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Brandon Keen, 34, was found guilty of murder and assault with a deadly weapon in January, prosecutors said. Dimitris Kalatzakis, 31, was found lying face-up in a large pool of blood, and the cell walls were covered in blood splatter, prosecutors said. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and an autopsy revealed that he had suffered six stab wounds by an inmate-manufactured weapon.

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He had been beaten so badly that he suffered broken bones throughout his face, and was ultimately strangled to death with a ligature, according to prosecutors. Three years later, Keen attacked an inmate using a weapon with two razor blades affixed to a toothbrush, but the other man survived.

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Life In A Jail Cell: How To Greet Cellmates | Prisoner Resources

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Notify me of new posts via email. Best Of. San Francisco News. Receiving a new cellmate off of the bus is an aspect of prison life. No one really wants it, but everyone puts up with it. Generally speaking, while an anxiety-provoking experience, greeting cellmates should not be a particularly troubling one.

With some mutual courtesy and respect many problems can be avoided. He should be able to locate a suitable cell for you to move into.

If push comes to shove, you can always refuse to lock into the cell at night or at count. In this event you will be sent to the Special Housing Unit , but in all likelihood you will probably be assigned to a new cell once released in a week or so.

Florida prisoner kills cellmate, gouges out eyes, wears ear on necklace, sources say

She or he might want a signed cop-out form from the existing occupants or might just be willing to move you based on the verbal request. Sometimes counselors will make you wait a few days until authorizing a move. If the move is to the most preferable housing e.

If you are in for a sex offense, try to find regular guys to associate with, not what would be deemed creeps or haters. The middle path is often the best path in prison. If not, this will become a judgment call. If, on the other hand, this is just typical gang or car nonsense, then making a stand might be a better answer. Sometimes prisoners want to test the mettle of new arrivals that are of their own race.