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We're available for questions as well. Has your Nurse-owned business been written up in the news? Do you send out a newsletter or regular press releases? We'd like to hear about it!

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If you're just starting out a business and are not sure how to go about it, feel free to give us a call or send us an E-mail.

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We're available 9am to 9pm for calls EST. If you have a lot of questions, we'd suggest getting a cell phone with lots of national minutes smile. We can walk you through step by step from deciding what type of business organization is right for you to, payroll, marketing, etc.

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If you don't see a category or state your business belongs in, we'll create it! We're very supportive of nurses looking to start or expand their nurse-owned businesses. If you have questions, please contact us. In our directories, we've organized resources to help you start, build and grow your business. Besides having a winning idea or service to offer, you must be self-motivated, persistent and energetic, say successful healthcare entrepreneurs.

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Learn how 50 different nurses brought their vision to reality! Learn some great tips on starting your own business. Nurses don't have to just work at the bedside. Read this book and you will be thinking of how you can make your dream a reality! Garrett's direct yet simplistic explanations of the different business entities,the proper and best suited entity for your business-is followed by real-life scenarios which helps drive home the importance of corporate ownership in today's business world. Use Garrett's legal expertise to establish a successful, legally responsible and fiscally protected business And understand the why's and how's of that ownership.

Research by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has found that nurses who have autonomy and feel involved in decision-making say they are more likely to stay in their jobs. Some who follow innovation in health care say nurses represent a relatively untapped reservoir of expertise about improving patient care. The rounded device connects tubing to an IV catheter with a single twist, and it has one flat side to make the needle approach the skin at a lower angle so it sits more securely. She has teamed up with Melinda J.

Watman, a former nurse who later got an MBA and went into business, to start their own company. She works on the business in her spare time from the kitchen table at her Chelmsford home, and still clocks three, hour shifts a week at the Tufts Floating Hospital for Children in Boston.

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NU has been helping them to protect their intellectual property and study the market. That might happen through a licensing agreement, or finding someone to bring the product to market by selling any patents they receive. Andy Rosen can be reached at andrew. Follow him on Twitter andyrosen. Email to a Friend.

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