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The workshop supports your contact with yourself and your beliefs about conflicts and provides a design for conflict resolution from a perspective of universal needs and understandings. Length: days Pre-requisites: None. Genuine Contact Workshops are offered around the world and in several languages.

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  • Workshops are regularly offered in English, German, and Swedish. Genuine Contact Professionals offer workshops both in person and online.

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    In short, it's easy to find an upcoming workshop near you! Find upcoming offerings of the Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution workshop around the world or online.

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    Search for:. Indians spent more time hunting and relied less and less on hunting rituals. They were able to accumulate wealth in new ways.

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    • This gave them more power within tribal councils. As Indians grew more dependent on trade, they became more involved in colonial affairs and also more vulnerable to the demands of colonial governments. The ability to speak and read European languages became a prized skill among Indians. This allowed them to negotiate and understand the treaties offered by Europeans and later the colonists. European concepts of government required that leaders make their agreements binding on all tribal members—in other words, that power be centralized and consolidated at the tribal rather than the village level.

      Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution

      Yet, Indians maintained their independence and their identities throughout this process. The clan system continued to organize social relations.

      Indian women continued to have more freedom and power than white women. Christianity did not replace native religious beliefs and practices until well into the s. Indian leaders became skilled at playing the two major colonial interests the French and the English against one another. They negotiated the best trade and treaty terms possible, and frustrated European efforts to exert control over the Tennessee region.