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One of the best things about an obstacle course is that you can put any activity in it. Try out this homemade DIY Cavaletti! Make your own Obstacle Course. No time to go to a quick beach getaway?

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Try out this pool themed obstacle course using your own pool noodles, pipes and a small inflatable pool! Yarn Obstacle Course. Pool Noodle Obstacle Course. With your pool noodles hanging around your house after the summer getaway, you can still use it for this awesome obstacle course. Dad Approved Obstacle Course. Not all obstacle courses are dad approved, it is actually a lot more fun and advanced if it is Dad approved so check everything first before you let them do it.

Super Easy Obstacle Course. Just look around your home for toys that can be used for every station for the obstacle course.

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Shape Obstacle Course. Train Obstacle Course. Obligatory Morning Obstacle Course. For your future long weekend plans, start it with a tiring fun activity like this obstacle course! Easy Gross Motor Obstacle Course. Indoor Obstacle Course. Spy Scavenger Obstacle Course. If there is an outdoor Spy training course, this indoor Spy obstacle course is much easier to do!

Using a deck of cards and a couple of strings, you can have an indoor obstacle course to make your weekends more exciting! By Birute Efe Find some ideas how to organize the best obstacle courses for kids that will keep them occupied for hours! Water Obstacle Course Using balloons, pool noodles and lots of water, this obstacle course is perfect for all ages! Spy Training Obstacle Course Kids love to pretend as spies or as action characters. Global Entry privileges do not extend to children even if the parent is a member, but parents may apply for their children to have Global Entry privileges which I would recommend.

I find that airport lounges make flying with kids much more relaxed. Lounges tend to offer cleaner bathrooms, comfortable chairs, WiFi, snacks, drinks, and more included with the price of admission, which is often free with certain credit cards, top tier airline status, and when flying overseas in business or first class. Most airports have some a pay-in lounge. They have over lounges worldwide across the world and membership tiers based on how often you travel. Some airlines allow parents to request child meals in advance. What one baby or kid eats in one country may not be what your little traveler eats.

Airplane meals often reflect that, which is another reason to bring lots of snacks. The one that cracked me up was a dinner of potato salad, tiramisu, a little bit of fruit, Oreos, chocolate, gummy bears, chocolate milk, and some other stuff like that. She was barely 1 at the time. I laughed and sent the meal back well, not really — I ate the Oreos and re-ordered her some noodles. Still, have plenty of snacks within reach. You probably should bring your own baby food. Imagine an allergic reaction at 35, feet in the air. I remember asking specifically what kinds of jarred food one airline stocked and was not able to get a clear answer.

Just check the temperature before you begin feeding. If you can, remember to very slightly unscrew the tops before take-off and landing. The change in cabin air pressure can sometimes cause the liquid to start squirting up everywhere. I always wanted my child to be able to fall asleep during long flights.

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It took a lot of trial and error but I dedicated a lot of time figuring out sleep solutions using the best gear and hacks to get kids to sleep on flights. The bassinet, unfortunately, can take up quite a bit of space, even in business class. Check with the airline regarding the length of the bassinet and remember that these are usually the exterior dimensions. My daughter was a very long baby and grew out of the airplane bassinet quite quickly, even though she was far away from the weight requirement.

I found the bassinets on Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific to be quite lovely, and my daughter was even given silk bedding once. I think the bulkhead still worth it for space, but I know the lack of baggage storage bothers some people. Because my daughter grew out of the bassinet so quickly, we were stuck in a weird situation.

She flew as a lap child on a 2-hour flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok, and I thought we were going to die. Japan Airlines will install a Britax convertible car seat in their airplane seats, should you need it, and Cathay Pacific will, as well. I made that mistake once. While some airlines will allow you to strap in your car seat, other airlines also will not allow you to strap in a rear-facing infant car seat. As another example, Cathay Pacific offers a baby seat belt that attaches to the adult for use during takeoff and landing. I was lucky to get my daughter in it for takeoff and landing.

There is no between-the-legs strap to stabilize her like there is in strollers or car seats. Note that there are many generic versions of this restraint on the market, so be sure to buy the FAA-approved version by Kids Fly Safe. The doctor said it was totally fine and gave me dosing instructions based on weight. You MUST check with your doctor before administering it. On the next long-haul flight we took, she gagged and spat it out. The flavor is gross.

I could never get her to retake it. Her sleep cue was a soft little duck blanket, and this technique worked on the plane. She never could sleep for long stretches on planes, though, and as she got older, she started taking the duck blanket everywhere, which was both good and bad. Some people swear up and down that Infant Tylenol causes drowsiness. What may be happening is that the Infant Tylenol may relieve some ear pressure, making it easier for the baby to sleep. I was told by my midwife and doctor that if my daughter started to pull on her ears or become extraordinarily fussy during takeoff and landing, to give her age-appropriate Tylenol immediately.

Parents with kids who are prone to ear pain tell me that they proactively administer an age-appropriate Tylenol 30 minutes prior to takeoff and landing. If babies or toddlers still use a pacifier, give it to them on takeoff and landing or provide them with something to eat.

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  7. This will help with the ear pressure, as does nursing. Some parents use a finger or anything that the child will suck on. Ear pain is most common upon descent. I carried my daughter in a sling when I was breastfeeding, graduated to an Ergo carrier, and then eventually transported her in a small stroller that I checked at the gate.

