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Resources have been developed to help improve the uptake of health checks in the community. Having the health check should take between minutes. A health practitioner might check your:. Once you finish the check, the Practice Nurse, Aboriginal Health Worker or Doctor might tell you about other ways to help look after your health.

They might suggest services to help you with your:. You may also get help with free or discounted medicines you might need.

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Your Doctor can give you information about Closing the Gap scripts if you have or at risk of having a chronic disease. You can choose where you get your health check. If you can, try to go to the same Doctor or clinic. The health check is free at your local Aboriginal Medical Service. It is also free at bulk billing health clinics. If you are unsure whether it will be free at your local Doctor, give them a call to ask about the health check before you book.

Medicare can help record this for you, and their staff are culturally trained to help. For more information about for health professionals and medical practitioners delivering the health checks please go to Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients. Report 1 : Indigenous health checks and follow-ups. Through Medicare MBS item , Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can receive Indigenous-specific health checks from their doctor, as well as referrals for Indigenous-specific follow-up services.

Report 2 : Regional variation in uptake of Indigenous health checks and in preventable hospitalisations and deaths. Potentially preventable hospitalisations PPH and potentially avoidable deaths PAD are hospitalisations and deaths that are considered potentially preventable through timely access to appropriate health care. While the risk of these health outcomes depends on population characteristics to some degree, relatively high rates indicate a lack of access to effective health care.

DC Education Program

Download the report aihw-ihw However, any effects of the health checks on the rates of PPH and PAD are likely to become more apparent over time as there has recently been a dramatic increase in the rates of Indigenous health checks in many parts of Australia. It is reasonable to expect that there will be some lag time between an increase in the uptake of health checks and when positive effects on health outcomes can be seen. We use a regression model to identify areas with unexpectedly high or low rates of PPH given the demographic composition of their populations and other characteristics of the areas such as remoteness.

Regions with unexpectedly high rates include Central Australia, the Kimberley and some inner parts of Darwin, Perth and Brisbane. Unexpectedly high or low rates of PPH can be due to a number of factors including:. These factors are all potentially important. How they influence reported health outcomes needs to be better understood to ensure that policy and management decisions are based on the best available information.

Part 2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can receive an annual health check, designed specifically for Indigenous Australians and funded through Medicare Department of Health This Indigenous-specific health check was introduced in recognition that Indigenous Australians, as a group, experience some particular health risks. The aim of the Indigenous-specific health check is to encourage early detection and treatment of common conditions that cause ill health and early death—for example, diabetes and heart disease.

The doctor can then provide the person with information, advice, and care to maintain and improve their health. The doctor may also refer the person to other health care professionals for follow-up care as needed—for example, physiotherapists, podiatrists or dieticians. The data include all Indigenous-specific health checks and follow-ups billed to Medicare by Aboriginal Community Controlled Health services or other Indigenous health services, as well as by mainstream GPs and other health professionals.

Note that the data are limited to Indigenous-specific MBS items, so do not provide a complete picture of health checks and follow-ups provided to Indigenous Australians. Number of health checks. In —18, there were about , Indigenous-specific health checks provided to about , Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The minimum time allowed between checks is 9 months, and so people can receive more than 1 health check in a year. Between —11 and —18, the number of Indigenous Australians receiving a health check more than tripled—from about 71, to , patients.

See More Info. Geographic variation. As a result, the data may not reflect where the person actually lived—particularly for people who use PO Boxes. This is likely to impact some areas more than others, and will also have a greater impact on the SA3 data than the larger geographic classifications. Number of follow-ups.

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Health checks are useful for finding health issues; however, improving health outcomes also requires appropriate follow-up of any issues identified during a health check Bailie et al. Indigenous Australians may receive follow-up care through other MBS items that are also available to non-Indigenous patients.

For example, if a person is diagnosed with a chronic health condition, the GP might prepare a GP Management Plan, or refer the person to a specialist. Data in this report relate to Indigenous-specific items only. In —18, there were about , Indigenous-specific follow-up services provided to , Indigenous Australians.

