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Seeing the future from the past

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Victor Georgievich Veselago — , a Russian scientist from the Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow, provided great inspiration and impetus to the field of metamaterials with his theoretical analysis of materials with a negative index of refraction. Smith, D.

Past, Present, Future

Mandelstam, L. Complete Works Vol.

Schelkunoff, S. Antennas: Theory and Practice John Wiley, Veselago, V.

What Past Predictions of the Future Got Right

Nauk 92 , — Pendry, J. Makarov, V. Plasma Phys.

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Bose, J. Download references. Correspondence to Nikolay I. Reprints and Permissions. Article metrics.

55 Depictions Of How People In The Past Envisioned Life Now

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Frank and G. Gibelli described the surprisingly morphology of forest tree roots surrounded by a fungal mantle. Compared with this history, our molecular study of mycorrhizas remains a young science. To trace the history of mycorrhizal research, from its roots in the distant past, to the present and the future, this review outlines a few topics that were already central in the 19th century and were seminal in revealing the biological meaning of mycorrhizal associations. These include investigations of nutrient exchange between partners, plant responses to mycorrhizal fungi, and the identity and evolution of mycorrhizal symbionts as just a few examples of how the most recent molecular studies of mycorrhizal biology sprouted from the roots of past research.