    When she was in the sling or carrier, I sometimes used the stroller to push our carry-on luggage. I never had problems with checking my stroller at the gate. Make sure your stroller is well-marked with your information. Take off all hooks, cup holders, and anything else that can get juggled loose. Your stroller will get tossed around. Another drawback of gate-checking a stroller is waiting for it when you land, versus getting off the plane and heading straight to baggage claim or your connecting flight.

    If you happen to have a large stroller that rides in that a big transport case, be aware that it might be considered over-sized baggage measure it to find out. I never had to pay any extra money, however, but check with your airline before flying, so there are no surprises. A sling kept my daughter confined during takeoff and landing while leaving my arms free. We traveled without her car seat during the baby years, mostly because we were flying long-haul and she would not tolerate sitting in a car seat. The sling was my savior. An Ergo carrier with the infant insert may be equally handy if you can sit upright comfortably in your seat with a baby inside practice at home.

    However, since this carrier grows with children, I used it until my daughter hit the lb weight limit at approximately 4 years old. I used the Ergo to carry her exhausted little body on my back after long-haul flights. It carries a little mattress and bumpers to guard against armrests. I highly recommend ride-on suitcases as they give kids a place to sit while waiting in line to check-in and at the gate.

    These are toys that other readers and we have had luck with. The idea is that these toys keep kids entertained with minimal risk of losing pieces between seats and on the floor of the plane. I have a list of best travel games for kids but it also helps to tap into your own creativity, such as arming yourself with a list of knock-knock jokes. Having these items did make a huge difference in how she and I handled long flights.

    The most important thing you can remember as a parent flying with kids or a baby is that you will survive. I know how stressful it can be in the days leading up to those first few flights. I have no problem hopping on a plane to go anywhere in the world with my daughter, who is an excellent flier.

    I also have written several other posts related to flying with kids. Flying With Kids. Great tips.

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    Looking forward to the next installment —hopefully before next week, in time for our trip. I just changed our upcoming long-haul flight to an afternoon one instead of the midnight one as our last experience with a midnight one was NOT fun.

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    Our kids were tired and sleepy by the time we got to the airport and even after we boarded and settled in, they could not easily sleep —over-tired, strange surrounding, uncomfortable, etc. I never had to deal with the time zone issue, but I found that when we flew when my son was an infant, as long as we kept him occupied every minute, things were ok…we made sure that we gave his bottle when we took off and when we landed to ease the ear popping.

    When we flew as he got older toddler age , as long as we had the portable DVD player and some goldfish, we were good to go. You have just reinforced my view that I should never have children!! Sounds like hard work!! I totally agree about plunking them into the new time zone…it helps HUGE with the jet lag!

    I need some walking shoes. Wow, you are a very brave person to travel that far with a toddler! You sure have a lot to more to think about with one along. Sounds like you have a good plan here though. Congrats on your SITS day!

    Wow, thank you for this super-informative post! I need to bookmark this. Happy SITS day! Oh WOW! So glad I have never had to fly that far with my son. You are a strong woman to take that on by yourself! Too bad those days are long gone. Maybe when the kids are out of the house. Excellent tips! Happy SITS day. Great blog! Great information on your Post. I once traveled from New York to California with a newborn and a 4 year old — talk about tough!

    I never thought about keeping them in their routine, with all the newness around them, especially the 4 year old, the excitement first plane ride , going to see great grandma etc.. The week we returned she was all sorts of backwards.

    5 Ways To Help Your Child With Dyscalculia Master Math

    Little boy, as long as I kept to his nursing and nap schedule he seemed good. My hat is off to ya, and I thank you for the tips. Great advice! Thanks for sharing. Great info! Especially the jet lag suggestions. Great tips! Now can you give me some ideas on how to convince my husband we need to take an international trip? Love this post, great tips!! You are very prepared!! Great post!

    Welcome Back! These are great tips. Now I know I was right. I totally agree!! Thinking our baby would just sleep through everything was so wrong!!!!! Good tips…too bad I never get to fly. Thanks for the tips! Travel with children can be aggravating, but the end result is usually worth it so we bear it out flight wise and hope for an otherwise fantastic trip! We have not gone anywhere that has required flying with our kids, but I hope to someday! Great tips…. My girls are adults now, but we used to fly all the time. I have been blessed with two world travelers that have always been so very good and easy to care for.

    Even the flight attendants would praise my girls. Sounds like quite an ordeal! Makes me feel a little guilty about being irritated with small children on long flights. Fantastic advice. Sounds like a mess! I feel for my friends with kids who travel, whew! It can apply to difficulties with calculations, visuo-spatial tasks, memory for math concepts, formulae, or other math-related tasks.

    According to researchers, 6. Below are five tips to help a child who is having trouble with math:. This has been particularly well-documented in the areas of math and science. Praise, effort, and perseverance, rather than accomplishments, let your child realize that progressing in math is something that everyone can do. With some hard work, your child can get there, too! Math often becomes tricky for students when the ideas become too abstract.

    Using hands-on examples of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, or percentages help students gain a better understanding of these tricky concepts. You can use any objects for the four basic operations. Legos are an excellent tool for teaching various fraction concepts, calculations, and even statistics. Towers, dots, and blocks can all be used to make the abstract more concrete.