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Holding it up to the light, I realized it was of the nestling ivory-bill from the Singer Tract—an image I had never seen. I quickly found another negative, then another and another. My hands began to shake. It turned out that Tanner had taken not 6 pictures on that long-ago March 6, but As a group, they show the young bird not frozen in time, but rather clambering over Kuhn like a cat on a scratching post, frightened but vital. In , the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology announced that searchers had seen an ivory-bill multiple times in ten months in the Big Woods in Arkansas.

In both cases, the sightings were made by experienced observers, including trained ornithologists. So the wait for incontrovertible evidence continues. Photographs like the ones Jim Tanner took in would do nicely. Stephen Lyn Bales is a naturalist in Knoxville.

Perched Ivory-billed Woodpecker (2006)

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  • Newfound negatives provide fresh views of the young ivory-billed woodpecker.
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2. Chipola River, Calhoun Co., Fla., 1950-52

Give a Gift. Nestling ivory-billed woodpecker on J. Kuhn, March 6, U. Fish and Wildlife Service. Are there still ivory-billed woodpeckers roaming the wilds of the southeastern United States or have they all gone extinct? In his study, Collins presents evidence - including three video that show birds he believes to be the ivory-billed woodpecker — that he says proves that the elusive bird is not extinct. Nestling ivory-billed woodpecker and J. These findings are consistent with reports of sightings of the bird made back in the s.