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Times photo by Tim Townsend. Each up at the ICC. The form can also be team must consist of at least four emailed to you. League coordinaplayers, with one player designated tors are: Troy Halverson Monday as the team captain. Each league night , Craig Lieber and Carole is interested in having eight teams.

Casamento Tuesday afternoon , That way every team can compete Tony Tarantino Wednesday night , each week. Mike Toffler first on left , a donor and a volunteer, put some gravy on top of the turkey dinner of an individual who came up to the buffet. Most of us plan for the possible. Take time to talk to family and friends about the things that matter to you and the memories you would like to share Your Lifestory.

Let us help you get the conversation started. Making plans for your final wishes now will help you get on with life. Two locations S. Co-Chaplain Mike Hammer provided the invocation before dinner. Tower Optical will recycle the eyeglasses and give them to persons in need. The entertainment for the Oct. Many of the members who speak fluent Italian did a great job of singing along in Italian. John was very helpful in bringing sing-along sheets for those who needed them. President Suzanne Wipijewski thanked the hostesses, Pauline Cannestra reservations , Peggy Zoet Halloween-themed potted and felt-bagged plants and Mary Winard entertainment.

President Suzanne also acknowledged all those who wore a. Halloween costume to the dinner meeting. President Suzanne thanked everyone for attending and the centerpiece plants were awarded as door prizes. Mineo Winard Public Relations Chair. Photos provided by Suzanne Wypijewski except where noted. Reservations are necessary and can be made by calling Carla Pellin at Payment and reservation information can be sent to Pellin at W. Bradley Rd. Please state your choice of chicken marsala or baked cod.

Photo by Valentine Sturdevant. There will be a collection of toiletries, hats, gloves, scarves and socks for women, men and children, which will be donated to local organizations which serve the needy in our community. Gustin is the 10th member of the Verdi Sport Club to receive this award. It began very slowly.

More immigrants arrived in the early s, and the Verdi Sport Club was born. Why the name Verdi? They were not only soccer players, but they loved music, especially opera, and the Italian Giuseppe Verdi was one of the greatest opera composers. The Kickers were the first American team. These team players became the ambassadors of the new sport, which grew by leaps and bounds in this country.

Gradually, a good number of these immigrant players became coaches who started soccer programs in the grade schools, high schools and colleges. Some became. The activities and services rendered by the patronati outside of Italy are fundamental for both the community and for the consular network. The meeting coordinated by Amendola is a first step that will lead us to a larger framework. Before getting there, we will need to meet again to establish the parameters to collaborate, as well as what responsibilities and control systems need to be put in place, with the hope that these talks can soon become a regular occurrence within consular districts.

All in all, it was a very positive meeting. For years, discussion of a convention between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the patronati has been in the air for awhile, with a general agreement that such a convention would pave the way to. Services to our compatriots living abroad would certainly benefit from such a gathering, where ideas and innovative techniques can be passed on. But for some reason, plans for such a meeting always fell through.

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So this initial meeting coordinated by Amendola sets the stage for more involvement in the community and a better understanding of its needs. The next step will be to put together a group of people — hopefully by the end of the year — that will be in charge of compiling a list of requests and needs from the community.

This input will be at the center of a future convention. Some issues are well known: We need to constantly research and implement better ways to serve our community, both at the consular level and within the patronati. There are a number of functions that the patronati often perform in.

The patronati are also a reassuring presence for the high number of new immigrants, given the new immigration patterns and increased mobility. By creating a better network among patronati, we would be able to follow and help globetrotting Italian citizens in need of assistance. A convention will ultimately lead to an improved definition of the laws and rules that regulate the collaboration between patronati and consular offices.

What we need to keep in mind at all times is the need to address the requests for more efficiency and protections that we receive from our fellow citizens. In closing, I would like to briefly update you on the new electoral law that is being discussed as I write this article. As we all know, a previous attempt to radically transform the Italian parliament fell through more than a year ago. Since then, many ideas have been floated, and it appears one has finally stuck. I will go into more detail about the new electoral law once it is finalized and approved by parliament, but I can already say with great satisfaction that representation of Italians living abroad will not suffer.

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In fact, the new law will maintain the 12 deputies and six senators currently representing Italians living abroad. This is a significant victory for our rights and I am glad that the government has listened to our requests. Jeans: Especially blue ones — are usually identified with American culture, but their origins are Italian. In fact, denim can be traced back to the northern city of Genoa in the 17th century, where the cloth was worn by sailors.

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Newspapers: Arguably, the newspaper can be traced back to Venice in , when the government published monthly handwrit-. It was invented in by Candido Jacuzzi, an Italian immigrant to the United States, for his toddler son Kenny, who suffered. Telephone: Although Alexander Bell was the first to be awarded a patent for the electric telephone, Italian Antonio Meucci is often credited as the true inventor of the phone.

The Italian immigrant to the U. Only in Soccer will pro-. The average size kid has a wonderful opportunity to enjoy and excel in it. Italy is no different, but here are a few unique Italian customs with which you may not be familiar. The day celebrates Mary, and not her son. It remembers His conception only with His birthday soon to follow.

