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All of the activities involve learning and are spent among caring family members who gently teach each child how to live with nature.

During the evenings, Lawrence enjoys listening to the elders tell stories. During one of these evenings, Lawrence receives his new Cree name that means "young man. However, the summer ends abruptly when a truck comes to take Lawrence and other children away to residential school.

Here Lawrence would join with hundreds of other First Nations children and enter the world of church-run residential schools.

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It was at St. Bernard's Mission School where Lawrence would learn English and manual trades far away from his nurturing and loving family. The final pages of the book switch to stark black and white archival photographs of Lawrence and other children at the Alberta residential school. Background information explains the role of the school and what the regimented life was like for the students. Larry Loyie has written a compelling story for children about the lifestyle of Cree people during the mid-twentieth century.

After reading the story illustrated with the pastel watercolour drawings, students can begin to understand the impact of residential schools on generations of First Nations children. The Last Collection.

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