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If you're trying to lose fat, "Weight training is almost certainly better because of your increased muscle mass and its ability to continue to burn more calories at rest," he explained. Another reason Dr. Harrison advises doing more strength training than cardio is because cardio has the potential to burn both fat and muscle. To lose body fat and maintain or build lean muscle , you're going to have to be diligent with strength training. Harrison said when asked how often you should work out to lose belly fat.

I Did Alternate Day Fasting, and This Is What My Belly Looked Like After 3 Weeks

If your schedule is more demanding, Dr. Harrison recommends lifting four days a week and doing full-body workouts. If you're a beginner or haven't worked out in a while and six days of lifting sounds like too much too soon, don't worry. To lose body fat, you've got to hit the weights, and you're going to want to strength train a minimum of two times a week.

How Often Should I Work Out to Lose Belly Fat?

If you're wondering which exact exercises to do, Dr. Harrison recommends compound exercises. Because they're multijoint movements that work large groups of muscle and elicit a greater energy expenditure. This means that you have to work harder to perform them, and as a result, your body will burn more calories and fat. Exercises like barbell back squats , deadlifts , walking lunges , bench press , and pull-ups are all examples of compound exercises.

At the end of the day, you'll have to pay attention to how your body responds to both strength training and cardio.

Could this be Bowel / Stomach Cancer

You may need to tweak Dr. Harrison's recommendations, and that's OK. If you're looking for more guidance at the gym, try our four-week muscle-building workout plan.

Belly - P.O.P.

Watch This! Around The Web. In , Meira became an apprentice dancer, and she is very excited and happy to expand her dancing world as part of Dans Askina. Robin Robin Kaehler has always enjoyed dancing, but did not have any formal training until finding a community education belly dance class in Initially studying Egyptian-style dance, she has performed locally with several community education programs. After beginning a Turkish-style dance class with Amina Beres in , Robin became intrigued by the rhythms, costumes and how much fun this style of dance was.

Alexandra Alexandra Howes began her dance journey when she fell in love with theatre. As part of her curriculum, she studied various dance styles including ballet, jazz, modern, and belly dance. She moved to Japan after graduating, returning to the states in when she began to study Middle Eastern dance in earnest. Much of her dance training is through the Banat al Kamar program; she also has taken classes with the instructors at the Cassandra School.

After taking a dance workshop with Artemis Mourat, she fell in love with the Turkish and Romani dance styles and continued her Turkish dance studies with Amina Beres from Alexandra looks forward to sharing her love of this dance with others. Her goal for the class and Muse is to introduce as many people to belly dancing as possible. Holly began studying modern dance in sixth grade and continued through college, also dabbling in ballet, jazz, ballroom, and Afro-Carribean.

Holly randomly attended a bellydance class in and was hooked; since then she has performed at the MN Renaissance Festival and with the adult student group Khazanah at local haflas.

Diastasis recti: A case of "mommy tummy"

Our performance and educational activities include: Sponsoring Turkish dance workshops with national and international experts in Turkish dances Sponsoring yearly performance events for the West-Metro Adult Community Education Middle Eastern Dance students and their instructors Educational presentations and performances at area schools and youth group organizations Free public performances at artist lofts, charitable fundraising events, and community festivals Our Dans Askina Logo is original artwork graciously donated to us by Minneapolis-based artist Mary Sandberg.

Breaking News. Follow us on Facebook Join us to stay up to date on our performance schedule.

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