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A lot of Psychonauts are self-experimenters, so risk-taking is pretty common among us. The difference is skill, awareness, and maturity.

It was a difficult experience. I had an hour-long peak DMT experience. Did you feel in control? No, I was in a psychedelic state. There was no coming out of it. Are you able to be aware of both realities when on DMT? I teach people how to stay cognizant of who they are and fully engage in the experience. Not everybody can do that. Does it seem like five minutes? It seems like a moment in time but also like an eternity. You can travel through times of spatial dimensions. Populated by what? Populated by everything — by all kinds of entities, presences and people.

It depends on your religious orientation or science orientation. Religious people see what they think are aliens and non-religious people see God.

Can psychedelics actually help us communicate with aliens?

Is there any familiarity with that space when you use DMT more than once? The same spirits come to me and welcome me. They use lights and colour to communicate. Who is the ideal Psychonaut candidate for DMTx? Are they doing interesting things in the world? So Long Been Dreaming. Nalo Hopkinson. Awakening of the Soul. Grace J. We Have Always Lived on Mars. Cecil Castellucci. The People Eaters. Lucy Lelens.

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Belief in aliens could be America’s next religion

JF Bone. The Antitruth. Michaelandre McCoy. Ann Valentin. Requiem of the Human Soul. Jeremy R Lent. Communicating with the Nature Kingdoms Course. The Abbotts.

Colossians 1:16

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Bible Verses about Aliens

Me, Rain and a Hired Taxi. Davoud Safdarian. ET-Human Link.

The Heavens Declare ... What?

Aliens: What the hell is going on? William J. Price of Allegiance. Alex Shvartsman. Humanity, A Failed Experiment. Robert Stetson. Alien Report. Stellar Dawn. Eric Ramon Crumley. Claire Manning. Talking to the Goddess. Jonathon Oaks. Unknown Visitors. Genesis He is also distinguished as being given living breath from God. Man was given a purpose and a commission. Every creature in Genesis 1 had only one home to live in which would supply all their needs because of the uniquely designed planet earth.

Even the birds of the air would need the land in which to nest, eat, and live. God ordained only one place in the whole cosmos that man was to rule over.

The scripture clearly does not address any other place in all of creation for living creatures to exist and flourish but the earth. God gave man the earth with all its beauty and fullness with the immense diversity of life to rule over. One Plan of Salvation Many believers in extraterrestrials are searching for intelligent life similar to humans.

The outer space zealots look for a creature like E.


Would these creatures in some way have a relationship with God? This presents a major scriptural problem. God created man with everlasting love as it states in Jeremiah This excludes E. He chose only man with a predetermined time and place. In Genesis 3, we see that man falls into sin and not only experiences a separation from God, but the whole creation is suffering and in bondage to decay as stated in Romans This is a consequence of sin in which the entire creation, not just the earth, would be subject to the curse.

We are also informed in 2 Peter that the whole cosmos will be restored with a new heaven and new earth where righteousness will dwell. This is the hope of all those who believe in Christ their Savior. By its design, we witness that God would send His only begotten Son to die as the sacrificial lamb for the sins of man and defeat death through His resurrection. There is one universal plan for the whole cosmos that centers on Christ coming to earth to save mankind as it states in Hebrews He instituted a universal plan that is void of extraterrestrials like E.