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Content can either be delivered by our facilitators or through training yours. De-programming peels away self-defeating belief systems and behaviours that inhibit our true potential. You could also look at this as weeding your inner garden to let the light in for something new to grow. Click below to listen to free podcasts to sample Four Winds Wellness Podcast for subscribers wanting to go into more depth on Podbean. This will walk you through how to access these on your phone through the Podbean App when on the go.

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The Festival of the Four Winds returns! Festival of the Four Winds is a summer festival, released on July 24 until August The Labyrinthine Cliffs , along with its inhabitants the Zephyrites , are now again accessible, still recuperating and rebuilding from the loss of the Zephyr Sanctum , with the joint help from Captain Ellen Kiel and Captain Evon Gnashblade , and of course many traders and visitors from all over Central Tyria , Heart of Maguuma and Crystal Desert as well. The festivities are easily accessible with help from Lionguard Aircrews and their Hot Air Balloons in each major city.

High atop the Labyrinthine Cliffs, our Zephyrite friends have been working in tandem with Lion's Arch to host an incredible variety of fun vendors and events to entertain visitors from all across Tyria. Other minor issues that all motorhome owners face. I tell people all the time when they ask if they should buy a motorhome, my reply is preventive maintenance is key, if your not handy about fixing most problems on your own owning a motorhome is not for you. My future plans for this unit is to replace the furniture and add a second air unit in the back. My opinion on Thor is they are no better or worst than other manufacturers.

All have issues! I recommend buying from a small independent dealer and stay away from chain dealers. You will have a better service experience when needed. First time out we had a major leak in the roof at the back of the RV and heater did not work had to have a part replaced. So disappointed and if we have had this many leaks in 2 years I can't imagine what's to come. We are new RV owners but I can't believe all these leak issues are normal for a vehicle only 2 years old! I think I have to recommend staying away from these to anyone thinking of buying!!

From the moment Thor contacted me on my complaint it was handled in a expeditious and professional manner by your representative Jason Treadway. The repair team I work with was led by Brian who kept me informed throughout the process. The team went beyond my expectations. The motorhome went in for one problem a leak in the roof which cause the floor to the degrade but while being worked on if they encountered another problem they repaired it.


I am truly thankful and will pass on my my observations to my fellow RV people. Thank you Tim and Karen McCarthy. I know a lot of people have a bad time buyimg new, but our 24F has had zero defects at 15, miles and a year and a half of enjoying it. Much better fit for us than one of the big class a units which we had before that are hard to maneuver. Only a few very minor issues and easily remedied by myself with factory support on the phone talking me thru it - easy-peasy! This motorhome has been in the shop more than in our driveway. Sloppy work from work staples not set. The batteries never had the acid packs put in.

Gages, speakers auto start for the generator not wired. Inverter has been replaced 4 times. The dash radio has been replaced twice. Now we've got water damage because weather stripping was not installed right. And caulking was sloppy. The flooring was lifting up first time out. AC has never worked.

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Every time we take it out there's issues. We will never buy anything build by Thor again. Or buy from General RV again. A lot of the issue could of been fixed 1st time in shop. But instead they would bandaid things.

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And then lie about fixing things. Have owned for 3 months, in the shop for 1. Cabinet arm broken, outside stencils terrible, window screens broken, driver side power mirror wouldn't work wired incorrectly , rearview camera not working properly and finally, one of our power jacks had a sheared pin and couldn't work. Now after a month and a half, we on our first trip.

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Really great experience! Very bad water leak under the refrigerator, first time we've had water on the system. Turns out the Ice Maker is leaking. Water all over the floor, so bad was leaking through the floor. Now, my wife just took our first shower and it will not drain. Again, new leak from under the shower and water is now backing up through the kitchen sink.

It has been mire problems than the other 3 put together. It would be great if everything worked as it should but so far there has been at least a dozen problems in the 2 years I have owned it. From electrical to water leaks.

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I can hardly wait to get rid of it. I think biggest problems are caused by poor workmanship. When we first got it the shower leaked but the manufacturer had neglected to chalk around the bottom so the dealer fixed it and it has not leaked since. The radio and right door speaker were replaced by Thor as they were under warranty. Everything works good in the unit and I have I have been well pleased with it. I really like the way it handles on the road and with the rear camera you can monitor your tow vehicle very well.

Particularly love the backup and size mirror cameras.

Very easy to drive, park, setup and store. Would definitely buy again. It has miles and had to have repairs of some sort every trip. Trips are miles or less. If someone is considering M.