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The story architecture for "No Man's Land" and the outline of all the Batman continuity titles for were written by cartoonist Jordan B.

Batman: No Man's Land

The lead-up story began with the Cataclysm story arc, which described a major earthquake hitting Gotham City. The storyline is divided into several arcs. A part of the story would continue from one Batman title and then to the next Batman title that would come the following week, much like the same format that was being used in the Superman comics at that time. Unlike the Superman comics, where a creative team is maintained for one monthly title, the same creative team is maintained for the duration of the story arc.

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The core storyline was originally collected as trade paperbacks in five volumes. However, because of the large number of issues that were devoted to "No Man's Land", only 40 of them made it into the original collections. DC has since released a new collection of "No Man's Land" volumes that includes issues previously uncollected. A novelization of the story line was also written by Greg Rucka and released as hardcover in January Gotham City suffers the results of a magnitude 7. In response, the US government evacuates most of the civilian population, then declares Gotham a " no man's land ", destroys all bridges leading to the island, and sets up a military blockade to prevent people from entering or exiting.

Gangs and various supervillains Batman had battled over the years swiftly carve up the city. The city's police 's commissioner, James Gordon , and several members of his department, who dub their gang the Blue Boys stay behind to protect civilians. Oracle and Huntress also end up on the inside. Bruce Wayne leaves the city to lobby the government to continue aid to Gotham, but fails. Gordon and his men wait for Batman's return, but he disappears for months, leading the police to believe that he has abandoned Gotham. A bitterly disappointed Gordon denounces Batman and refuses even to speak his name.

Huntress attempts to keep order, fashioning a Batgirl costume.

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She soon discovers that criminals fear her more as Batgirl than they do as Huntress and succeeds in holding territory of her own. When Batman returns, he allows her to continue to use the costume. However, when she fails to hold off Two-Face and his army of men and loses Batman's territory, she abandons the costume. Batman and the police work separately to reclaim Gotham, piece by piece, by battling and subduing the gang leaders and then marking the reclaimed territory with graffiti.

However, a schism erupts between Gordon and SWAT Lieutenant William "Billy" Pettit, whose militaristic, take-no-prisoners methods shock and outrage Gordon; the Blue Boys subsequently break into two separate factions, with most of Petit's officers siding with him to form the Strong Men.

Various subplots emerge through the battles. Poison Ivy takes up residence in Robinson Park, and Batman — after helping her defeat Clayface 's attempts to control the park and thus Gotham's fresh fruit supply — allows her to remain there as long as she cares for various orphans who had retreated to the park, as well as distributing food to the rest of the city.

Freeze did the same thing where he even competed against Gearhead whose armless and legless body was being carried around by the thuggish Tommy Mangles. Superman briefly visits the city to restore some degree of order, but quickly realizes that the city's current state of anarchy and 'might-makes-right' requires a greater effort than the 'quick-fix' he had been expecting and departs.

He later returns as Clark Kent to visit Batman and advise locals on how to improve their burgeoning agriculture. A simultaneous story in JLA reveals that the Justice League keeps an eye on Gotham during this time by preventing various villains from claiming the territory for themselves.

The Comic Vault: Batman No Man's Land Vol. 4 Review

Robin 's father, Jack , discovers that his son is in Gotham, and believing Tim entered the city for some sort of dare, petitions the government for a search and rescue for Tim which inadvertently attracts media attention and further public support for the city's revival. Gordon briefly allies himself with Two-Face to reclaim vital territory, but Two-Face betrays the alliance to claim a greater amount of land for himself. Cassandra later becomes the second Batgirl to help clean up No Man's Land.

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Later, Two-Face kidnaps Gordon and puts him on trial for breaking the alliance. While cross-examining himself, Dent concludes that Two-Face had essentially blackmailed Gordon into the alliance; hence, any agreement between them is null and void. Through the efforts of Lucius Fox , Batman succeeds in getting the attention of Lex Luthor , who arrives in Gotham with plans to completely rebuild the city.

Attempts by the Joker to disrupt construction are thwarted by Bane , who has been hired by Luthor in exchange for his own private country. Bane, who has been causing trouble in No Man's Land before, is looking to get revenge on Batman, who convinces him to leave and claim his payment before Luthor reneges on their deal. Bowing to intense pressure from the people and the media, the government reverses the No Man's Land order and allows Gotham to rejoin the United States.

Gordon and his surviving officers are promoted. On Christmas Day, the Joker attacks Pettit's compound. Pettit is killed and the Huntress barely survives a battle with the Joker's men. Click OK to close the Options popup. Refresh your browser page to run scripts and reload content. Click the Internet Zone. If you do not have to customize your Internet security settings, click Default Level. Then go to step 5. Click OK to close the Internet Options popup.

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After suffering a cataclysmic earthquake, the U. It is now months later and those that have refused to vacate "No Man's Land" live amid a citywide turf war in which the strongest prey on the weak. About The Author. Greg Rucka is a novelist whose work on Batman brought fresh attention to the character and to the inhabitants of Gotham City.

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