This was an increase from around 18, follow-ups provided to 9, patients in —11 Figure 7. See more info. Mobile This funding is a welcomed initiative. The feedback IEH has received from delegates and speakers has been very positive and supports the joint commitment to close the gap for vision by Please feel free to forward this email and information to your colleagues and networks and we also continue to welcome your further feedback, input and commentary.

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We acknowledge the inadequacy of these homogenising Western terms used to describe such a diverse range of Peoples, languages and cultures. However, we hope this terminology is sufficient for the purposes of this survey in describing the multi-dimensional relationship that this survey covers. We offer an unreserved apology in lieu of our inadequate terminology causing any undue annoyance or umbrage; this was not our intention.

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to:- keith. We are calling on all political parties to include these recommendations in their election platforms and make a real commitment to improving the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and help us Close the Gap. Yaama from me, Dr Merilyn Childs! As I write this, I think of my mother Helen. When I was a child in the s, Helen taught me about racism, stolen land, and stolen Aboriginal lives and languages.

She was a passionate advocate of land rights. With her, and my two-year-old toddler, I marched as an ally of First Nations people on January 26th, in Sydney. Two decades later at Charles Sturt University I was fortunate enough to work for some years with the amazing team embedding Indigenous Cultural Competence into curriculum.

Armajun is planning to build a new and expanded health service centre next door to its current premises in River Street to cater for for patients and offer more health services to the community. Armajun provides services to many communities across the Northern Tablelands and do a wonderful job! VAHS, Essendon Football Club and The Long Walk have continued to work collaboratively that empowers our community to be more aware of their personal and family health by completing an annual health assessment.

An annual Health Assessment is a deadly way to monitor your own health and identify or prevent a chronic disease. Anyone can complete an Health Check. You only allowed an annual Health Check every 9 months. This is Gabrielle and Mary they help prepare healthy lunches for the kids at Kalkarindji School everyday. They are both great cooks and are working with myself to make their meals high iron and vitamin C so kids can have strong blood to learn and play.

For 22 years with us, Sarah has been delivering culturally safe and responsive health care and programs to her people in the Utju community. Sarah remains committed to the health and wellbeing of her people as elected Chairperson of the Utju Health Services board. Was lovely to see so many people and services attend this event. There are a few goodies also so please go check them out and say hello.

Ensuring high quality primary health care, delivered in a culturally competent way, is a key to improving the health and wellbeing of First Australians. Federal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey said it was important that all medical services across Australia were provided with the right tool kit to do their work. This can be especially valuable where we have transingent populations as is particularly the case with some indigenous families.

The Minister for Indigenous Health, the Hon Ken Wyatt said the Federal Government is committed to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities to develop practical, evidence-based policy and deliver programs that will make a real difference to the lives of First Australians. The Bush medicines an integral part of Aboriginal culture and traditional customs.

These were;. At the completion, bush medicines became available in the Balgo Health Centre, for patients to select and use individually or in conjunction with western medicine. It will provide a forum for traditional practices to be used and passed onto future generations. In education, we have many new and powerful initiatives that work directly to build bridges for the futures of our young people. Our unprecedented investments in Indigenous health will be community designed and delivered, more than ever before. Our new policies and programs in the environment will help visitors to understand the complex national cultural web from which our landscapes arise from.

It will be a challenge for us, to do all we have set out in our new policies and programs. Since , IUIH has led the planning and delivery of primary health care to Indigenous people in this area. It currently has a network of 20 multidisciplinary primary health clinics, providing Indigenous-led and culturally appropriate services to 30, people. I thank the Turrbal and Yagera dancers for their inspiring Welcome to their Country here in Brisbane.

On behalf of the Shorten Labor team, I pay my respects to both the Yagera people and the Turrbal people and their Elders, past, present and emerging. I come to you today after visiting people in the remote towns of the East Kimberley, on the campaign trail. Sometimes it gets too hard and you want to chuck it all in. A Shorten Labor government has plans and commitments to bring back a fair go for all Australians and a fair go for First Nations people.

