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Zinnia — A zippy Z possibility for girls, and also a botanical choice. She was in charge of splendor. Anastasia — A deeply religious name — it refers to the resurrection — Anastasia is fairly popular in recent decades.

Girls Names Ending in ia: Twists on the Familiar

Euphrasia — That eu means good, and Euphrasia means good cheer. Fidelia — From the Latin fidelis — faithful. Gloria — A literary adoption in the late nineteenth century, Gloria comes from the Latin and literally means glory. Octavia — Welcoming baby 8? This could be the name for you. Ofelia, Ophelia — In Greek, ophelos means help. Portia — Her name may come from the same roots as pork, but the accomplished Portia drips with meaning to anyone who has read The Merchant of Venice. Valeria — From the Latin valere — to be strong.

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Valeria and Valerius were worn by early saints. Bria — The word Brio means spirited. Bria could be a feminine form, or just a creative invention. Gaia — A primordial earth goddess in Greek myth, mother to the Titans. Gaia rhymes with Maya. Emma Thompson gave the name to her daughter.

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Gia — This short form of Giovanna can appeal to parents with an affection for names like Mia. Pia — A mini name with a powerful meaning. Asteria — Many of the -ia names have ties to myth and legend.

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Asteria is an especially common name in Greek myth, worn by an Amazon, and a number of minor goddesses. The most famous one was associated with falling stars. The Greek word aster means star. Cassiopeia — The mother of Andromeda in Greek myth, and a constellation in our night sky. The name is probably related to Cassia. Cynthia was a title associated with the goddess. Delia is also associated with Artemis.

Hesperia — One of the nymphs tending a garden paradise at the edge of the world. Idonia — The Norse goddess of spring was called Idunn. Iphigenia — The daughter of King Agamemnon. The king insulted the goddess Artemis. To make amends, he was required to sacrifice his daughter. Most accounts suggest that the goddess intervened at the last moment. Ligeia — In Greek myth, one of the sirens. Edgar Allan Poe later used the name in one of his scary stories. Talia can be an alternate spelling or a separate Hebrew name.

Artemisia — Her name honors the goddess Artemis , but we remember Artemisia as the builder of the Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Maybe, but I think it is more about the search for alternatives to Olivia and Amelia. The Cecilia spelling is more popular, but both are valid.

The original Cecilia was a third century Christian martyr — and the patron saint of musicians. The similar sounding Celia is another possibility. Claudia — She comes from a Roman family name. Her bravery made her a heroine.

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The pronunciation is closer to Clelia , and that spelling is sometimes seen, too. He was borrowing it from the name of a legendary queen of the Britons. Cornelia — From a Roman family name, Cornelia feels like a vintage nineteenth century revival with a dose of Dutch influence. The original Cornelia was considered a model of matronly deportment. Euphemia — Another early martyr name. Flavia — Like Aurelia, this is an old Roman family name meaning golden, but the connection is much less obvious with Flavia.

Hypatia — A fifth century philosopher, astronomer and mathematician, one of the most accomplished women of the ancient world. Lavinia also had a good run in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, lending her a vintage vibe.


Lucia — Another martyr, one who met a gory end. In the Middle Ages, girls were called Lucy , but now this elaborate form is catching on, too. Lucretia — A wronged Roman maiden whose suffering played a role in the course of history. Parthenia — A title associated with the goddess Athena , meaning maiden — and hence, the name of the Parthenon. Foods to avoid during pregnancy and why. The best or should that be worst. Home Birth. Baby names. Baby care. Baby development.

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