the ferociousness of the old Burzum with such a fresh production is a sign of what's to come, do not be surprised if Burzum manages to pull an Album of the Year contender out of its hat, or burn down a church or two.

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Hell, at this point, anything is possible. Originally written for MetalReview.

Burzum - Belus (Full Album)[2010]

From the Depths of Darkness is not a new full-length Burzum album. It is a compilation of re-recorded tracks from the self-titled L. These represent Varg's favourite songs from those releases, and this effort is merely a reinterpretation of those early works. Of course, the decision to revisit this material has generated a considerable amount of controversy.

Some people have labeled this as a cash-grab, while others are simply angry that the classic songs are going to be tampered with. Naturally, such powerful and influential music is going to elicit strong reactions from fans. In my view, there is nothing wrong with this release, in itself. The problem with re-recordings comes when an artist attempts to use them to replace the original material, thus robbing future generations of the opportunity to experience them as they once were.

However, countless bands have gone back and revisited their early days by making updated versions of classic songs. Ultimately, it is the band's right to do whatever they wish, so long as the original music remains available, as well. That way, if people disagree with the latest interpretation, they are free to enjoy the original. In the case of Burzum, it would seem that Varg is a perfectionist and, rather than trying to give the music a modern feel, he just wanted to correct things that he felt to be mistakes and to present his songs as he meant for them to be heard, in the first place.

He has done this before. The Aske E. It is quite likely that, had he not lost so much time in prison, Varg may have included more re-recorded songs on his albums, throughout the years. Given that he recorded the early Burzum albums at a young age and with little experience, he may have felt strongly about this material the entire time.

It is both a gift and a curse of the perfectionist to find fault with everything that they create, eventually, whether or not they act on those urges. Released in November , From the Depths of Darkness is the product of such impulses. The material on this compilation remains true to the originals, as much as possible. The faster sections are hardly any different than before, though the slower parts are where one can see the most disparity between old and new.

Burzum – From The Depths of Darkness – Jukebox:Metal

In general, the pace is slowed down even more and the atmosphere takes on an increased sense of dreariness and morbidity. Anything that was remotely catchy or upbeat has been completely neutralized and rendered even more cold and lifeless than before. This really gives the songs a darker vibe and unleashes the untapped potential that some of them had, long ago. While immersing yourself in something so abysmal and unforgiving, those lighter moments almost make it seem a little more safe. Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown.

Sassu Wunnu Introduction. Lord of the Depths. Spell of Destruction. A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit. My Journey to the Stars. Call of the Siren Introduction. Key to the Gate. Channeling the Power of Minds into a New God. The Coming Introduction Burzum. Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown Burzum. Sassu Wunnu Introduction Burzum.