We know that Government decision-making processes have led to pain, to poverty and to powerlessness. Labor will reset this relationship. Our new programs will be set with First Nations leadership, across the country. We will work with First Nations on the principles of co-design and free, prior and informed consent. We will be building together a framework of Regional Assemblies, where First Nations peoples are empowered to make decisions, to identify their priorities, to sponsor place-based solutions, and deliver lasting change recognizing the cultural and well-being drivers within First Nations communities.

Labor, under a Shorten Government, will apply the principles of Honour, Equality, Respect, and Recognition as we develop our new relationship and approaches to reconciliation through:. We want to deliver for Australians across the country who yearn for a decent, responsible and committed Government. As well as health services, they will provide early years education, employment and social services — giving all kids the best start in life and supporting people across the life course. Labor believes innovative and culturally appropriate healthcare models are central to improving the health outcomes of First Australians and closing the gap.

For more information about the Deadly Choices Program. Read full Labor Press Release Here. Established in , the Carnival draws on the popularity of rugby league in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, to promote the value of health and education to young Indigenous people. As proud hosts, the Moreton Bay Regional Council sees major benefit in its association with such a prestigious sporting tournament that attracts visitation from right across Queensland. Sport has the power to give us something to strive for. The health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is not a partisan political issue and cannot be sidelined any longer.

And the death rate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children is more than double the rate of non-Indigenous children. How can this be? We need a comprehensive approach.

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Any changes to the Corporations Act either automatically apply to the CATSI Act or are closely followed by amendments dependent upon the relevant rules. The reforms are intended to benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations by reducing red tape, especially for small corporations. Other proposed changes seek to increase transparency for members. This week Katungul launched a new health campaign at its Batemans Bay Clinic that aims to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to receive regular medical check-ups and improve their health. From The Bega District News.

It aims to target chronic disease, nutrition, physical activity and smoking which can have a negative impact on Indigenous Australian communities. Originally published HERE. The service is currently finalising designs for the purpose-built centre, which has already received development approval from the Inverell Shire Council.

With construction expected to begin before the end of the year, the new centre could be ready by early She said Armajun had been lucky to find such a convenient location, but had outgrown the rented space. The upstairs area has limited use due to a lack of accessibility for patients and, because they are not purpose-built, several consultation rooms have awkward layouts.

Dental services are currently limited to a small office with two desks for a dental manager, two dentists, two dental assistants and an oral health therapist. Staff are looking forward to having a two chair dental clinic as well as a new sterilisation room to create mouth guards and dentures — which are currently made in the carpark due to space limitations. We have the medical clinic, the dental clinic, we have the drug and alcohol service, we have a mental health service.

She hopes the new space might attract more permanent general practitioners, and says it will allow Armajun to expand their services. From The Tenterfield Star. Mr Dowd and his team of cutters — and their customised Walkabout Barber truck — were part of a health roadshow the service was hosting, including dental and hearing checks. The truck had visited Inverell, Tingah and Armidale communities earlier in the year.

On this tour it stopped in at Ashford before Tenterfield, continuing on to Glen Innes the next day. Mr Dowd said his barbers can also provide the styles and patterns that clients may find difficult to access in city areas. He said that Armajun is an amazing partner to have on this journey, which is turning out to be a huge success. Some of the crew come from Dubbo and Moree and just the previous day Mr Dowd had recruited someone from Ashford.

A fixed Walkabout Barber location is about to open in Newcastle, and more trucks are on the way. He hopes the Walkabout truck will be a regular visitor to Tenterfield, in conjunction with Armajun. He feels positive repetition will be helpful, providing a safe place to not only receive a trim but also to have a talk especially about matters that people are finding difficult to discuss with family. After 10 weeks of construction of our new Epping Clinic, it is now officially done!!! VAHS received the keys to our new building today.

We need to add more medical equipment, supplies, I. Stay tune for further updates! Very exciting! Also check out the Take Heart Info. Check out these prizes at the Deadly Choices launch. Young indigenous health and social workers from across the region united in Broome recently to brainstorm ideas for encouraging youth to speak up about their mental health. From HERE. The seminar consisted of a panel discussion about unique challenges faced by indigenous people in the region, a number of speakers, including senator Pat Dodson, as well as team-building and self-care activities.

