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Both thinkers found these conclusions unacceptable. So, how did they establish the existence of things and people beyond oneself?

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Both thinkers turned looked outward, turning away from the inward self, to God. For St. Augustine, makes possible the knowledge of them:. For the light is God himself, whereas the soul is a creature; yet, since it is rational and intellectual, it is made in his image. And when it tries to behold the Light, it trembles in its weakness and finds itself unable to do so. Yet from this source comes all understanding it is able to attain. Therefore, corporeal objects must exist.

And I need not doubt the reality of things at all. In such things I am nowise deceived, because God is no deceivber.

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  4. Today in this world for many the ideology of the self is all that makes sense — and it leads nowhere except to a type of eat-drink-be-merry sensualism that precedes death, beyond which there is nothing. Perhaps it would be profitable — i. Thanks for this well thought-out article on Descartes. And you probably also know that Descartes located the soul in the pineal gland.

    Good morning, TD, and God bless you!

    Self-Existent God

    I am still asking-a la the former scientist in me TD, hope you and yours are all well and happy. However, does that mean I was born morally pure or righteous before God while Hitler wasn't? Don't we all posses the exact same sinful nature as Adolf Hitler? The only difference lies in the fact that he willingly acted in accordance with his nature to extremes. An accurate understanding of myself would recognize that I am just as capable of such wickedness and it is only by God's grace that I haven't given full expression to my capacity for evil. As Paul said, "I know nothing good dwells within me, that is, in my flesh" Rom.

    The whole theme of the Scriptures confirm, "None is righteous, no, not even one" Rom.

    Avoiding Implosion: How God Rescued Me from Self-Destruction - Leaders that Follow

    Jeremiah confirms, "the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick…" Jer. Every thought, every action, every inclination of the human heart suffers from a divergence from righteousness, being bent toward self and sin. The full acceptance of this fact is essential to growing in the knowledge of and obedience to God. Once again, Calvin is helpful on this point:.

    For what man in all the world would not gladly remain as he is-what man does not remain as he is-so long as he does not know himself, that is, while content with his own gifts, and either ignorant or unmindful of his own misery? Institutes, 1. How does one endeavor to become truly "displeased" with himself-truly mindful of his own misery-so he can live and rest in the righteousness of Christ?

    The Psalmist offers a simple starting point when he writes, "Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting! One must understand the full power and consequence of this invitation to God.

    Augustine and Descartes: From Self to God

    It is analogous to the movie hero, wounded and dying, who resigns himself to the hands of the medic to remove the life-threatening bullet. Absent any anesthesia, the would-be physician plunges his knife deep into muscle and past bone, working to locate and remove the offending object. I am a firm believer that God has allowed me to mess up, to come so close to destroying myself, to hit rock bottom, all so that He in all of His glory could rescue me.

    Of course, this was all subconscious. I never even thought about the lifestyle I was living, it came so natural. It really began in high school with my intense desire to fit in in a place where I never really did. Being biracial never seemed to matter to me until I became a teenager. The school I attended boasted over 3, students, most of whom were white suburban kids which is the way I always self-identified.

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    But I never felt a part of the black community at school either, which consisted of about maybe kids. From this situation was born the idea to build a fake persona that might feed my desire for acceptance. I changed my style and started wearing expensive clothes, dressing like a big rap star and hoping that would do the trick. As soon as I started working at 18 I began the ever so natural quest for material success. Money was what mattered and I wanted more of it.

    After graduating college my income pretty much quadrupled overnight and I continued constructing that facade which also fueled my pride. I was a show-off of sorts. All about me.

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    Then I fell into a latino crowd, started my own lowrider car club, and continued falling deeper in love with myself. I was on the verge of addiction to sex and substance. If it felt good, why not do it?

    The God Self Alone Pervades All Aspects of Being

    Alcohol helped me to step out of my shy persona and really become that false character that I had been building, to really live it. Pornography kept me even more focused on myself.