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Note: Minor Spoilers from here on….

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Speaking of, it seems that Bishop actor John Noble — criminally overlooked by the Emmy Awards for years — is due in the Hollow next month. It certainly has one and is developing it a little more with every episode. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Fiction Writer, Academic, Critic…. Broyles was never going to let Peter near The Bridge. But what extraordinary luck! So she could go to the other side and do some unsanctioned, off-the-books investigation into the shape-shifters.

Peter let slip that the former Cortexiphan wunderkind had the ability to execute the toggle sans machinery. I was frustrated by all of this. Black Ops Olivia. Neutral Peter. I found it fascinating that Peter had zero problem asking allegedly wicked Walternate for help. The crisis between these parallel earths? The implications of his waffling indifference are provocative. Peter — exiled from his reality; unwilling to attach himself to this new one — has become profoundly, maybe frighteningly ambivalent about these alien incarnations of his friends and family.

The people in this reality? Merely means to an end. If Peter was to learn the only way home was to destroy the reboot universe… would he? Do we want him too? Are we that beholden to the way things once were? Might season 4 be about these very questions? I say: Neat. But back to the story we got instead. The scheme they hatched was pure Star Wars. Lincoln would play the role of his parallel world alter-ego the Stormtrooper , charged with bringing a VIP prisoner Peter, playing the Chewbacca role directly to Walternate on Liberty Island.

Peter was pretty pissed when Lincoln copped to the truth. She explained that she had found solace during her Peter-grieving by hoping that somewhere in the multiverse, some version of her son still lived. Peter was living proof that her faith was not unfounded.

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Maybe The Grinch replaced my heart with a lump of coal over the holidays, but I found myself scoffing, not sympathizing. I get how a parent who has lost a child might find comfort in the prospect of Heaven. After all, such faith allows for the possibility of reunion. It was also kinda cruel of him, too. After all: He was totally taking advantage of his symbolic value to her to get what he wanted. How cunning, and so very convenient….


And so it went that Elizabeth brought Peter to Walternate personally. The Secretary feigned the same golly-gee-wonderful reaction to Peter that Elizabeth genuinely felt, and when the two Bishop men were finally alone, Peter called Walternate out on his fakery. Using a weapon reverse-engineered from tech that he had excavated from the corpse of one such morphing menace, Walternate zapped and killed his chief scientist, Dr. Fayette, who was actually a shape-shifter.

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There was no one he could trust anymore — no one, that is, except Peter. It's time you knew the truth, the oh so sinister truth. The larks you'll feel will be different.

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Have you ever kicked a potato into the sea? Lee Kyle has. It's great but it's not the answer to your problems or anything. Unless your problem is that your sea doesn't have enough potatoes in, which it almost certainly isn't. A show for anyone who feels they can't relate to anything, this joyfully miserable comedian shines a ray of light into the dark corners of 'edgy' comedy. Richie Brown is not for the casual viewer. Queens of Sheba tells the stories of four black women who have been turned away from a night club for 'being too black' based on the Dstrkt night spot incident of The drama focuses on the rise of Misogynoir misogyny directed towards black women where race and gender both play roles in bias.

It is the story of strong passionate women who fight to overcome the terrors of oppression in a racist and sexist society. Queens of Sheba is a journey that travels through some of the harsh realities of our time. Untapped Award winner What would you do if you had a bet on the horses and won a year's wages in a day? Quit your job and become a professional gambler? Sure, why not. Award-winning comedian Ross Brierley takes you on a surreal journey into the highs and lows of trying to predict the future to pay the bills.

A one woman show of spoken word, live art and short stories unashamedly celebrating human messiness and commitment; created by Roundhouse Resident Artist Martha Pailing.

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A northern born spoken word artist and performance maker with a background in theatre and live art, Martha resides between Blackpool and London. Her works blend autobiographical material with fantasy, delving into emotions, concepts, people and places that excite and frustrate.

Martha's work talks about the tiny things. The teeny tiny details that make up an hour, a day, a week, our entire lives. For it is the small and seemingly insignificant moments that often determine the fantastically huge events.

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In doing so, her work interrogates everyday actions, points fingers at supposed cultural norms and brushes shoulders with the political. Martha aims to generate conversation, and, most integral for her practice, find a home for empathy. What type of comedian are you Gav? Are you one of these edgy types that says the unsayable or a modern consumer complaints comedian?

Maybe you're surreal and are only capable of looking at things obtusely. What about one of those observational comedians that tell lovely stories about their knockabout lives.