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To be honest, part of me wonders if I get the thing, will all I do is look at it in the garage. I mean, going from a parking lot on a Honda doing no more than 22mph while being supervised by MSF instructors is a far cry from going out on the streets of my neighborhood and trying to practice. Rather embarrassing, but true. Have a great November!

Hey Mike, Same here. Father of 3. One in the Navy, one in the army. Third still a teenager. My mother freaked me out as a kid. Was bad enough I got a tattoo at Kept it secretly for another 2 years. I decided I want to ride again. Starting lessons today, woke up last night in a panic. Under enemy fire, been in terrorist attacks, when that shit happens I get an adrenaline rush and respond accordingly….

A lot of people have legitimate fears about riding a motorcycle for the first time so I appreciated the honesty in this article. I like that you gave yourself some time to come to terms with the fears of riding instead of completely giving up right away. One of the thing things that helped my brother is taking lessons for motorcycling to ease him into it.

I lack the spacial awareness in a car to feel comfortable and I have more of it on a two wheeled vehicle. So when my Jetson finally bit the dust I bough a Jonway from a local, its a scooter and I was excited to ride it when I slid a few times on the snow and slush. Bottom line, we sold it. But…two months back I got a Nightster and I was so excited!! I can touch the ground flat footed and it makes such a difference, the seats great, should be no problem, right. Any ideas or suggestions? I really want to ride and am not giving up. My husband has ordered baffles for the pipes, they are straight and very very loud.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Michelle. I have terrible anxiety before I ride. Not often in the past 2 yrs. Each and every time I get anxious before I get on my bike. I love riding! Sky diving, hang gliding, riding. I literally get the shakes.

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I am so happy I am not the only one!!!!! I ended up dropping the damn thing at 15 mph. While trying to make a right turn, I grabbed the front brake because I was heading towards a tree and I panicked! Needless to say I failed the class. But I will not quit!!!! Before I get on, I do some exercises to get out all of that nervous energy. Lastly, I set small goals for myself, and practice every day the weather permits, in my small neighborhood. I am still not able to get over 25 MPH, but one day I will! Baby Steps! Motorcycles are in my blood.

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I just recently Bought a bike preowned from the dealership. After Riding the Clutch and smoke coming out of my bike and stalled my bike 10 times in traffic and stop signs, before making it home. I lost a lot of confidence and was to scared to touch it the next day, and now i even want to sell it and get rid of it, and feel like i made a huge terrible mistake.

Name required. Email will not be published required. How to overcome FEAR when learning to ride a motorcycle. Many beginner riders experience fear when learning to ride a motorcycle. Learning to ride a motorcycle Every rider defines it differently. What if I dropped it at a busy intersection? What would it feel like if a car hit me? Is this really a good decision? Did I purchase the wrong motorcycle?

Do I even enjoy riding? When will this fear when learning to ride a motorcycle go away? Thanks, David. My Daddy just bought a motorcycle and now he smiles.

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Frank Humpal March 2, at am. MotorcycleMentor March 2, at am. Frank, Thanks for the suggestions. Great advice. Nyree March 21, at pm. Hello Frank, Thanks for the advice. Penn April 2, at pm.

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Jobob March 5, at am. MotorcycleMentor March 5, at am. Jobob Thanks for sharing this. I just bought a Harley back in May , since then I have been practicing on the bike in my apartment complex. Joyce Cupp March 5, at pm. MotorcycleMentor March 5, at pm. Blue November 9, at pm. Adam June 10, at am. Hi i am 14 and my brother is teaching me to ride and he is getting me a motorcycle i want to learn how to ride it and i learned a little on clutch work but i never learned to ride a bike i dont know how to balance i went a little bit and balanced but i need pointers on riding a motorcycle please Reply.

Jill June 26, at am. Susan September 20, at pm. Cy November 23, at am. Cathryn June 23, at pm. Jennifer February 8, at am. Beth Langhorst May 17, at pm. Joy June 10, at am. Christopher May 26, at pm.

How do I get my motorcycle licence? Learn to Ride l Stay Upright

The nerves have driven me crazy Last season I decided to take the msf course n refresh all and it went well …. Make sure you do your research before you go! No UK insurance company will insure Morocco.

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Jara 3 weeks ago Hi guys, wondering if anyone can help. I am moving from the UK to Germany and want to take my bike but not ride it. I will be putting it in a van. However, my… read more Hi guys, wondering if anyone can help. Is there some find of custody letter we can write to assume ownership of the bike? It is very difficult to work out what he needs to be a be to legally ride and get travel insurance for a smallish bike cc or less but over 50cc.

Will he need his A1 bike test to make it legal? Thank you. What do i need in respect of an mot? Do I still pay uk Road tax?

Can I Drive a Motorcycle With a Regular License?

What do I need to change insurance wise? Any other considerations? And would he get bike insurance out in v8etnam or from UK? I went there aged 26, rode a cc nearly halfway through the country and fell in love… read more I first rode a bike in Vietnam, after having been a car driver for years. I went there aged 26, rode a cc nearly halfway through the country and fell in love with riding. Came back, got a licence and an MT Luke Flegg 1 year ago Really useful, thanks.

If you hold a motorcycle learner's permit, you may practice driving a motorcycle or motor driven cycle. A motorcycle learner's permit is valid for one year. If your motorcycle learner's permit expires it is no longer valid, and you must apply for a new permit by taking the motorcycle knowledge test again.. You are only allowed to renew your permit once.