EYLP working group member Jacob Smith said the event took a very positive approach and left many feeling ready to create change. Soleil White, also a member of the working group, said self-care was a major topic highlighted throughout the three days. The Kimberley Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Trial was launched by the Federal Government in in response to the high rate of suicide in the region. Congress Alukura has always been at the forefront of providing comprehensive and cultural responsive health care to Aboriginal women and babies, embedded in the knowledge of our traditional Grandmothers.

Most disturbing, the salt content of fast foods like chicken nuggets in Australia can be more than twice as salty as similar meals in the UK. Meals with fries were among the saltiest options. McDonalds was the only chain that provided apple slices, yoghurt and cherry tomatoes as an option, instead of fries.

Studies suggest that children with elevated blood pressure may go onto suffer it as adults. The same goes for fries. Fast food outlets can and must reduce the salt content of their meals. About the Victorian Salt Reduction Partnership. The Victorian Salt Reduction Partnership was established in in response to alarming high levels of salt consumption by the Victorian public. To achieve this, the partnership has developed a comprehensive set of actions aimed at gaining consensus and commitment for salt reduction action from governments, public and industry in Victoria.

Without effective treatment, the condition can make it difficult to work and maintain relationships with family and friends. Depression can cause sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, and a lack of interest in activities that are usually pleasurable. At its most extreme, it can lead to suicide. This means too much of the foods we should limit:. A healthy diet is naturally high in five food types that boost our mental health in different ways:.

Complex carbohydrates release glucose slowly into our system, unlike simple carbohydrates found in sugary snacks and drinks , which create energy highs and lows throughout the day. Salmon is an excellent source of omega 3. Caroline Attwood. Over a week period, 31 participants were given nutritional consulting sessions and asked to change from their unhealthy diets to a healthy diet. The other 25 attended social support sessions and continued their usual eating patterns.

At the end of the trial, the depressive symptoms of the group that maintained a healthier diet significantly improved. The Select Committee into the Obesity Epidemic, comprising senators from all major parties and chaired by Greens leader Richard Di Natale, has tabled a far-reaching report with 22 recommendations. Senate Obesity report. She explained that to participate in the program, prospective participants need to have a health check covered by Medicare, which is an opportunity to assess their current state of health and map out a treatment plan if necessary.

Recommendation 21 see all Recommendations Part 2. The committee recommends the proposed National Obesity Taskforce is funded to develop and oversee culturally appropriate prevention and intervention programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The committee recommends the Commonwealth develop additional initiatives and incentives aimed at increasing access, affordability and consumption of fresh foods in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

See in full Part 3. See part 4 Below for full press release. In a move that will likely delight health groups and enrage the food and beverage industries, it has recommended the government slap a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages SSB , saying this would reduce sugar consumption, improve public health and push manufacturers to reformulate their products.

While health groups, such as Cancer Council, have demanded a 20 per cent levy, the committee suggested the government find the best fiscal model to achieve a price increase of at least 20 per cent. At the heart of the report is the recognition of the need for a National Obesity Taskforce, comprising government, health, industry and community representatives, which would sit within the Department of Health and be responsible for a National Obesity Strategy as well as a National Childhood Obesity Strategy. The committee has also urged the government to mandate the Health Star Rating HSR system, which is undergoing a five-year review, by The government has also been asked to consider introducing legislation to restrict junk food ads on free-to-air television until 9pm.

The committee recommends that Commonwealth funding for overweight and obesity prevention efforts and treatment programs should be contingent on the appropriate use of language to avoid stigma and blame in all aspects of public health campaigns, program design and delivery.

The committee recommends that the Commonwealth Department of Health work with organisations responsible for training medical and allied health professionals to incorporate modules specifically aimed at increasing the understanding and awareness of stigma and blame in medical, psychological and public health interventions of overweight and obesity. The committee recommends the establishment of a National Obesity Taskforce, comprising representatives across all knowledge sectors from federal, state, and local government, and alongside stakeholders from the NGO, private sectors and community members.

