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Media: Request a review copy. Professors: Exam copy availability. Bill Morgan had everything—or at least he did until, as chair of the board of Travis College of Medicine, he severed a seventy-year relationship between the College and its principle teaching hospital and touched off a blood feud between them. He and Dean Dan Maffit provoke a struggle with the hospital's board chair, Jimmie Rutherford, and its CEO and ex-Israeli operative, Sandy Wechsler, in which the two institutions vie for prestige and dominance and for the physicians who serve them. We follow Morgan's fate in the ensuing conflict as his ambitions bring him face to face with his inner demons and insecurities.

In the wake of the turmoil the lives of physicians, administrators and board members spin out of control. This novel of medical politics asks us to consider how not-for-profit institutions make decisions and how these decisions unmoor people's lives in unpredictable ways and run the risk of violating the public trust. Never Surrender--Never Retreat is his first novel.

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Through it all, the prose is crisp, germane, and readable. This is a haunting and memorable novel, a tour de force in the exploration of our modern dilemma.

Never Retreat,Never Surrender!

I feel I am in the company of a compassionate, witty writer who deliberately and carefully—scientifically, even—unveils for us the hubris, ambition, self-deception, foolishness, clarity, and even a little lust that drive this complex and evolving matter. Air Force failed to report it to the FBI, which maintains databases used by firearms dealers to perform background checks, so he could purchase the four guns he used in November to massacre 26 people at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.

What disqualifying information Texas uncovered remains unclear; the public safety agency did not respond to questions.

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Most gun-control efforts traditionally have focused on preventing those who would misuse firearms from getting them. Texas is not one of them, relying instead on a patchwork of local initiatives to reel in illegally held guns from potential abusers. Many states - Texas included - have passed laws permitting police to confiscate a firearm in the possession of a person experiencing a mental health crisis. Texas legislators have introduced similar bills. Related: Red flag law, closing gun show loophole among 19 gun bills filed by Texas lawmakers. Greg Abbott and Lt.

Dan Patrick expressed opposition. Prosecutors and advocates trying to prevent domestic violence have fought the firearm relinquishment battle for years.

Never Surrender--Never Retreat: A Novel of Medical Politics in Texas

Studies show abused women are more likely to be killed if their partner has access to a gun, so a domestic violence conviction or protective order typically forbids abusers from possessing one. Actually collecting the guns can be a different matter. In , the county started a program in which judges and prosecutors directly asked defendants if they had guns to relinquish. Instead, t he number has been closer to Yet Shelli Egger, a legal aid attorney who sits on the Austin-Travis County Family Violence Task Force, said that in the absence of state law or even county-wide policy, confiscation procedures vary widely.

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More perilous, Egger said, can be emergency protective orders, in which an abuser is deemed dangerous enough that a judge immediately orders him to stay away from his victim until his case can be heard formally by a judge, which can take up to two weeks. Kollaja was familiar to local police in this rural county midway between Austin and Houston. David Beyer. He had a letter and it had some threats.

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  8. He was trying to get into his car and we stopped him. He had a pistol and two rifles inside. Court documents show that two weeks later Kollaja was committed to Austin State Hospital for 90 days. He was ordered to turn over his large gun collection to his nephew. States must report them to the FBI.

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    Yet the gun prohibition applies only to those hospitalized involuntarily; if a person agrees to psychiatric commitment or receives outpatient treatment, he may still legally buy and possess a gun. In Texas, which typically has between and people waiting for a bed in a state psychiatric hospital, advocates say many who could be committed to a state hospital instead are shuffled to outpatient treatment, leaving their gun rights intact.

    Doctors at private facilities, meanwhile, may also be reluctant to order long-term inpatient care, said Kelly Cross, a former Bexar County mental health judge. Such pressures make involuntary commitments relatively uncommon.