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There are parades, bonfires and fireworks throughout Italy but especially in Rome where the Pope goes all out with festivities and prayers topped with his coronation of a statue of the Madonna. The Irish and Scottish do not have a monopoly on bagpiping as at this time of the year, bagpipe music can be heard all over Italy and most often in the little mountain towns whose slopes are frequented by shepherds and their herds. Shepherds and bagpipes go hand-inhand there keeping in mind that, traditionally, the bags are made from goat hides that are turned inside out, then tied off just in front of the rear legs, one of the front legs.

They are known as zambognari, aptly named after the zambogna bagpipe instrument itself. The zambognari play the many traditional carols usually accompanied by singers and they both take part in the tradition of the novena nine days which involves singing and playing of carols in front of the many Nativity scenes during the nine Dec. A more recent year end holiday tradition is that of the tredicesima the 13th. The American equivalent would be a year-end bonus. There is also the tradition for families with fireplaces to have the burning of the ceppo or single wood log which has to be big enough to burn all night from the vigilia vigil or eve through Natale Christmas.

Food items and gifts are often placed in front of the hearth. All of the above little-known cus-. Radio: Guglielmo Marconi is one of the chief minds behind the invention of radio. On Dec. Soon afterwards, his wireless system was used by the sinking RMS Titanic to call for assistance, thus saving hundreds of lives.

Battery: The first electric battery, the voltaic pile, was created by Alessandro Volta the name should give you a clue , who published his findings in It was the first practical way of generating electricity that could continuously provide an electrical current to a circuit. Piano: Bartolomeo Cristofori, who came from Padua, northern Italy, is recognized as the inventor of the piano. The oldest bank still in operation today is Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which opened in Espresso machine: No great surprise, the espresso machine is an Italian invention.

It was built and patented by Turin-based Angelo Moriondo, who then demonstrated it at the Turin General Exposition of Later, the machine was improved by Milanese mechanic Luigi Bezzera. Liposuction: Although the first use of suction to help remove fat is attributed to a French surgeon in the s, it was Italian gynaecologists Dr. Arpad Fischer and his son, Giorgio, who in invented the liposuction procedure as we know it today. Their technique involved using a blunt hollow cannula equipped with suction.

Hear the sounds of the zampognari playing many traditional carols in Italy, especially between Dec. Stephen at which time families get together and eat leftover Christmas dishes and sweets. The official end of the Christmas. That, of course, is the Day of the Epiphany and the 12th day of Christmas. On the eve of the Epiphany, families usually prepare a large dinner to mark the end of the holiday season at which time children are given candy or coal usually made of black sugar , depending on if they were naughty or nice.

So, until next year then Mayor of the Italian town of Candela makes an offer which would pay people to come and live there. So what do you say about an offer of money from an Italian town to have you move there? An offer so good that you cannot believe that such a situation is possible, i. The town is Candela Lit. Its population peaked at more than 8, but it has since diminished to about 2, There was some post-war exodus but the majority of the dwindling has been occurring in the more recent times with younger residents searching for job opportunities elsewhere and the birthrate shrinking to 1.

In contrast, your baby booming author is one of nine children! And, of course, the unreplaced old continue dying. He is in effect on a crusade to save Candela from dying out. According to CNNTravel, the town is a picturesque collection of mostly empty baroque buildings, arched passageways, panoramic terraces and ornate balconies. Here is how it works: euros for single individuals, 1, euros for couples, 1, to 1, euros for three-member families and over 2, euros for families of four to five people.

There are three main requirements to receive the cash: New residents must take up residency in Candela, rent a house and have a job with a salary of at least 7, euros per year. So, no freeloaders allowed apparently. To date, six families have settled in and five more have applied. So if you would like to live in a small mountain town in Italy, Candela offers traditional palazzos and piazzas, food fairs, flower and art.

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Pack your bags and get on board! In pre-modern times it used to consist of troops that served on horseback. Members, age 20 and under, receive two 2 free Festa Italiana tickets. No voting rights.

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At age 18, a member may vote, but must purchase a membership to do so. Effective: January 1, All Memberships Valid Through December 31, Phone No. Mail this form to: Italian Community Center, E. The ICC respects your privacy and does not sell or distribute personal information such as birthdates, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

This membership registration form can also be emailed to cpalmer iccmilwaukee. The lone exception might be Andrea Bargnani, who played in the NBA for 10 seasons for three different teams and was a. What Belinelli has on Bargnani and the seven other native Italians is that he has played in more regular season games, more playoff games and is the only one to participate in the NBA Finals and be a member of a team that won the NBA Championship. Belinelli played for the San Antonio Spurs when it captured the title in Today, the 6 ft. At the time this article was written, he was averaging Belinelli was born Mar.

Bologna is a hotbed for Italian basketball. A year later, as a member of Fortitudo, his team won the Serie A title. In that tournament, he averaged Continued on page Calling all holiday bakers ICC looking for volunteers to donate baked goods for Dec. As in the past, one of the big attractions of the evening is the fabulous bake sale featuring all the delicious holiday baked goods donated by ICC members.