The Taskforce should sit within the Commonwealth Department of Health and be responsible for all aspects of government policy direction, implementation and the management of funding. The committee recommends that the newly established National Obesity Taskforce develop a National Obesity Strategy, in consultation with all key stakeholders across government, the NGO and private sectors.

The committee recommends Food Standards Australia New Zealand undertake a review of voluntary front-of-pack labelling schemes to ensure they are fit-forpurpose and adequately represent the nutritional value of foods and beverages. Feb 17, Maria Ryan rated it did not like it. He would have us all scared to death of any disease for which there is a vaccine.

I am unsure what that expertise entails. He also refers to himself as an expert in vaccines. There is evidence that he has misrepresented his various titles in the past. He is one of the co-developers and patent holders on the RotaTeq vaccine, the vaccine that is supposed to protect against Rotavirus, a very mild disease here in the United States. His vaccine was also pulled from the schedule due to a dangerous condition called intussusception. He made an untold sum when that patent was sold.

Deadly Choices | Health Initiative | Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander | Mulungu

He served during the time that his RotaTeq vaccine was up for vote to be added to the childhood immunization schedule. Offit should have recused himself from serving on this committee however he did not. Instead he was granted an exemption and voted to have his own vaccine added to the schedule. So what is this book about? In a nutshell, it is an admonishment of all who have ever questioned the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, specifically those on the childhood vaccination schedule. Offit flatly denies a correlation between an injury such as a traumatic brain injury and any vaccine.

There is a temporal association, meaning that these two events, vaccinination and subsequent injury, happened to have occurred at the same time but bear no relation. Parental stories hold no weight whatsoever. Parents are not experts. Offit is. This book is addressed to all parents as well as anyone who has ever questioned, or expressed concern about a vaccine or whether they are necessary. All of us are told that the science has been done and broaches no further question.

All scientific studies showing a possible correlation are deemed junk science. They are also immune to conflicts of interest, and data fraud and manipulation. No matter how bloated the childhood schedule becomes, there is no question as to the continued "safety" of more shots and combining more vaccines. In other words, whatever Offit says goes, without question.

According to Offit, you do not have the right to choose which vaccines your child will receive or when. You must adhere to the CDC schedule and never ever ever question it. Herd immunity, community immunity, public health, and responsibility are all concepts bandied about as Offit slaps down those who refuse to comply or who believe differently. No mention is ever made about supporting the immune system. All alternative therapies and supplements are scientifically unproven and seen as quackery.

Vaccines are the ONLY way to infer protection. Your health is dependent on a filled syringe. Nothing more to talk about. His vaccine history glosses over significant details so that vaccines are put on a pedestal and shown only in the most flattering light. The real history tells a much darker story about vaccines. He beleieves that the vaccine adverse events reporting system in its early days has paid out large sums of money to families that should not have been eligible because the vaccines did not cause the injuries they were said to cause, even though the injuries are listed on the vaccine manufactureres OWN list of side effects.

He uses this book as a major axe to grind with several people including Barbara Leo Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center NVIC whom he states could have had a much loftier career as a vaccine advocate if she had only focused on the vaccines that did have actual problems such as the oral polio vaccine OPV , Pediatrician Bob Sears who had the audacity to offer his patients an alternative vaccine schedule.

Offit really takes him to task for not being the expert that he hismself obviously is. Handley whom he portrays as an angry hit man, and most surprisingly Bernadette Healy, former head of the NIH who stated that the jury is still out on whether or not vaccines cause autism. Some other Offit gems include: Autism is caused by a structural abnormality already existing in the brain. It's never been proven. Could a vaccine trigger a predisposition that might never have been triggered otherwise? Offit fails to mention this possibility at all. He never once offers an alternative cause for the regression, fevers, seizures, SIDS that occur in the wake of vaccines.

He states that if Vioxx were made as safely as all vaccines, then perhaps we could have prevented those 50, deaths when Vioxx hit the market. This infers that Merck had no prior knowledge that their heart attack in a pill caused the death. Yes, they knew ahead of time that Vioxx caused heart attacks. They didn't care. Merck makes vaccines as well. He mentions throughout the book how impeccably safe vaccines are but the fact remains that zero safety studies have ever been done.

