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If you're interested int he lessons of history, or simply looking for powerful LDS fiction, you'll love these books. They portray the explosive problems of the sixties and early seventies in stunning detail, but also offer the hope that families can hold together and that good people, with the Lord's help, can no only survive but prosper. But now that world events are affecting his family, things may not be so rosy after all. Kathy Thomas, daughter of Wally and Lorraine Thomas, has been thinking a lot lately — maybe too much — about politics, nuclear war, and racial injustice.

What bothers her most is that nobody else in the family seems to care as much as she does. Hans Stolz, son of Peter and Katrina Stolz, has been trying to get his parents to leave East Germany before it's too late — before the government won't let them leave. And now, suddenly, the border is closed. But he has a lot to learn — about himself and about life.

So do Kathy and Diane, both away from home for college, and Hans, whose attempt to help his friend escape East Germany has tragic consequences. Troubled Waters continues the gripping story of life in the sixties for the Thomas grandchildren, a time of growth and self-discovery, of facing tough decisions and figuring out how to get along in a rapidly changing world.

This second volume of the Hearts of the Children series will go straight to your heart! Volume 3: How Many Roads? Hans's road has led him to prison, and in many ways it has also brought him back to God. But can he endure what the future may bring? Kathy's future is unclear as she struggles to find her way through the extremes that beckon her, including advances from a handsome young college professor. By all accounts Diane should be happy, but her marriage is beginning to show signs of trouble, and she doesn't know how to fix it.

And Gene's road, though he is thrilled with his new marriage and impending fatherhood, seems to be heading unavoidable toward Vietnam. Volume 4: Take Me Home Just as Hans's life is improving, he begins to suspect that German authorities are watching him again. Going back to prison would be painful, but worse is the thought that he might miss his opportunity for a future with Elli. Gene is surviving the terrors of a jungle war day by day, with long periods of boredom followed by moments of utter terror. Can he really make it home, when so many are dying all around him?

And if so, will Emily and Danny even recognize the man he has become?

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For some a place is a haven, for others it is a muse: a front porch, a garden, a cabin in the woods, a library, or the Carolina Coliseum. In this wonderful book of "mini-memoirs" you can discover the places that have inspired and continue to inspire a marvelous group of South Carolina writers. Hoffius Cecile S.

Thomas Smith Jr.

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This heartfelt book is a must-read for everyone lucky enough to have been born here or who now calls South Carolina home. Add to Cart. The reward granted from Above for publishing chassidic texts. Instructions to the Lubavitch community in Shanghai, including thanks for the printing of chassidic texts there. Solicitation of donations for printing chassidic texts; the need to go beyond the measure of the law.

Instructions regarding donations for publishing chassidic texts. Prizes for grade school students in France. Instructions to the Lubavitch community in France; the advantage of souls over angels. The Divine service of Rosh HaShanah. Instructions regarding the publication of chassidic texts in Germany. Browse Book.

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From correspondence of the Lubavitcher Rebbe; translated by Eli Touger. Sichos in English has published hundreds of volumes on Chassidism and its way of life. Visit Site.

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Correspondence G-d and Us. Business and Employment. Zalmon Jaffe. Mel Landow. Death and Mourning. Kabbalah and the Mystical. The Land of Israel.

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    Lubavitcher Rebbe Subscribe to TheRebbe. Subscribe to get our weekly magazine! Kazen , pioneer of Torah , Judaism and Jewish information on the web. Giving tzedakah at night Letter No. Raising money for the publication of chassidic texts Letter No. Instructions concerning the Lubavitch community in Jerusalem Letter No.