If you are unable to bake, bring something from your favorite bak-. Baked items can be dropped off at the ICC office on either Dec. Everyone who is interested in donating to this fundraising event is asked to call Czubek at so the committee can get a handle on what to expect. Romano said she and the members of the Ladies of UNICO hope this will inspire other organizations to donate for this project. Soprano Rachel Blaustein, whom many of you heard perform at Festa this summer, was one of the six singers out of 28 who were chosen to go on to the next level.

She will compete at the Upper Midwest Region in St. Paul, Minn. Her performance at the audition included Par le rang I have been singing professionally since graduating school in Baritone Nathaniel Hill also was chosen to go on to the next level of competition in St. Paul in the spring. Hill is fond of new music and sang one of his favorite arias for the competitions.

La Ghigliottina - The Guillottine

Other examples of new music that Hill counts among. Across the country, there are celebrations and special masses held by churches. Many towns and cities mark the holiday with music, parades and feasts. Throughout the region of Abruzzo, people celebrate this day with bonfires and by singing traditional songs. In Rome, there is an annual papal procession near the Spanish Steps.

The Pope pays homage to Please turn to page He has quite a following in northern Italy. His fans keep an up-to-date blog about him and his career in both English and Italian. In , he was the. Once a baritone, he transitioned to tenor while studying at Indiana University. Encouraged by Aaron Sheehan, he attended Indiana University for his graduate studies.

She was also a young artist with the Brevard Music Festival. Graves will sing in the chorus. Hill will perform the role of Sailor and Graves will sing in the chorus. Si deve perseguire e ricercare un costante miglioramento dei servizi resi dalla nostra rete consolare e uno sforzo di miglioramento e di sempre maggiore qualificazione dei servizi resi dagli stessi Patronati.

Creando una rete ben strutturata, anche la migliorerebbe. Come sappiamo, un precedente tentativo di cambiare il sistema elettorale in maniera. I principianti potrebbero persino avere un attacco cardiaco. Freni e frizione hanno vita breve. Non serve che vi nomini anche gli. Sembra che a nessuno interessi vedere i mucchi crescere invece di ridursi. Nella categoria del Cattivo inserisco anche la linea di mezzeria della tangenziale di Palermo, infestata da cespugli, fiori e piante che si sporgono fino a occupare la corsia di sinistra, costringendo le auto a sterzare pericolosamente verso la corsia di destra per evitarli.

Volete superare qualcuno? Qui viene a sapere, con delusione, di essere in perfetta salute. Il signor Marsh quindi tenta di provocarsi il cancro in tempo per il concerto di Ziggy Marley. Dapprima stando per molto tempo sotto il sole, poi mangiando cibi surgelati. Cartman , astinente dal cibo fritto e grasso, raggiunge prima una clinica di disintossicazione e poi trova degli spacciatori di pollo fritto.

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    Kyle intanto diventa amico di Kip Drordy, un ragazzo emarginato che non aveva amici su Facebook. Kyle, a causa di questa amicizia con Kip, comincia a perdere amici di Facebook e chiede aiuto a Cartman, che lo indirizza su Chatroulette. Intanto Stan, a causa delle pressioni di amici e parenti, finisce col ritrovarsi migliaia di amici.

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    You see, I learned something today. Throughout this whole ordeal, we've all wanted to show things that we weren't allowed to show, but it wasn't because of some magic goo. It was because of the magical power of threatening people with violence. That's obviously the only true power. If there's anything we've all learned, it's that terrorizing people works. Don't you see, gingers, if you don't want to be made fun of anymore, all you need are guns and bombs to get people to stop. Babbo Natale : That's right, friends.

    All you need to do is instill fear and be willing to hurt people and you can get whatever you want. The only true power is violence. Vedete, ho capito una cosa oggi. Durante tutto questo calvario, tutti abbiamo voluto mostrare cose che non potevamo mostrare, ma non per magia.

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    Lavora con Butters per ottenere le due cose che gli mancano per competere: "essere povero e stupido". Sharon li invita a cena ma presto si rende conto di quanto siano sgradevoli: la moglie, una casalinga, prende subito confidenza facendo notare a Sharon quanto sia vestita male e quanto sia sporgente il suo mento. Quando la signora Marsh fa notare molto pacatamente alla donna il suo strabismo, quest'ultima da di matto e ricopre di pesanti insulti Sharon, fracassando il tavolo e le sedie. Quando gli abitanti originari del New Jersey sentono questa parola, subito fanno gruppo e organizzano una festa proprio alla tavola calda, dimostrando la tesi di Stan.

    Dal parrucchiere nasce un'altra furiosa lite immotivata tra le donne del Jersey; a difendere Sharon, quando questa viene trascinata nel litigio, arriva Sheila Broflovski , che riesce facilmente a tenere testa alle altre. Nel frattempo Randy organizza una riunione per esporre le problematiche nate da quando gli abitanti del New Jersey si sono trasferiti anche negli altri stati, invadendo tutta la parte orientale delle Montagne Rocciose. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra.

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