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Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. Synonym: expedite adj. Synonym: ascribe noun : An inherent quality -Generosity was his outstanding attribute. Synonyms: veritable, bona fide Antonyms; apocryphal, counterfeit, spurious, bogus BANTER: Good-natured teasing or ridicule-The two wits I exchanged banter, to the amusement of the audience. Synonyms: odd, fantastic, grotesque, eccentric BOG: A swamp - sank into the spongy bog. Of or having to do with citizens or the state - We I civil duties as well as civil liberties.

Polite, courteous - answered in a civil fashion.

So, how do I demonstrate a high-level of vocabulary with respect to range?

General agreement - The consensus of the committee was that no action should be taken. Synonyms: praiseworthy, meritorious, commendable Antonyms: discreditable, infamous, opprobrious, ignominious CURT: Rudely abrupt -offended by the curt response. Synonyms: disparage, derogate adj. Synonym: circuitous 2 Straying from the right course - used devious means to attain his wicked ends.

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Synonyms: pious, religious Antonym: impious DILEMMA: A situation calling for a choice between two equally difficult alternatives; hence, a difficult or perplexing situation - faced with a dilemma defying solution. Synonym: charm, talisman, amulet 2 An object of unreasoning devotion and worship — Photography, begun as a hobby, became a fetish. Synonyms: accost, salute HOAX noun : A trick or deception; a practical joke - played a hoax upon the credulous public. Synonym: canard verb : To play a trick on; to deceive - He hoaxed the crowd completely with his disguise.

Synonyms: probity, uprightness, incorruptibility JARGON: Confused, unintelligible, meaningless talk; special vocabulary used only by members of a group or trade - Variety, a newspaper written in theatrical jargon.

What counts as high-level vocabulary in the IELTS speaking test?

Synonyms: ample, superabundant 2 Given to extravagance - a lavish spender.