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Screen Ages is a valuable guide for students exploring the complex and vibrant history of US cinema A soc- logical study of the growth of the city, however, is concerned with the de nition and description of processes, as those of a expansion, b metabolism, and c mobility.

Postfeminism and Contemporary Hollywood Cinema

The typical tendency of urban growth is the Burgess Abstract The aggregation of urban population has been Transforming Harry: The Adaptation of Harry Potter in the Transmedia Ageis an edited volume of eight essays that look at how the cinematic versions of the seven Harry Potter novels represent an unprecedented cultural event in the history of cinematic adaptation. Toggle navigation.

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Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. Film Matters is proud to have published the work of undergraduate students from the following schools as a result of a double-blind peer review process:. Film Matters celebrates the inspirational work — both in the classroom and during the publication process — of the mentors on behalf of our student authors.

Her current research interests include media studies, globalization and postcolonial theory, East Asian popular cultures, animation, and fan studies. Jose Arroyo is an associate professor at the University of Warwick. Her research interests include film and media theory, appropriation, experimental film, and digital media. Jay Beck was the content advisor for this project. He is currently an Associate Professor at Carleton College.

Jay teaches a course on Spanish cinema as well as several other courses that examine the concept of global, transnational cinema. Proper Names. He also serves as the editor of the journal Screen Bodies.

He was elected a Fellow of the Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image in and currently serves as an officer. He has served as co-director of the University of California African Studies Multi-Campus Research Group, and co-organized two conferences on the African continent which have resulted in a series of publications incorporating a wide range of international contributors and approaches.

His current research focuses on the Ghanaian and Malaysian context for English-language film, radio, and television from the post-war era. She specializes in silent film history, gender, and classical film theory.

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She is currently writing about modernity and the theorization of motion pictures in gilded age American magazines. He also works as a translator. Lecturer Vincent Brook has worked as a film editor and screenwriter. As an educator, he has written numerous articles, anthology essays, and encyclopedia entries. She is developing her second book project, The Black Girl Community Handbook: Creating Accountable Truths , an ethnographic account of the creative processes black girls rely on to make intelligible the ways power, spirituality, memory, and performativity structure meanings of belonging.

He is co-founder of the Praxis Centre for Screenwriters, serves on the boards of B. She has published personal essays, has a memoir in progress, The Posterity Box , and has completed a monograph, Wakeing the Reader: Reading Finnegans Wake. Mentoring his film studies students — especially towards publishing their research — has become a focal point of his teaching practice.

Jim Collins is a professor of film and television and a concurrent professor in English. He specializes in media theory, contemporary narrative, and digital culture. Her research focuses on American racial and cultural geography in film and on the intersection of film spectatorship and senses of place.

She has published widely on contemporary Spanish cinema, with an emphasis on landscape, genre, on Basque cinema, and on horror and the Gothic. Her interests include melodrama and film noir as modes of visual storytelling for popular audiences and the cultural history of moviegoing and film exhibition.

He is passionate about his work as an educationalist and is a registered practitioner with the Higher Education Academy. His research interests are focused on post-war British cinema and its cultural context. He specializes in the study of race in Latin America and the encounters between Latina Americans and Africans, as well as on the life and work of George Padmore and Kwame Nkrumah.

Maris Jones, FM 8. Christine Etherington-Wright is a Senior Lecturer in Film at the University of Portsmouth where she specializes in film theory, British film and adaptation studies. Her published writing includes material on autobiography and subjectivity in cultural texts. She has written and edited books in the fields of European cinema, transnational cinema, early French cinema, and French cultural studies. His research and pedagogy focus on contemporary American moving-image culture, digital effects and animation, critiques of neoliberal capitalism, and the multimedia essay.

Margaret C. Gwendolyn Audrey Foster is a scholar and teacher of film studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her areas of expertise include cultural studies, film theory, race, class and gender theory. Wheeler Winston Dixon. He is an associate professor of film studies, video production, and photography. She teaches courses on film studies, literary and critical theory, and feminist and queer theory. Brian Gogan is an Assistant Professor in Rhetoric and Writing Studies at Western Michigan University, where he teaches classes in rhetorical criticism and theory, as well as professional and public writing.

Rebecca M. She is always happy to see Reedies take horror seriously. Karen Hagemann is the James G. Email: hagemann unc. Her research focuses on the relationships between urban environments and networked technologies, cultural geography of media, and the meaning of physical place within digital environments. She teaches classes on new media theory and media convergence.

Helen Hanson is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of Exeter, she teaches widely across the Film Studies programmes, and her research expertise covers film history particularly the history of film sound and sonic creativity , adaptation, feminist film theory, gender, genre and histories of creativity within classical Hollywood cinema.

Adam Charles Hart is a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago, where he has taught courses on horror films and avant-garde cinema.