Nor has the current schedule now or at any time been tested for safety. He only tells the stories about kids dying from vaccine preventable deaths, Hib meningitis is a favorite of his along with Rotavirus. Offit wants so badly to lauded a hero for creating this useless vaccine. Read his books and decide for yourself. Not a single vaccine-injury story is given credence in this book.

He simply does not believe those stories exist. What the hell do you know? Those asking for safer vaccines, are still considered by him to be anti-vaxxers because since vaccines cause no side effects, including the ones listed on the manufacturers package inserts, safer vaccines cannot be made. An unvaccinated child would have far better protection in a fully vaccinated community opposed to a fully vaccinated child in a non-vaccinated community.

Perhaps the best illustration of this is his story about the mother whose fifteen month old girl died of Hib meningitis despite being fully vaccinated against it. It was the unvaccinated in her community. Vaccine failure was never considered and the mother actually spoke to Congress, stressing the importance of vaccines. The book ends with this tragic story and another jab at Jenny McCarthy having a voice while this girl had none.

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Sep 16, Molly rated it liked it. I got plenty of it, thought this book is one-sided for sure. Paul Offit, as a prominent figure on the "vaccinate" side, has lots of enemies in the world jenny mccarthy, barbara loe fisher and so a lot of this book it just spent defaming the loudest voices in the anti-vaccination movement, which gets old. I wish parts of it had been a little more scientific, like when he made claims about certain statistics or outbreaks he didn't necessarily present all the facts from every side, but he sure had a thorough bibliography so I suppose I could go get it all myself.

Also, I can't really hold it against Offit that he sounds so angry and exasperated because from my experience the idiots on the anti-vaccination side don't do their research and it is very frustrating to have people constantly throwing out emotional claims like, "MMR made my baby retarded and have seizures" with zero scientific evidence, and in fact multiple studies to the contrary. I always assumed I would vaccinate my own children, but this makes me want to keep them from socializing or interacting with unvaccinated kids because it is so selfish and irresponsible to think that choosing not to vaccinate your kids is a personal not community choice, and indicates either extreme narcissism or stupidity or both on the part of the parents.

I'm not advocating blind trust in medicine, but for well-tested vaccines the track record is excellent and the benefits to society are clear. This isn't exactly a book I can write a real review for. I read it for a research paper I am writing for school, and I am definitely satisfied with it, and I know have gained a lot of reliable informati This isn't exactly a book I can write a real review for.

May 23, Julie rated it really liked it. Preaching to the choir here in this book, because I'm pro-vaccine and very anti-anti-vaxxers! But there are excellent examples of how some "doctors" support false science and hurt children and adults , usually for their own ends, and how some anti-vaxxers refuse to use logic and reason because their emotion really gets in the way. It's just sad. Also a lot of great explanations about herd immunity and the effect non-immunized children have on this.

Some Preaching to the choir here in this book, because I'm pro-vaccine and very anti-anti-vaxxers! Some children CAN'T get vaccinated for various reasons like they have leukemia , and the parents who choose not to immunize their children based on belief in pseudoscience or pure lies not only can hurt their own children, but others as well. It's just a very scary thought, and people who question vaccines would do well to read this. Feb 10, Todd Martin rated it it was amazing Shelves: environment-science.

Vaccines have proven to be one of the most successful public health measures ever undertaken. They have virtually eliminated terrible diseases such as polio and small pox and have prevented untold illness, suffering and death from such scourges as measles, mumps, rubella, rotavirus, hepatitis, and Meningococcal Hib.

Yet here we are in with our smart phones and cloud ser Vaccines have proven to be one of the most successful public health measures ever undertaken. Yet here we are in with our smart phones and cloud servers and wifi and flat screen tvs with video on demand and imbeciles who seek to exempt their children from vaccinations do to their primitive, unfounded, irrational fears and religious superstition.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Vaccine denialism is a bi-partisan issue. Pew Research Center polls show that in , 71 percent of both Republicans and Democrats favored requiring the vaccination of children. Five years later, Democratic support had grown to 76 percent, but Republican support had fallen to 65 percent. Then you have the irresponsible, anti-science proclamations of ignorant presidential hopefuls note — they are all republicans and they will never be president.

