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These individuals might have a great idea, but they lack the skills necessary to market their product or service and maintain a budget for a new company. In addition, many fall into the trap of over-investing, taking too intensely the notion that they have to spend money to make money. Others force themselves to grow too fast, adding equipment and payroll at the first sign of progress without making sure they can sustain it. Taking MBA courses gives you the foundation to make solid financial decisions during the critical first few years of operation.

Classes in entrepreneurship, financial management and accounting teach you how to analyze risks and rewards, create value for shareholders, finance a newly established company and price your service to maintain your bottom line. You can learn to read financial reports as part of your education. Furthermore, school provides a safe place to test ideas, giving you the opportunity to experiment with different business concepts and research startup costs. Some businesses are technically profitable but still fail for financial reasons. Collecting payments on time is especially important for aspiring owners of business-to-business organizations.

Research from Euler Hermes found these companies see the longest days sales outstanding. Included in this list were businesses in the technology, healthcare, industrial goods, construction and materials, chemicals and household goods industries. Part of the reason inexperienced entrepreneurs are willing to accept such long collection periods is that they feel they have no other options. Contrary to popular belief, an MBA education gives you a mix of both hard and soft skills, making you a better leader, negotiator and all-around businessperson.

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Cantrell said her experience in school taught her the importance of organization and efficiency, both vital qualities for attracting the attention of Whole Foods. Cantrell learned how to avoid these mistakes while obtaining her MBA, putting her above other entrepreneurs and proving to Whole Foods that she would make a satisfactory business partner. Your MBA experience can provide similar benefits.

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With courses in operations management, supply chain management and data analytics, you can graduate with the knowledge and ability to operate your business efficiently from the day you first open your doors. This can potentially impress future business partners and give them reason to work with you over your competitors. With the knowledge you obtain from graduate school, you can create an efficient business from the outset. These people will become valuable allies upon graduation — they might join your company or put you in touch with clients or investors.

The value of networking in business cannot be over stressed. Networking is even more important during periods of economic uncertainty. A widely cited New York Times article revealed how much established corporations relied on employee referrals in wake of the Great Recession. Deloitte began offering attractive incentives in addition to its cash payments, including televisions and iPads, for staff members who recommended successful new hires. This same concept can apply to entrepreneurs. A business might be more willing to work with your company if you went to school with one of its employees, and the connections you make during graduate school could catch the eye of wealthy investors.

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