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So, of course I posted my condition on Facebook. Well, maybe a little bit. I suggested to my friends that perhaps I have a case of the vapors. So I went straight to Wikipedia and all I came up with was the band. So I turned to Doctor Google and came up with this:.

The stereotypical Victorian image of a woman swooning against a couch is a classic depiction of a woman who has been overcome by the vapors. Currently, the vapors are not recognized as a medical diagnosis. Thanks, Wisegeek.

Isolated Case

Victorian, not Southern! Anyway, my pal Sungmin the one who thought it meant I was gassy, which I am not, thank you very much found this helpful post , which references information found in the Chico State library I wonder if I know anyone who went there? It ultimately suggests that the vapors had all the markings of what we call PMS today. May and June were crazy for all of us. But not the band Vapors, the Victorian condition vapors. Perhaps you should check?

And as if that's not enough, the formerly stoic President is now pronouncing himself unafraid to cry and unashamed to talk openly about his feelings. Noonan complained that groups of men in politics become infected with "testosterone poisoning. Sheila Tate, the Washington public relations consultant who worked as a top aide to Mr.

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Bush in the campaign, says the current state of political discourse "defies logic. There was a time in politics when it was widely believed that women's physical makeup made them emotionally unfit to be leaders.

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Indeed, in , Dr. Edgar F. Berman, Hubert Humphrey's personal physician and an official on a national policy-making committee of the Democratic party, declared that his "scientific position" was that "women are different physically, physiologically and psychically. This continuum of thought stretched all the way back to Aristotle, who observed that women's minds should be kept free from exertion because "children evidently draw on the mother who carries them in the womb, just as plants draw on the soil.

The Nation; When Men Get a Case Of the Vapors

As Dr. Berman presciently observed after he was forced to resign when his words caused a furor among women: "Pandora's box is no tender trap. The female buddy movie "Thelma and Louise," denounced as "toxic, fascist feminism" by one male critic, has set a new pop standard for aggressive, macho female behavior. Last week's Time magazine featured the heroines on its cover the article inside was called "Gender Bender".

And in a classic case of dueling magazine covers, Newsweek chronicled the search by American men for their hearts, their feelings, their spirituality and their vulnerabilities. Now that popular culture and politicians are setting a new pace, perhaps the semantic stereotypes can begin to change.

Merman, never the sort to get the vapors over a show-biz mishap, walked over to the prop, held it up and said, ''Whaddya know -- apoplexy!

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Writing for the majority in a Supreme Court decision early this year, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg used a phrase about a Missouri judicial rule dealing with continuances: ''like the mine run of procedural rules. Landau, a computer engineer who lives in Linwood, N. Lee's celebrated victory over the Union on Dec.

This variant of ''run of the mill'' and ''run of the kiln'' came out of the bituminous coal industry. Mine run, like its cousins, is an extraordinary way of saying ''ordinary.

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George Meade took a long look across Mine Run and decided not to launch an attack against the Confederates. Northerners characterize the ''battle of Mine Run'' as ''inconclusive''; Southerners treat it as a victory. I suspect that mine run has gripped the legal profession because it is not as drearily ordinary as ''run of the mill. The On Language column on Page 24 of The Times Magazine today misspells the given name of the French foreign minister, who has disparaged the notion of an ''axis of evil.

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