The US public should lose its herd immunity and we should doom crippled children to live out their lives in iron lungs What he shows are that the claims of the anti-vaxxers are specious and that the benefits of vaccines greatly outweigh the risks involved. All of which is no surprise to anyone half paying attention to the issue, but Offit does a great job outlining the evidence in support of his claims and in debunking the claims of the denialists.

There are certain standards of behavior associated with maintaining a civilized nation. You also should not be allowed to threaten the health and well-being of a population by sending your unvaccinated child to public school. This should be a minimum expectation of citizenship and good manners. View 1 comment. Sep 09, Martin rated it really liked it. It continues to perplex and terrify me that there are people who live among us who don't vaccinate their children due to lies, misinformation and woeful, horrible ignorance.

To these kinds of people I say, a Stay the hell away from me, my family, my loved ones and anyone I hold dear, which includes all of humanity. Unfortunately, many people won't, because they're idiots. Jenny McCarthy, by the way, should rot in It continues to perplex and terrify me that there are people who live among us who don't vaccinate their children due to lies, misinformation and woeful, horrible ignorance. Jenny McCarthy, by the way, should rot in hell, along with her ilk people who bare their hoohas for a living, presumably to dispense medical advice from there.

But what am I to do with Bill Maher? The book is very good, and so important, that I'll buy it so I can readily dispense it to those seeking information. But if you haven't vaccinated your children, let me bring the book to you, as I'm sorry, I just can't let you into my house. I have kids I care about. I doubt you have the same regard for your own. Jan 28, Ed rated it it was amazing. This book is a comprehensive look at the history of the battles between vaccine advocates and anti-vaccine proponents dating all the way back to the 's Edward Jenner's smallpox vaccine.

Offit, often antagonized for profiting from his patent on a Rotavirus vaccine, takes on his opponents with patience, controlled passion, and science. It's not mentioned in the book, but after reviewing a lot of the websites out there about people trying to undercut Dr. Offit's work by insinuating that money This book is a comprehensive look at the history of the battles between vaccine advocates and anti-vaccine proponents dating all the way back to the 's Edward Jenner's smallpox vaccine. Offit's work by insinuating that money was his motivation in all of his work, it is really a pathetic route to go.

Offit promotes science and efficacy. A good example that money has very little to do with his motivations can be his promotion of the CDC recommended scheduling of vaccines and not an alternative schedule which spaces out vaccines. His denouncing of Dr. Bob Sears and Dr. Hehmet Oz's promotion of an alternative schedule really has no monetary motivation. His defense is based on science and his knowledge of the science of vaccines is probably unmatched by any other doctor. Sep 17, Jessica rated it did not like it Shelves: horrible-books.

If you opt to read this book, and then accept what he says as gold, please take the time to research Mt Offit himself. His conflict of interest on this subject virtually defeats his entire argument. Some Vaccines are absolutely medical miracles, but there are issues, and demanding a one size fits all schedule for all children is irresponsible and dangerous. Offit makes billions promoting Vaccines by the vaccine industry, there If you opt to read this book, and then accept what he says as gold, please take the time to research Mt Offit himself.

Offit makes billions promoting Vaccines by the vaccine industry, there is another side to this debate that isn't against Vaccines, but against a mandated one size fits all approach. Feb 26, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-issues. This book was VERY well-done. I just wish we could have it read out loud to prospective parents persuaded by the credentials of Playboy bunnies who frighten them away from vaccines.

This book clearly lays out where the scaremongers are wrong, WHY they are wrong, and why it matters to all of us. This has been an issue becoming increasingly worrying to me recently, since every year, as more and more parents refuse to vaccinate, the yearly pertussis outbreaks in my area get worse and worse. And my asthmatic son may some day pay the price for someone else's parenting choice.

