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There was a picture of a half track in an Independence Day Parade that was done yesterday. That reminds me of a story I overheard. The one old guy was telling the other that he had a vault built into his house and a huge gun collection. Someone cut into the vault and stole all the collectible guns. So, when the insurance check came in, he decided to buy a half track. It is nice to have higher capacity mags. When Magpul came out with their 21 round mag for the Glock in 9mm I got one. Mine has been completely unreliable.

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There is a great deal of play in the mag, especially noticeable if you use it in the smaller guns. And the follower binds in the mag. Just saw this trailer a few minutes ago. Let us take a quick look at a few of the other guns shown. We see some light and heavy machine guns. I never thought that people made for good stable rests, but there is a good chance the guy in the picture had more kills than me, so he might know better. Looks like a strap off any piece of luggage.

Note the built in QD sockets in near the rear of the lower. Commercial stock, Eotech — probably a model. Looks like a Looks like a KAC vertical forward grip. It is nice to see that the good guys over there have some good equipment. I think I am going to have to pick up a copy of the movie.

I just happened to have a shot out AR15 barrel and a shot out MR barrel side by side in a drawer.

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When I opened the drawer I saw them and thought I should share some pictures as long as I had the chance. HK uses a longer upper with a longer barrel nut, so they have a longer barrel extension. David Kutchinski, reached through Fort Carson's public affairs office, says he and other soldiers practiced there on their own time before the start of the Iraq war in Since then, commanders have found they could do some of their specialized training at the private range, bringing authorization letters and securely transporting any Army weapons to the site in military vehicles.

Kutchinski, who spent 22 months in Iraq, says he recently spent several days at Dragon Arms working with a small Fort Carson unit headed for combat. Mel "Dragon Man" Bernstein, the range's owner, encourages more soldiers to do likewise. He's just built a new range only for them, a labyrinthine pit dug into the earth and fitted with wood panels to simulate houses. Surrounding berms allow soldiers to fire in three directions, as combat might demand. To get to the range, Bernstein moves a construction cone and swings open a gate before driving down a muddy slope.

An Iraqi flag waits at a T-junction. Carson Soldiers in close combat fighting areas. His driver slowed, then stopped. Soldiers were preparing to fire warning tracers behind the car when it exploded, deadening their ears and peppering the front of their Suburban with shrapnel. Though the crew managed to drive away, Kutchinski says, he still thinks about that day.

And the lessons he brought back are many. With shoddy suspension systems, he found, cars packing heavy explosives often sagged in back.

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Soldiers who see such a sag should keep their distance. At Dragon Arms, Kutchinski says, he has worked with soldiers on how to halt such a car when the driver isn't stopping. The key to stopping a car is taking out the driver; they looked in one class at where to aim on a door so a bullet will penetrate. Fort Carson's training facilities work great for developing basic skills, Kutchinski says, but small units specializing in clearing buildings and other close-up work benefit from any extra training time. Often, he says, soldiers will train on their own time using personal weapons, substituting semi-automatic AR rifles for automatic, military-issue M16s.

There is, he adds, also a procedure allowing soldiers to train off-base with their military-issued weapons. Heavenly world In addition to three shooting ranges, Bernstein's acres north of Highway 94 hold a paintball field, a dirt bike park, a gun store and a 32,square-foot museum crammed full of war relics. He punctuates tours with a question that comes off more as a statement: "Pretty cool, huh? In Bernstein's world, there are no regulations stopping soldiers from igniting gasoline in a training exercise or rigging a junked car to run in circles before stopping it with machine guns.

Bernstein is almost gleeful at the possibilities. Showing 1- 2 of 2. Add a comment.

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