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Wind creates high waves and pushes the water onto shore. The water surge can be 30 feet high. That's as high as a 3-story building.


Storm surges cause most of the fatalities and damage. In addition to the storm surge, hurricanes bring rain. Lots of rain. In , a storm hammered Taiwan with inches of rain in only three days.

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While they are essentially the same thing, the different names usually indicate where the storm took place. Tropical storms that form in the Atlantic or Northeast Pacific near the United States are called hurricanes, those that form near in the Northwest Pacific near Japan are called typhoons and those that form in the South Pacific or Indian oceans are called cyclones.

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As well as violent winds and heavy rain, hurricanes can also create tornadoes , high waves and widespread flooding. The wind flow of hurricanes in the southern hemisphere is clockwise while the wind flow of hurricanes in the northern hemisphere is counterclockwise. The eye of a hurricane can be anywhere from 2 miles 3. Hurricane Facts For Kids Enjoy our fun hurricane facts for kids.

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Other names for a hurricane include cyclone, typhoon and tropical storm. Growing a Garden at Home.

What's a Hurricane?

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