The science is clear, the issue is black and white, and it's high time someone like Dr. Offut had the courage to say so. Elitist attitudes. Corrupt business practices. Personal gain on the backs of their patients. In reference to the actual information in the book, Paul Offit, M. Jan 04, Lauren marked it as to-read. Please, vaccinate your children. If you're thinking about not doing it, please read this book and realize it's much, much riskier to not vaccinate.

Jan 28, Sally rated it really liked it Shelves: health , autism. Upon finishing: my stars are subjective! So good, in fact, that I wonder an immunologist didn't need a ghost writer to create such a good production value. I learned a lot. I developed many new questions. I did lots of online research.

I'll be reviewing in more detail on my blog. Links later. I will take a look at "the other side" with an open mind, however, to see what it has to say. Waiting to get it again. In the chapter I read he was refuting the general ideas behind Dr Sears' delayed vaccine schedule. Offit's reasoning went something like this: The amount of surfaces and people we interact with on a daily basis exposes us to hundreds if not thousands of pathogens every day, and we don't all succumb to all of it - in fact our immune systems "handle" it all so well that we succumb to very little of what we're exposed to.

He then asserts that our children could theoretically "handle" thousands of vaccines at once, and would not be overly burdened or in danger. That niggled me, of course, but I had to give it some thought and tease out the logic. If you don't subject yourself to the toxic bleach wipes provided these days. I use them sometimes and others not Does he feed his kids American cheese and hamburger helper and call it "nourishing? I must admit that his aim is noble. He spent time as a child in a hospital ward recovering from an injury and watched kids suffer in iron lungs from polio. His intentions are good.

I'm not convinced his science which is the mainstream belief is entirely sound. More later when I read more of the book. From ch 1, imagine that.

What is Deadly Choices?

He's setting the stage to discredit them. Claiming "coincidence. How can they be so sure that things like autism and epilepsy and brain damage happen in such numbers without vaccine, and how can the symptoms coincidentally become prominent just following inoculation, and not be connected? Reading on In a study that solicited children whose parents asserted that the DTP vaccine caused seizures and mental retardation, it was found that 11 of the 14 children had a genetic defect that interfered with sodium use in brain cells.

In 9 of those 11, the parents did not share the defective gene. The assumption made by the researcher and easily accepted by the author is that the genetic defect occurred "de novo," or in utero. Gene mutation can be acquired during life Also p. I understand the author's irritation that the media did not cover this discovery that a genetic mutation caused this particular type of seizures and mental retardation. View all 6 comments. Jan 12, Tena rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , This was a fascinating and horrifying read.

It addressed the history of vaccines, as well as the anti-vaccine movement, which started very shortly after the first vaccine for smallpox, via cowpox was developed. The amount of misinformation in the world that is used by anti-vaccine activists is truly saddening. Having taken a fair amount of immunology coursework in my educational path to my two degrees, I felt that I was well prepared to read this book; however, the book is written in such a wa This was a fascinating and horrifying read.

Having taken a fair amount of immunology coursework in my educational path to my two degrees, I felt that I was well prepared to read this book; however, the book is written in such a way that even someone with no scientific background whatsoever can benefit from the information therein. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If you have children, you should read it. Maybe it won't change the mind of anti-vaccine parents, but it will at least clarify some things for most people. I was also pleased to note that the last 50 or so pages of text are all references.

The only thing I wasn't so keen on was the depiction of chiropractors; I feel that the author should have drawn a better distinction between chiropractors who believe that there are no germs and that everything wrong with your body can be fixed by an adjustment and those who believe that having a properly aligned back can help you live a pain free, and therefore healthier life. In the grand scheme of things, though, that doesn't really matter. Overall, this book is amazing.

I had no idea the extent of the anti-vaccine movement although at least 2 of my sisters and possibly my older brother as well have not vaccinated their children, and my youngest brother is not vaccinated either and the misconceptions spread by its members until I read this book. I only knew that people claimed that thimerosal caused autism very, very well refuted by multiple studies.

I didn't know that going back to my own childhood there were claims that vaccines caused mental and physical disabilities. Dec 01, Joanna rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.