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Let me assure you Mr W Tom Scott is possibly best known now for the big sax sample on that "they reminisce over you" hip hop tune by Pete Rock. Name any 70's show and I could probably sing or at least hum the melody. Picked it up at up-garage. Swing by one and let them know what you are looking for, they can check other stores if none are in stock.

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Freed up so much space in the car, so nice! Yeah, Up garage is the one I've been looking at, via that website crooooba? Their stores are spread out around here, so I'll have to give them a ring and see what the score is about getting one from another branch. It would be great if that's a goer.

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Highly recommended. I ordered one myself earlier today, off that Crooomba website. A Thule one that holds L in there, so that should take care of the beer! It's cm by 70cm by 40cm, but the postage from Nagoya is under yen, so nice one Up Garage! They must have a special deal with the delivery people.

With Kuroneko, something that big will get you onto their furniture delivery service which costs much more. We are here to introduce the world to unbiased, honest and detailed information about winter sports in Japan. We are not here to promote any specific destinations or resorts, or to sell our readers any kind of products or services.

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General off-topic discussions Search In. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted September 4, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Often wondered how do those things attach on the top on cars that don't have the ridges?

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Any car can hold a roof rack. Wiggles I have no idea which one is good.

Gotcha (Theme from Starsky and Hutch) E Flat Alto Saxophone

Although I have used roofracks in the past I have never used a roof box. A roof box does look very small on top of an Alphard. Thanks for the comments fellas! Roof racks are cool too and will fit on the same bars, so I might get one later! Don't see that anymore. Sorry, of topic! Like this?

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Posted September 5, Its not as cool as the real one, but the spirit of the 70s is still there in full effect! Here's the theme, which is pretty fun to play. I never knew it was by Tom Scott. Posted September 8, Hey Tkl, I ordered one myself earlier today, off that Crooomba website. Posted September 9, Learning how to transpose music will help you better understand the theory behind what creates all those emotive, provoking sounds of a song.

Any major key can be transposed into any other major key, and the same goes for minor keys. The Circle of Fifths provides an at-a-glance look at key signatures based on the number of sharps or flats. A vocalist looking to transpose in order to change the range of a piece can simply follow the same process of determining the original key, deciding on new key, and moving each note the same number of steps and half steps throughout the piece.

In this situation, the notes you read will be the actual concert pitch. Just remember to transpose any accompaniment in the same way. Use the Circle of Fifths to familiarize yourself with the keys and the transposition chart to see how many steps or half steps the key moves depending on the instrument. Print your free manuscript paper , and start transcribing your piece moving each note the same interval, or the number of steps and half-steps, as your key.

Again, you can use the chart above if you get stuck.

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For example, if you see an A- flat in your concert score as an accidental, a B-flat instrument would need to see a B- flat to sound the correct concert pitch. Just like with most music theory, the best way to master transposition is to practice it. Username or Email Address. Stay Connected.

Music Theory Tips. Why Do We Need Transpositions?

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  7. The Circle of Fifths The Circle of Fifths provides an at-a-glance look at key signatures based on the number of sharps or flats.